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cαяяιє Okie dokie, here we are!

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Cool beans! Ill repost the idea and all that.

Following Miranda's widened eyes in question, Allison found herself mimicking her friend's expression. "Is that?" Miranda asked, to stunned to utter the name. Just having walked through the door of Diana's Diner was none other than Blake Winters, just as breath taking as the day he had left so abruptly from their small town city five years ago. But, there was something different, something colder and...oddly enough, sexier about him.

"Indeed it is," Alice quietly replied, eyes still focused on the dark headed boy. It seemed the girls were the only ones to notice Blake's arrival seeing as the chatter continued amongst booths. Alice could recall the whirlwind of gossip Blake's leaving had brought up. The rumors had been endless. Some believed he had been taken to jail and the family keeping it on the down low. Others went with the simple explanation that the boy just wanted to get out of the small town trap, meaning he didnt want to be stuck there forever. He ran away with some girl, he joined the military, he was kidnapped, and the list went on. But the truth, oh that was far from what the gossipers had conjured up. Not even the boy's family knew what Blake had vanished for.

Trailing behind Blake was another guy, aging about the same as Blake at 24. Just like the Winter's boy, the guy had a bad boy allure to him, but also demanded the kind of respect an officer of the law might. It was weird how the two of those traits could manage to mix together. So, again the question came to Alice's mind...where had Blake Winters vanished to for five years?


Okay, so this is a doubles rp at the start with the high likely hood of adding more characters as the story advances. The basics of this plot is that Blake Winters, just like a a select few others in the world, were taken to be specially trained by the government to interact with secrets of reality that most humans know nothing of. Those picked are picked for various reasons and trained to highlight the individual specifically. Some are trained to be negotiators, some researchers, some enforcers, and so on. Blake and his partner, Adrian Masters, were trained to be negotiators and enforcers. But, Blake can have a bit of a temper, so Adrian generally acts as the negotiator. They are forced to return to Fuller Springs when the preternatural start to cause a fuse.

Alice and Miranda had been four years behind Blake in hs and had not really interacted with the popular 'bad boy' of their school. However, their lives quickly become twisted with Blake and Adrian's due to the supernaturals that had started to appear in their city.

This obviously has a lot of space for development. I prefer to play Adrian and Allison, having a plan for Alice sorta working around in my mind and a good factory for Adrian :).

Im not sure what sort of supernaturals i think we should have. I know i would like some of the really typical ones just for the fun of it: old school werewolves, somewhat old school vampires mixed with some of the new age ones, maybe some fae (dark and light), possibly some shifters, etc. But that is up for debate.

Im completely open for suggestions towards this.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments So...suggestions? Ideas?

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cαяяιє I really like your idea for he rp! Hmm, maybe the reason Blake and Adrian had to come back to Fuller Springs is because they're supposed to recruit Allison and Miranda, or something.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Not that it's not a good idea, but i think i would like it a bit better if maybe Alice and Miranda stumble into some trouble which causes them to get drawn in (yeah know, that who damsel in distress thing at first lol). Maybe there could be something else going on with one or both of the girls that draws them into the supernatural world as well?

We could do it so that maybe one of the girls has some supernatural deep down her bloodlines which draws some of the supernaturals to her?

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments But hey, its almost 3 am. Im going to head to sleep :). Ill reply tomorrow at some point (meaning when i wake up lol)

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cαяяιє Okay, get some sleep!

You're probably right, it would be better if they got into trouble and needed rescuing. What if Miranda and Alice thought it would be a good idea to, I don't know, follow, Blake and Adrian after seeing them somewhere, and letting there curiosity get the better of them. But the two boys were going on some mission involved with some sort of supernatural being, not aware that they were being followed. The two girls continued to 'stalk' them, if you will, but ended up meeting with some kind of supernatural creature and have to try to fend off, unsuccessfully. Hearing the girls panicked fighting and screams behind them, Blake and Adrian have to go back and save them.

Not sure if that made any sense, I'm kinda tired right now and am running on close to nothing.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Lol, and now we have creepy characters who follow others? I love ya girl, but you're hitting the lower levels of the creative ladder lol. We'll blame sleep deprivation :).

