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message 1: by Angela (new)

Angela "wow" says Carly lookignout at the empty beach

message 2: by Angela (new)

Angela "defanitly" said Carly sitting on the sand with a sigh of delight.

message 3: by Angela (new)

Angela "me neither" said Carly "but it beats the theater" she said laughning

message 4: by Angela (new)

Angela "what if the mob comes here?" asks Carly smiling

message 5: by Angela (new)

Angela Carly giggles " i doubt the old book store custumers would come here though"

message 6: by Angela (last edited Aug 25, 2013 06:42PM) (new)

Angela Carly looks back at the trail to check

message 7: by Angela (new)

Angela Carly turns to kimmy "are you sure you can't swim?" she asks

message 8: by Angela (new)

Angela "are you sure?" Carly asks consernd

message 9: by Angela (new)

Angela "well if anything goes wrong i've go healing powers" she said wiggling her fingers "lets go" Calry kicked off her shoes.

message 10: by Angela (new)

Angela "you in?" Carly asks Liz

message 11: by Angela (new)

Angela Carly stood with her feet just at the edge of the water not get wet.

message 12: by Angela (last edited Aug 25, 2013 06:59PM) (new)

Angela Carly turns to Kimmy "ready?" she asks

message 13: by Angela (new)

Angela Carly takes a step in to the water then looks at Kimmy.

message 14: by Angela (new)

Angela "what do you think" asks Carly

message 15: by Angela (new)

Angela "like scary weird or tingly weird?" asks Carly

message 16: by Angela (new)

Angela "do you still want to try?"

message 17: by Angela (new)

Angela Carly smiles and takes another step in expecting kimmy to follow

message 18: by Angela (new)

Angela Carly smiles then turns to Liz "you'r watching this right?" she says

message 19: by Angela (new)

Angela Carly smiles looking back at Kimmy

message 20: by Angela (new)

Angela Carly smiles and goes up to her knees in the water.

message 21: by Angela (new)

Angela "still ok?" asks Carly smiling at the progress

message 22: by Angela (last edited Aug 26, 2013 04:41PM) (new)

Angela Carly smiles and takes a step back stepping in a hole and tripping backwards. she squeels in surprise

message 23: by Angela (last edited Aug 26, 2013 04:43PM) (new)

Angela Carly sits up laughing "did i splash you?" she asks as water drips from her hair

message 24: by Angela (new)

Angela Carly laughs spashes Kimmy

message 25: by Angela (new)

Angela Carly spashes liz and Kimmy at the same time

message 26: by Angela (last edited Aug 26, 2013 04:50PM) (new)

Angela Carly screams playfuly the stops in shcok and spins around "dddd... do you hear that" she asks Kimmy and Liz spinning looking for the owner of the nosie

message 27: by Angela (new)

Angela "that nosie" she said in the distance there was a loud crash then a thump then a sizzle

message 28: by Angela (last edited Aug 26, 2013 04:56PM) (new)

Angela Carly looked up and saw bright colours filling the sky "fireworks Duh..." she mumbled to herself.

message 29: by Angela (last edited Aug 26, 2013 04:58PM) (new)

Angela Carly smiled "wow" she said gasing up at the colours then shook it off "why is somone setting off fireworks?"

message 30: by Angela (new)

Angela "oh well" said Carly

message 31: by Angela (new)

Angela Carly gets up and sits on the sand staring up at the fireworks

message 32: by Angela (new)

Angela "what a great way to end this ......interesting day" said Carly smiling

message 33: by Angela (new)

Angela Carly grinns and pulls out her phone from her shoe that she left on the sand to make sure it did'nt get wet "group photo!" she said smiling

message 34: by Angela (new)

Angela they take tons of pictures all smiling and laughing

message 35: by Angela (new)

Angela "we should of got a picture with the grup" says Carly smiling

message 36: by Angela (new)

Angela Carly smiles and lies down as the fireworks die down "so what now?"she asks

message 37: by Angela (last edited Aug 30, 2013 02:01PM) (new)

Angela she sighed and sat up then looked at them "last one in the waters buying supper!" she said bolting for the water laughing.

message 38: by Angela (last edited Aug 29, 2013 07:37PM) (new)

Angela Carly reached the water next laughing

message 39: by Angela (new)

Angela Carly laughed "well you can choose what we have then liz"

message 40: by Angela (new)

