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Room 2 - Fayth

Feel free to furnish this room to your liking, the basics have already been provided. Store all your charries here, as well as links from your previous expeditions so that you can find them with ease. You may post pictures or gifs or e-stamps and anything else that you deem necessary. Refrain from using this as a public chat room, though occasional guests are permitted. The room will be shortly renamed after the occupant.

*Character creation guidelines
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Character creation format
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Feel free to contact a mod in case of any inconvenience.

message 2: by Danae (new)

Danae This RP is so creative. My room now, or so I'd like to think....

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It's yours ;]

message 4: by Danae (new)

Danae Name: Vy
Species: Human + 1/4 elfin
Description: Short, around 5'3", of slender but muscular build. Greatly agile and tan with quick reflexes and amazing eyesight. Slightly pointed features due to her elfin genes, Vy's keen eyesight makes her archer skills astonishingly accurate. A bow is her preferred weapon, although few stand a chance when she uses her hunting knives in hand to hand combat. Dark brown hair, and brown eyes frame her angular face. Many people pass over her at first, only to be surprised. She lives to prove that you shouldn't judge someone before you actually know them.

message 5: by Breanna Joy (new)

Breanna Joy XD something about her reminds me of Halt from Ranger's Apprentice

message 6: by Danae (new)

Danae Haha I see where you're coming from I think...

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