I don't think the girls would have a solid reason for following the guys beyond being creepiers and curious.

What about something like...

Allison had promised to help her aunt clean out the old Shaffer Manor. The manor is out of town, basically hidden in the forest. The property had always been beautiful, but there was a fear factor to the place as well. After the family moved from the home, they had decided not to sell their place. Over twenty years, the manor was abandoned, calling to teens to come and explore. Soon stories started to form considering voices and sounds were heard within the home by the skittish teenagers. The stories only developed further when people started to go missing after going to the manor. But that didnt stop the brave and stupid from going out to the place. After 20 years, the Shaffer family decided to sell it. Alice's aunt had taken the job to clean up the manor for the Shaffer's, bringing Allison in as well. Unable to complain and needing the extra cash, both Allison and Miranda decided to help. They went out in the morning with her aunt and got to work. But at four, Alice's aunt had to go, leaving the girls to work alone. The girls had decided to stay until dark, but their plans fell through when they lost track of time, ending up staying later into the night than they should.

So, as you can guess, some supernaturals live in the forest and in the house. Since the girls are there after dark, they are at risk. Now, Blake knows the rumors of the manor and the two boys planned on going there soon. So they could happen to come when Alice and Miranda are trapped in the house by something?

Open for suggestions and alterations

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cαяяιє Oh god, just reread my last post. *facepalm* Not one of my finer ideas, to say the least. Please, let's blame it on my lack of sleep!

I like the idea of them working to help clean the old Shaffer Manor. Perhaps, we could elaborate more on your idea that one of the girls has some supernatural mojo hidden in her bloodlines. It could attract some beast to them while they are alone in the manor and they get attacked. Blake and Adrian had decided to come by the same manor earlier that evening, to check out what the rumors were about. Upon entering the building, they find the girls under attack.

Again, this isn't my finer work, so please make adjustments or suggestions.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Something along those lines. The girls could even not have been attacked yet and run into Blake and Adrian when they are going through the manor. But the girls could have been hearing some noises prior to that and getting a little freaked out so it scares them when they run into the guys? Oh, and side note, Blake would not a good deal of the rumors since he grew up there as well :). He just now knows its probably something supernatural causing everything.

As for the bloodlines thing, there are a bunch of ways to go with it. We could have one of them having Fae bloodlines, only it emerges once in every like four or five generations, this being one of them.

One could have been adopted and have came from a line of werewolves (old school change on the full moon). But the curse has to be activated by killing someone. But they don't turn into a little wolf, they turn into those freaky ones that can stand on two legs.

Or maybe one of them could have been a direct bloodline from a family dedicated to riding supernaturals from the world. The family stepped on some toes, needless to say, and as such they were targeted by a ton of supernaturals, killing them all over the years. But to keep their daughter safe, the last living descendants dropped their child off on the doorstep of someone and let them raise her. But the supernaturals have come across her and recognize her blood as the hunter family's.

What do you think?

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cαяяιє All great ideas! I do like the idea that one of the girls comes from a family of supernatural hunters. She could not realize that she comes from a long line of hunters, and just think her parents had died in a car crash or something.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Or she could just not know she was adopted, making it even more of a mystery to her?

We could do that for one and then the other, during an encounter, could be bitten by a werewolf, but she didnt see what it was nor did she tell anyone right away, not thinking much of it? This way both girls will get a bit of differentness to them?

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cαяяιє That sounds right.

I like it. Who should be unknowingly adopted and who should get bitten? Oh and you wanted to play Allison and Adrian, right?

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments I did indeed wish to play them :). And Im not sure which girl should be what when it comes to supernatural what not. Hows bout you pick one and convince me why you would be a better fit for it? I dont mean that to sound like a bad thing or anything. I just want it to be our optimal pick for characters and what not so the plot will be better played :). So, which do you want, why, and why do you think you should play that triat verses the other?

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Or...would you really just rather me pick?