Angela "well we wi'll just have to explore then" Carly said laughiing.

message 41: by Antonia (new)

Antonia (adf7793) Dylan walked down the sandy shore of the beach, she wasn't sure how she felt about this town so far. Liam seemed to like it, her...not so much. The smells from all of the different species inhabiting this town assaulted her noise, some were pleasant, some-- not so much. She walked closer to the water letting the water light touch her feet, perhaps this place wasn't so bad? Dylan doubted that was true, but they would see.

message 42: by Antonia (new)

Antonia (adf7793) Dylan heard someone walking closer to her, she discreetly sniffed the air...werewolf. Was there a pack in town...was she on their territory? That was just what she needed to make the alpha of this town feel as if she was a threat to him...or her. Sure, she was an alpha herself; but it was merely based upon a technicality. Dylan killed the alpha that bit her, hoping that it would turn her back to a didn't work. She didn't have a pack though, it was her and Liam only; with a sigh she turned around to met the werewolf behind her.

message 43: by Antonia (new)

Antonia (adf7793) Dylan pursed her lips as he smiled at her, it was hard not to smile back at him, but until she found out if she was trespassing on his or his pack's territory or not; she couldn't let her guard down. She watched as his eyes traveled down her body, it rather amused her, tilting her head to the side she lightly teased him, "See something you like?" Crossing her arms, she glanced around them, "Yes, I am..."

message 44: by Antonia (new)

Antonia (adf7793) Dylan laughed softly at his words, "No you're not, I was actually afraid that I was on your territory." She smiled up at him, relieved that she wouldn't have to fight him, "Is there a pack in town..." Dylan shook her head as she realized that he might not even know, he was new here as she was. Her eyes widened slightly in surprise at his bold words, "Oh, thanks..." She wasn't quite sure what to say to that, it wasn't something she heard normally. Not that she wasn't pretty, oh no, it was just guys were normally too scared of Liam to talk to her. Which was foolish-- they should have been more afraid of her.

message 45: by Antonia (new)

Antonia (adf7793) "Well that's good, we've been having quite a bit of trouble with packs lately." And what she meant by that was Liam would try to pick a fight and she would have to save the stupid idiot...then they had to leave town before the packmates showed up. "The truth is rare nowadays..." She gave him a small smile, "I haven't been in a while, and I thought why not..." Dylan grinned over at him, "How about you?"

message 46: by Antonia (new)

Antonia (adf7793) Dylan rolled her eyes playfully at his words, "Well, well, aren't you a regular Casanova." She crossed her arms, and smiled at him. "You do?" Dylan found that difficult to believe, he was quite the smooth talker, "My brother wants to join a not so much." She would be a threat, whether she wanted to be or not-- which she didn't. "It's nice to meet you Sam...I'm Dylan." She frown at his next words, doubting that he would mean them after he actually found out more about her.

message 47: by Antonia (new)

Antonia (adf7793) "Liam? He's reckless, arrogant, and irresponsible." She smiled up at him, she wondered if she should tell Sam that Liam wasn't her actual brother...but decided against. For all intents and purposes he was her brother, the only thing they didn't share was blood. "I doubt he would be made at you for talking to me, the flirting...well he might not like that part so much. But I do, so that's all that matters." Dylan laughed, grinning when she saw that he was testing her name on his lips. "Well with the way that I eat you would think that I want to be unhealthy." Werewolves and their increase metabolism; it was a definite bonus.

message 48: by Antonia (new)

Antonia (adf7793) Dylan laughed, "I do find it rather enjoyable, yes. You seem to be much better at it than I would be, I'm used to beating guys up instead of talking to him," She smiled over at him as she lightly teased him, "Sure, I could protect you. Liam's a pushover anyways." That part wasn't really true, Liam was hardly a pushover; to anyone besides Dylan that was. "My beautiful face, hmm? My but you are a charmer, aren't you?" Her inky orbs followed his fingers as they brushed across her cheek.

message 49: by Antonia (new)

Antonia (adf7793) Dylan cleared her throat, "I, uh, I don't actually swim." Her face was slightly red as she admitted that out loud. Who comes to the beach if they can't swim...her, apparently. There hadn't been a whole lot of time while she was growing up to learn how to swim. She could do other things though, like killing someone with their own finger...but that wasn't very useful in a situation like this one. "So, Liam isn't exactly a pushover; does that scare you?" She grinned over at him while waiting for his answer.

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