Divergent (Divergent, #1) Divergent question

Which faction are you?
Mikaela Mikaela Aug 25, 2013 11:10AM
I am almost a divergent except I'm lacking some dauntless. Tell me which faction you would choose. I choose dauntless!!:)

I'd be Erudite. Not like these power-obsessed ones, but the one who values true Erudite values.

Elna I agree, I'd be Erudite too. ...more
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deleted member Aug 25, 2013 11:12AM   0 votes
I would choose dauntless but so far haven't had much experience with the other factions in the way we do via the book, for Dauntless since Trish is in Dauntless. I took a quiz and apparently I'm Divergent as well. P.S. SO EXCITED FOR ALLEGIANT COMING OUT!

U 25x33
Ansley What quiz?
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Candor. I had a test, and it told me Candor. The most useless faction.

But if I had to chose one I'd chose dauntless or amity!

Dauntless and the not-so-power-obsessed Erudite.

I'd be Dauntless not because it's the faction in the limelight here, but because I am as reckless. XD

I got candor.I like dauntless and amity too.guess that makes me divergent.

I think that I would be divergent also because,
1. I can be fearless/dauntless
2. I am pretty smart/erudite
and 3. I can be selfless/abnegation.


I had a test and I got Dauntless! But I really think I would be Amity idk

I took some Faction test too, and turned out I'm a divergent but if I have to choose only one I would choose candor. Based on my recent experience in life (lol) I think I need to have some virtue of the candor so I can avoid some terrible situation.

I'd be divergent!
-I'm not very fearful. (Dauntless)
-though I'm cheerful (Amity)
-I can read emotions pretty well (Candor)
-and I'm really smart and like the color blue (Erudite)
But I'm not selfless

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