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cαяяιє Sorry, I've been gone. I just got back from my friends house. I'll tell you which one i want and why! Sorry it's taking me so long to get back to you.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments No biggie :). Just seemed like everyone vanished for awhile lol

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cαяяιє I was thinking that Miranda could be the one bitten by a werewolf because it seems like Allison is more of a leader, or is that just me? Anyways, if Allison was more of a leader, it would make sense that she come from a line of hunters, seeing that they need to be prepared for anything and somewhat fearless. Miranda has spent her whole life being an average nobody, and when she suddenly gets bitten, it makes her rethink her entire way of life. Maybe she doesn't always have to blend in and take orders, it's okay to be different. I think it would be a lifechanging event, and I would like to see where that leads. I like the idea that Miranda could sort of grow up throughout the role play and become more independent, instead of hiding in the shadows and trying to impress others.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments I love that you've already built a past for Miranda and are looking at her developments for the rp :D. Mkay! That works for me. You made a compelling argument.

So, have you seen any of season four of vampire diaries? Mainly referring to like the Five (the vampire hunters). How they have enhancements because of who they are. Should the hunters family in this have had enhancements that had been given to them from some gypsy, witch, angel or something? Yes or no would work if you don't want to elaborate.

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cαяяιє Hmm, I haven't seen season four of vampire diaries. I've only just started watching it, but I think I know what you mean. I think they should have enhancements, but maybe kinda watered down by the time they reach Allison, so it would make sense that she never realized what she was.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Oh, then Im glad i did not elaborate the five lol. Water down works :).

So, any other ideas to iron out?

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cαяяιє Don't believe so, unless you can think of any?

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments We can iron out anything else as it goes along :). So...do you want to make characters? Are you doing super detailed characters? Im down for simple profiles if u want

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cαяяιє Yeah, simple works for me!

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Thank god. A phone is a crappy thing to make profiles from. Ill post mine soon :). The history for Adrian will be given slowly through the rp

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cαяяιє That sounds great! I'll work on my characters also! :)

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Name: Adrian Masters
Age: 24
Birth day: September 12th

Personality: tbrp

History: he keeps it mostly to himself. But things will be revealed as the story unfolds


Name: Allison North (Salvoti is her real family's last name)
Age: 20
Birthday: June 7th

Personality: tbrp

History: tbrp

((i know, i use the image for Alice a lot. But she looks like she should be badass somehow lol. So, she fits in a lot of my rps lol.)
If you want me to put history or personalities down, i can for sure. But, it' just a bit tiresome from an android... Also, if you prefer i pick another image for Adrian, i can.

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cαяяιє (They're perfect! You don't have to change anything about either one, I know how it can get.)

Name: Miranda Arthur
Age: 20
Birthday: November 30th
Appearance: description
Personality: A follower, wants to fit in. Doesn't like being left out of things. (At least for now)
History: tbrp

Name: Blake Winters
Age: 24
Birthday: May 7th
Appearance: description
Personality: tbrp
History: tbrp

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Awesome! So, do you want to start if off or me? Where do we want to start off? Same place i started in the little mini post or somewhere else?

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cαяяιє Maybe you should start it off, that way I know what's going on. And we might as well start it off where you did in the mini post. :)

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Mkay. Give me a bit to fix things up

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Im going to keep Miranda saying that one line, but wont control her anymore than that.

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cαяяιє That's fine :)

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments ((hope this is alright :). Sleep desperation starting to catch up.))

Following Miranda's widened eyes in question, Allison found herself mimicking her friend's expression. "Is that?" Miranda asked, to stunned to utter the name. Walking through the door of Diana's Diner was none other than Blake Winters, just as breath taking as the day he had left so abruptly from their small town city five years ago. But, there was something different, something colder and...oddly enough, sexier about him.

"Indeed it is," Alice quietly replied, eyes still focused on the dark headed boy. It seemed the girls were the only ones to notice Blake's arrival seeing as the chatter continued amongst booths. Alice could recall the whirlwind of gossip Blake's leave had brought. The rumors were endless. Some believed he had been taken to jail and the family was keeping it on the down low. Others went with the simple explanation that the boy just wanted to get out of the small town trap, meaning he didnt want to be stuck there forever. He ran away with some girl, he joined the military, he was kidnapped, and the list went on. Not even the boy's family knew what Blake had vanished for. 

