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Sönïa Dhillion Sönïa Aug 25, 2013 04:07AM
I don't know what to feel about the ending of this book I kind of felt content that eve didn't jump back with max. It broke my heart when read on and found out max turned out just like his and eve father. She tried to love max and what did she receive 3yrs of abuse. She loved Solomon and from start to the end of 20yrs all she was left with was yearning. Her letter I understood Solomon should deserve that he realized to late but she wrote she doesn't want to be married and want to live independent would she carry that out? She made that commitment to herself before but still end up going back to max so has that changed? Solomon is selfish were he took from her he also gave her but only in parts. Am really not sure if I should feel content with the ending or not am getting that bittersweet feeling I feel good cause thats what Solomon deserves after what he put eve through but same time I feel sad sad for him he was scared that love may leave him unsatisfied,sad, yearning and once he gave himself thats what he got due to his own mistake I just think Eve should deserve some good out of this she got nothing that's what I can't get my head around she will always love him couldn't there be a ending where Solomon was punished but eve got something in end I mean max only thought he needs to change cx he doesn't want to be like his father why couldn't there be a ending were max found someone else Solomon n Eve got together ofcourse with eve n max still parenting their children or maybe Solomon dies but publish a book with Eve letter and his knowledge in a way that gives eve a chance in writing he always gave her inspiration, dreams it would be his last gift to her and her dreams would become true she would be a writer . Only if there was another part like where one of the scenario could come true or a epilogue . I mean eve never wanted a husband like her father she never wanted to stuck like her mum instend she wanted to be a teacher or writer well that never happened I just the book just turned out to be male focus or male dominated what abt eve she become the one suffering for Solomon n max pasts

I think that is what is so gripping about this novel. It is cruel with its reality. Sure a happy ending for Eve is what every reader wishes for. But life just doesnt work that way.

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