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Beloved; the film vs. the book
kisha kisha Aug 25, 2013 06:40AM
Which did you like better? Do you think that the film truly captured what Morrison delivered in the book?

The film lacks the beauty of Morrison's prose, and the depth of her plot and characterization. It's not a bad film... but it's a beer commercial compared to the book.

I read the book and saw the movie several years ago. I liked the book, but I think the movie was fantastic. It's the most disturbing book I've ever read.

That is what I was about to say, Amber. I read the book, loved it, and now I hear there was a movie made. I so would love to see it. Will have to try to get a hold of it sometime. But as for the book, it was one I couldn't put down. Morrison is on my top five authors as well.

Haha me too James! I don't always succeeded. I'm learning you have to be a special kind of person to appreciate Morrison's writing style. I loved the movie until I read the book. Then I realized that some books just shouldn't be movies because they don't translate well. But the book was amazing. The movie is great for those who need help understanding the book.

The movie helped me to fully grasp the book. Sometimes with Morrison you think you understand but certain strings just don't tie together. I love the concept because it is elusive until the end. This is the second movie/book combo I have seen/read that helped me to understand the message.

I absolutely loved the book, but I did not care for the movie. I did not imagine the haunting as being so violent. In the scene in the movie where all the furniture is flying around and the whole house is practically falling down around their ears -- I could not imagine anyone staying there after that. I imagined the haunting being creepier and more sinister, which made the book more frightening. In the movie things were just banging around.

There was a movie? Huh.

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