Trailing behind Blake was another guy, aging about the same as Blake at 24. Just like the Winter's boy, the guy had a bad boy allure to him, but also demanded the kind of respect an officer of the law might. It was weird how the two of those traits could manage to mix together. So, again the question came to Alice's mind...where had Blake Winters vanished to for five years? 

"Do you want to take their booth or me?" Allison asked, noticing the boys taking a left and going into no mans lan, ie the sections that the waitresses left for grabs. Today it was just Miranda and Allison until six pm, then they would be off and three would come in to replace.


Adrian and Blake had been partnered with one another for three two years, the three years prior both of the boys having been trained by a senior level 'agent.' The two had managed to get into a few fights, not just with words, with one another over the two years. But in general, the two made a great team...and no one else was able to endure Blake's quick temper as well as Adrian, so Adrian would always be stuck with his ass. But he wasnt complaining since Blake was good at the job.

It was interesting for Adrian to see the small town his partner had come from. Adrian hadnt pictured it. Then again, Adrian never really tried to put a finger on Blake's past. Most in the agency had dark pasts, Adrian had found. And if Blake's was anything like Adrian, Adrian wouldnt want to know it. Adrian followed his friend into a small, homely diner, having been promised this place had not only good food but was gossip central. And local gossip of missing peoples and weird sightings were exactly what the boys needed. Adrian had noticed two girls near the bar who had been staring them down. He assumed they knew Blake. "Know them?" he asked, taking a seat on one side of the booth, looking to Blake.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments ((side question, is that caraline from vampire diaries for your characters pic?))

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cαяяιє ((Now that you mention it, I believe so. Didn't even realize! I can change her if you want.))

Miranda's jaw almost dropped through the floor when she saw Blake Winters walk in. The Blake Winters. He had been the talk of the town for almost a year after he had suddenly fell off of the planet. And now, here he was, walking into the local diner as if he had never left. She didn't know what to think about this. Maybe she was having some elaborate dream and she would wake up tomorrow morning and call Allison, and the two of them would laugh at it. She gave her arm a little pinch and felt a zing of pain. So maybe this wasn't a dream.

She watched in silent awe as another boy followed Blake into the small town diner. He looked to be around the same age as Blake, and was more than a little good looking. She stared at the two, wondering why they had come to the town, wondering where they had come from

Miranda jerked out of her thoughts when she heard Allison ask if she wanted to take their booths or not. To be honest she really didn't want to, but she didn't want to miss anything either. She looked at her friend and said, "We might as well both go over there. This should be good."


Blake Winters strutted into the diner, a smirk on his handsome face. He hadn't been here in a long time, but he could tell things hadn't changed much. Still the same boring old church and houses and people. He wouldn't go so far as to say he missed this place, but it felt good to be back somewhere he knew. A lot had happened since the last time he had been here, and he wondered what his return would do. Maybe they hadn't even noticed he was gone, but most likely not. After all, he had been one of the most well known kids in the small town.

He led Adrian towards one of the empty booths in the far back, wanting to get at least some privacy. Although privacy was pretty hard to come by in this town. News and gossip spread like wild fire, and he wouldn't be surprised if every new he was home by the time they sat down. He heard Adrian say, "Know them?" and turned to look at who he was talking about. He saw two girls, probably a couple of years younger than himself, ogling him. He winked at the two. "Not that I remember," he told Adrian.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Allison had not been ashamed of staring down the guys as they walked to the booth and took a seat. Maybe it was a flaw of hers or perhaps one of the best traits she had, but Allison North was rarely embarrassed of anything she did and wouldnt hesitate to do what she wanted...usually. When the cocky, Blake Winters decided to wear that smirk and wink at Miranda and her, Alice slightly rolled her eyes and looked to Miranda. "No way are we both going. That will just pump up that damn boy's head more," she said, picking up two menus from the bar top. She held them in the air between Miranda and her. "So, you or me?" she asked again, eyebrow perked and seeming to be indifferent. Though, Alice was just as curious about the sudden return as surely everyone in the town would be.


