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The reason for that horse scene?

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Naiya Early on, right before Rachel goes riding in the woods, there's a short scene where Trent talks about one of his horses, Red Zone. Apparently, she's a spirited, rebellious thing, biting anyone she can and refusing to fall in line. Trent's been working on breaking her, Ceri wants him to just let the horse just be its wild self, and eventually, Trent promises he will if his latest attempt to break Red doesn't work.

So here's my question - what do you think is the point of the horse? Is it a overall metaphor for the Trent-Rachel relationship? Is it setting Red up to be someone's horse in a later book? Is it just there to fill a few pages and show us what Trent and Ceri's relationship is all about?

My first reaction was that Red is a metaphor for Rachel, especially when, later in Ever After (view spoiler) That, and Rachel has red hair and snaps at Trent on a regular basis.

But it seems such a...heavy-handed metaphor, so I kinda hope there's something more (or less) to Red. Anyone else zero in on this scene?

Cher This puzzled me too. I can understand Ceri's view, she was after all a wild thing too before Al grabbed her. She was a prisoner for a thousand years. Plus Trent has control issues and loves to tame a challenge.

However, the horses that Trent owns are very expensive- in costs per each, feeding, vet bills and breeding. If a horse is not green-broke, (used to humans, riding, exercised daily)there is no point in owning them. They can be dangerous if not broken, besides the fact they can brake their legs if they get spooked, especially during breeding. They did use machines for the safety of the horses, but now use IVF instead.

But, they would have to be broken if they are to get near them, period. My first pass through this scene made me thing of Trent's control issues and Ceri's need to let all things go wild because of her personal history. Rachel never came into my mind until the second read through. Then I was totally confused! Lol. I then realized, yes, there has to be a point to this scene and why this whole deal about Red. But, I haven't figured it out yet.

So, knowing all of this concerning horses, I was puzzled as to why this scene was inserted in the story. I also thought the horse was going to be trained for someone else in the future. Who? Haven't a clue.

Naiya Agreed. There was also the bit later on when Rachel says she wants her own horse, and Trent says something like, "Not Red!"

Cher Well, I guess he has plans for Red. What exactly I guess remains to be seen. But I will watch for anything pertaining to Red in the next book!

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