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Political significance and symbolism? *spoilers*

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Ruth I finished this book a few days ago and I am still pondering over the political meaning of the story. I realize that Saleem's judgement, triumphs and faults in his life are metaphors reflecting the life of India as a nation, but the meaning of some other political symbolism eludes me. In particular, what is the significance of the coincident regarding Aadam Sinai's birth and Parvati's labour?

Angie Aadam came in the moment when the Emergency in India came, an event as important as India's Independence. He is one of the next Midnight Children.

In fact, the descendants of the Midnight Children, the next wave of Midnight Children, came from Shiva and no one else.

Parvati bore him a child so she could start a family with Saleem.

Saleem will transmit to Aadam his story, his knowledge and his heritage, thus becoming his father and making Aadam his successor.

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