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Rick Bettencourt (rickbettencourt) | 14 comments Not Sure Boys is a funny, sexy and tender read. I think you'll like it. As the author you might think I'm a bit biased so don't take it from me. Here's what my pre-release readers had to say...

"Engaging! Provocative! Fun!"
"Absolutely blown away by the ending of Wacky Packages!"
"Liked this one [Wacky Packages] a LOT!"
"Told with a voice that's direct and honest."
"Very tactile and full of nice mise-en-scene details. And I like the characters, even some sympathy for creepy Fernando!"
"Really, really liked Jamie. His character is very appealing and sympathetic."

Not Sure Boys features three gay young adult stories about growing up on Massachusetts' North Shore. The stories stand alone yet overlap to culminate in one steamy ending. There’s plenty to laugh about with these characters, but their stories also prove genuine and touching as the characters try to make their way in this confusing world. Whether you're gay or straight, you'll find something to relate to.

You can find it, on sale, at Amazon:

Let me know if you get it and what you think. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for your time.


Rick Bettencourt

P.S. Right now it's priced at only $.99. But, that may be changing soon. No pressure but now is the time to get it. So click here now!

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Rick Bettencourt (rickbettencourt) | 14 comments If you like Augusten Burroughs you'll love Not Sure Boys!

Three shorts tied together in a neat little bow:

1970s homophobia hits kids just wanting to trade cards...and grow up to wear police uniforms.

A hot closeted, county singer is propositioned by his biggest fan...and she's a girl.

Jamie and Robby did it in the the spark still there thirty years later?

Check out the five-star reviews Not Sure Boys is getting and pick up your copy today:

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Rick Bettencourt (rickbettencourt) | 14 comments Get a free copy of my best selling book NOT SURE BOYS:

Valid today only!

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Rick Bettencourt (rickbettencourt) | 14 comments My new book, Painting with Wine, a romantic thriller was just released. I'd love to know what the group thinks. Hit me up if you download.

Painting with Wine by Rick Bettencourt

Best Wishes,

Rick Bettencourt

P.S. Here's is the Amazon link:

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