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ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) What should we do?

FloatingOnFairyWings I'm up for basically anything. I prefer more of a realistic plot, but I also like realistic with a little bit of a fantasy twist.

~if that make sense

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) It star werewolf guy and a new to LA small town girl who just lost her mom to a mysterious car crash. She lives in the same condo building as the star do to her godmother, her mom's friend. Her godmother is hardly there due to her job as a flight attendant. They meet because he uses her condo to hide from unwanted fans..... I want to be the girl

FloatingOnFairyWings That's a really good idea. I love it. I'm cool with being the guy.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) Sweet..... it's actually one of my book ideas.... do you mind anime pics?

FloatingOnFairyWings Nope. I don't really use them, but I don't mind them if that's okay.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) Kay I'll make my character...

FloatingOnFairyWings Awesome I shall too.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) Name- Alice Nightingale
Age- 17
Gender- female

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FloatingOnFairyWings Name: Nicholas "Nick" Fusco
Age: 19
Gender: Male

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) Could you make him a bit older?

FloatingOnFairyWings Yeah. Sure.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) Want to start or shall I?

FloatingOnFairyWings Can you start?

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) ((Sure))
Alice gets off her plane and one of the flight attendants came up to her. She hugs her, "Alice it's so good t see you, I'm your mom's friend Kayla. Let's go get your bags."

FloatingOnFairyWings Nick's private jet landed at about the same time, in the same airport, he walked down the steps into the bright light and smiled his movie star smile. It was good to be in LA. It was warm and breezy. The only bad thing about LA were the fans. The fans got wild. Well, they were wild everywhere, but LA was one of the worst.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) Alice and her godmother went to get her bags from the luggage hold. She found her bags and grabbed.

FloatingOnFairyWings Nick pulled a scarf around his neck, trying to look like a tourist from a colder place as he looked for his suitcase. Most of his things were in his condo, which, unfortunately, people knew about, so her knew a crowd would be there when he arrived.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) Kayla herded Alice to her car and drove to a condo complex. Alice slept on the way there.

FloatingOnFairyWings The complex was insane. There were so many people everywhere. And as soon as he got out, he was deafened by screams. People were crazy. He pt on a smile and started to walk inside. Hotel staff and his body gaurds were trying to keep them away but it was hard. a few people ran after him as he sprinted inside and towards the lobby. He still had to get his keys. Oh god.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) Kayla lead her through the crowd and the guards as they kept the fans at bay. They went past the lobby and to the elevator to the third floor. Kayla opens the first condo Alice sees and went inside. She follows with her bags in hand. "Your room is next to mine." Kayla points to the hall. She walks to the first room and opens the door to see a mess. She closes the door and headed to the other room and walked in. It had a wide window beside the bed with a great view of beach across the road. Alice sets her bags in the walk in closet.

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FloatingOnFairyWings Nick nodded quickly and grabbed his room keys. he figured taking the elevator would be a bad idea, so he took the stairs. Fans were faster than they seemed. And of course his condo was penthouse level. He groaned and skipped steps by the threes, rushing to his door, leaving fans outside, pounding and screaming for him.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) Alice could hear screaming in her room faintly and went into the living room. Kayla was on the couch eating chip like it was normal for her. She walks to the kitchen to cook herself something. She got halfway through making hamburger helper went the door opens suddenly.

FloatingOnFairyWings ((That's not Nick, right?))

Nick sighed and tried to block out the sound. Being a good actor had its up, and its downs. He walked out to the balcony and smiled as the beachy air hit him. People were still out on the water, little kids were in the sand. It was a nice beach. It was private, which was good for Nick. It stayed nicer and cleaner than the other public LA beaches anyway.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) ((Nope))
"Why do I smell food," a male voice says. Kayla looks up and sees him, "Zach what are you doing here?" Alice just continues to cook. He looks at her and then Kayla, "who's she?" Kayla sighs, "my godchild."

FloatingOnFairyWings The screams slowly died down but Nick wasnt really sure if they had just gotten tired and been quiet, waiting for him to come out to attack him. It sounded like he thought they wanted to kill him. He ran his hands through his hair and sat down in one of the chairs on the balcony. Maybe he'd order some food. He smelled something good from a condo next door.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) "Leave her alone Zach." Kayla says going back to watching the TV. Alice finishes her dinner and got out a plate for food. Zach walks behind her to steal her food but got stabbed with a fork. "Ouch." Alice dishes out her food.

FloatingOnFairyWings Nick nearly feel asleep with the sunset warm on his skin. He sighed as he felt his stomach grumble. Better order something. He walked inside to get his food and spent some time dilegently thinking about what to order or where to get food from.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) Alice dodge every attempt Zach tried to get her food. She hands a plate to Kayla who smiles. Zach grumbles and walks out of the room. Alice went to her room and ate her food while looking out the window.

FloatingOnFairyWings Nick settled on some Chinese and order a simple, small meal. He hoped they wouldn't get his condo number wrong. Last time that happened, someone else got his food and kept it. He went into the bedroom and changed, finding a more comfortable outfit and settled into the couch, finding a movie to watch.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) She finishes her dinner and grabs her sketchbook from the closet.

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