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Wade Garret | 155 comments Genesis Book One of The Kingdom Come Series by Wade Garret Wade Garret

It's available on the Black Bed Sheet Books' website as well as on, in both paper and a variety of digital formats for easy download.

On you can preview the first few chapters:

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Wade Garret | 155 comments Sorry, it was recently pointed out to me that the last link was busted; now the one above should work now. Sorry. Funny though: busted link and still nearly 2k views. :P

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Wade Garret | 155 comments First review on Amazon:


Garret's characters are memorable and compelling, and his creativity and originality within the fantasy genre makes him a remarkable storyteller. This one is a keeper. Wade Garret delivers the key elements of great science fiction: an authentic and detailed future-world; realistic, relatable characters to live in it; and a taut, thoughtful story. Garret's supple, muscular writing is the icing on the cake.

The scene setting and storytelling are so detailed that I felt like I woke up after dreaming in the beginning of the story and walked alongside the characters. I love how the story unfolds like an elaborate piece of origami. If you are looking for a story you can really get lost in with characters you feel like you know then buy this book now. You won't be sorry.

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Wade Garret | 155 comments Second review on Amazon:

This is his first book published? I am impressed! A lot of action and an entire list characters that bring emotion to a fantastic and dark plot. Looking forward to more from Jak and company.

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Wade Garret | 155 comments Thanks for the recommendation:

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Wade Garret | 155 comments Third and Forth Amazon review:

Ok so I have to say I'm not a huge science-fiction/fantasy person, but this book definitely has made me think twice about my reading list. One of the best books I've read in a long time! It took me some time to get thru it because I'm not use to the flow of a fantasy story but I loved the overall story. This writer has a way of making the reader feel very invested in the characters. The heroes you will absolutely love and find yourself shouting out loud when they come upon misfortune and the villains you will love as well with their extreme complexity nothing is quite what it seems. A very involved and in-depth story from start to finish, I was so sad when I reached the end but I'm so excited for the second book to come out. I can't wait to see where this story goes. Not a book for the faint of heart, but I have no doubt that most geeks out there will love this book. I have been converted, so glad I picked this one up!!! Happy reading!

I am not usually one for reading the longer Sci-Fi novels, but Genesis was definitely worth time. Garret really does a great job providing the physical and social landscape of this world. Fantastic imagination went into the different classes of people, especially of the Arete. The characters and relationships in this book are another great strength. I give the book 4 stars because Garret has created a compelling and complex story that will leave you wanting more, but there are some editorial issues that keep it from perfect. I am certainly waiting for the next book in this series.

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Wade Garret | 155 comments Fifth Amazon Review:

Erin Keahey-
Wonderful world you can sink your teeth into. Story telling executed in a fantastic style that makes you want to keep reading. The characters jump off the page and make you believe in their journey. Good till the end. When is the next one?

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