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Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} Name:

Age: (Limit is 1,000,000)


Eye Color:
Scales or fur:




Powers: (Up to eight)

Dominance: (Master, Highest, High, Medium, Low)

Hunting Dragon/Flying Dragon/Free:



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Rock what's dominance?

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Rock Name: Nidhogg
Age: 200,000
Gender: male
Appearance: big, burly, mane scars
Eye Color: black
Scales or fur: scales
Color: black
Breed: Taupe
Personality: doesn't like to talk, territorial, rude
History: he spent most of his time just lying around in a cave he made himself because of his sheer size
Information: just don't be near him when he's hungry and you'll be fine. HE isn't looking for a companion of any kind
Powers: fire
Dominance: High
Hunting Dragon/Flying Dragon/Free: free

Name: Shesha
Age: 800,000
Gender: female
Appearance: largely muscular, vary tough looking.
Eye Color: blue
Scales or fur: scales
Color: grey
Breed: behemoth
Personality: docile, curios, a bit snobbish
History: She lives a top a mountain surrounded by plenty of forest. So many of man do not know of her
Information: she may not act tough, but she could probably crush most of the other dragons
Powers: fire, ice, poisons, wind, sound
Dominance: Master.
Hunting Dragon/Flying Dragon/Free: free

Name: Viper
Age: 300,000
Gender: female
Appearance: skinny, long, sharp claws and fangs
Eye Color: black
Scales or fur: scales
Color: black
Breed: taupe
Personality: gentle unless told other wise.
History: His odd amount of respect gave him a life with humans
Information: He doesn't make friend well
Powers: fire
Dominance: Medium
Hunting Dragon/Flying Dragon/Free: hunting dragon.

Name: Tanis
Age: 50,000
Gender: female
Appearance: vary long and skinny.
Eye Color: blue
Scales or fur: scales
Color: brown
Breed: pioion
Personality: acts a bit like a trained police dog while racing, but other wise vary friendly
History: He was captured by the humans and used for their races. He secretly despises them.
Information: He's fast on his feet, but a bit to small to face the bigger ones.
Powers: poison
Dominance: Low
Hunting Dragon/Flying Dragon/Free: hunting.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) Its just like rank

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Rock oh o3o i wonder what the max i can go is....

Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} Name: Dark Skull

Age: 538,729

Gender: Female

Appearance: 749 feet tall 498 foot wingspan
Eye Color: Pure blood red, no pupils
Scales or fur: Scales
Color: Black
Breed: Nightmare Poison Back

Personality: Dark Skull hates everybody and everything EXCEPT other Nightmare Poison Backs. She has never lost a battle and is very strong. She normally goes out alone and is larger then all the other Nightmare Poison Backs. She attacks the city every night, and never shows herself unless its in front of another Nightmare Poison Back.

History: Dark Skull attacks the city every night. Many people tried to capture her but all of them never lived to tell the story.

Information: If you stare at her, she thinks of that as a challenge. She will attack. She always knows what to do and is intelligent. Never turn your back on her, and move slowly also. She will attack even if you move quickly.

~ Can breathe every single element/power
~ Strong Intelligence
~ Can see millions of miles away
~ Scales, teeth, and claws are poisonous

Dominance: Highest Master

Hunting Dragon/Flying Dragon/Free: Free

Kin: She killed then all...

Other: …

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) Name: Glacier

Age: 263

Gender: male

Appearance: http://m297.photobucket.com/image/ani... with these wings http://m755.photobucket.com/image/ani...
Eye Color: ice blue
Scales or fur: scales
Color: white
Breed: Blue ice

Personality: calm, well mannered, and less likely to gets angry at anyone.

History: glacier flies the sky at night to see the stars. He has never really been seen to be captured.

Information: he is a great teacher and was great patience

Powers: ice and telepathy

Dominance: medium

Hunting Dragon/Flying Dragon/Free: free

Kin: his mother and father, freeze and frozen


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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) Name: Kia

Age: 75,830

Gender: Female

Appearance: A Long Skinny Neck, Long Narrow Sought, 4 Branch-Like Horns, Strong Legs, Long Pointed Tail & Large Wings.
Eye Color: Deep Purple
Scales or fur: Scales
Color: Violet with a blue shine
Breed: Angel-Demon

Personality: She is very kind and helpful; she often only appears to young women who are in need of her help. She is rather wise and noble; she has risked her life multiple times to protect her baby, her mate-when he was alive-and her friends. She can be very over protective and dominant, except for around her mate she doesn't like to be dominant at all. She is a great listener and a good story teller.

History: Kia was born on the top of a mountain along with most of the other dragons she grew up with. When she was young her mother trained her to be gentle and to take care of and help woman who needed it.
As she got older and her wings were strong enough to carry her, then she would play with the other dragons and fly threw the sky. There was one dragon who's wings didn't evolve as fast as the others did; his name was Koda. Kia felt bad for Koda and would spend time with him in his nest until the day he was able to fly with everyone else.
Without warning, Koda became one of the fastest and strongest flyers her hurt had.
As Koda and Kia grew older their friendship turned into something more; they became mates.
About a month after Kia had laid her egg there was an attack from a near by herd, and Koda died protecting Kia and their baby.

Speaks~ Dragon, but she can also understand and speak Elf, Human English, & Unicorn.
Habits~ If she's not protecting her egg, then she is flying around.
Likes~ Being Helpful, Flying, Pretty-Shiny, Her Child/Egg, Unicorns and Elfs, Some Humans (Mostly Females).
Dislikes~ Hunters, Other Dragons Who Could Pose as a Threat, Male Humans (Because she sees them as abusive), Thunder Storms.

Powers: White Magic
*Can mentally speak to people
*Fly reasonably fast
*Holy Blast~A pure blast of energy that damages anything in its path. Especially dangerous to dragons
*Poisson mist
*Fire Ball (not often used)
*Holy Fury Attack~Light pours from the Heavens and seeks out the evil ones and destroys them with a bolt of light through the heart.
(only used in grave danger)

Dominance: High

Hunting Dragon/Flying Dragon/Free: Free

Kin: Her egg and mother


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