Adrian had followed Blake's gaze once more when he winked, looking over his shoulder at the girls. A blonde and a brunette, both pretty. How had Blake not recalled them? Then again, five years ago, the girls were probably a bit different looking. Adrian turned to sit normal, focusing on Blake again. "Well, they seem to know you," he said, small smile on his face. Adrian wondered if anyone would remember him back at home. Unlike Blake, Adrian had come from a large city with many different schools within the city. Maybe half of his student body would remember him, and that was a good number of people, but besides those, none of the city would really notice his return. Adrian found his finger going to the ring on his right hand, twisting the bulky thing back and forth in place.

((ironic cause thats Ian somerhalder (Damon) lol. Sorry for the shortening of the posts))

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cαяяιє ((Haha, that is ironic!))

Miranda blushed a bright red when Blake caught Allison and her staring. Unlike her friend, she cared about what others thought about her. She didn't want Blake and his new friend to think she was some kind of crazy stalker or anything. She turned away from the boys and looked to her best friend. After that display of humility, Miranda didn't know if she wanted to face the mysterious Blake, even with her overflow of curiosity. She decided she would let Allison take their table and she would interrogate her about it afterwords. She figured Allison wouldn't mind, she was always the more courageous of the two. "Maybe you should, then you can tell me all about it when you get back."


Blake turned his gaze away from the girls to look back at Adrian. He shrugged nonchalantly. "I'm not surprised," he said to his partner. He was sure most people here knew him, the two girls just happened to recognize him first. He wondered what everyone was saying about his disappearance, what the rumors were. He highly doubted anyone knew the real reason he had abandoned the place, but there were sure to be some entertaining wild speculations coming from people.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Allison wasnt surprised when Miranda turned down the chance to wait on the guys' table. "Alright," she said with a bit of linger in her voice that suggested Miranda would be missing out. "Check on my tables if Im not back fast." Alice lowered the menus and started towards the booth decked out in the old school diner uniform she had to wear. She walked without any worries in the world it seemed, and sat the menus down on the table, one in front of each guy, with a smile.

Adrian had nothing to really say back to Blake. Their conversations usually went this way. Short and to the point, not really having much to them. The most conversation they had ever had was in regards to work. He looked to his right when the brunette waitress waltzed up, putting the menus before them with a well practiced smile. She looked first at him, getting a tiny return smile, then to Blake. She had already pulled a pin and notepad out.

"Surprised to see you back," she said. "Heard ya killed a guy and were on the run." By her tone, Adrian could tell the girl didnt believe what she said at all, but actually found the rumor humorous.

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cαяяιє Miranda nodded at Allison. She knew she was probably being a scaredy cat, or whatever, but she didn't really mind. She watched curiously as Allison made her way towards the guys. Looking careless and beautiful as always. She couldn't help but feel a little jealous towards her friends, she wished she could feel so confident about herself. But there wasn't much she could do about that, so she walked to greet a couple that had just entered the diner, still keeping a careful eye on her friend and the boys.
Blake watched as the brunette waitress approached their table, not surprised it was her. She seemed more bold than the other one, not even blinking an eye when he had winked at them after catching them staring. He studied her carefully as she set down the menus in front of them. He raised an eyebrow when she told him one of the rumors about his disappearing act. He gave a small chuckle and grinned at the waitress. "Huh, haven't heard that one yet," he told her.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments "I've heard them all, Im pretty sure," Allison admitted. "Im Allison; I'll be your waitress this afternoon. What can I get you to drink?" Figuring she would play it a bit more cool, Allison had decided to act like this was no different than servicing the normals. Afterall, the last thing she wanted to do at this point was give Blake the satisfaction of knowing she was curious in his life. She looked to Adrian, not wanting to stare at Blake despite how difficult it was. Just like how it had been in high school for nearly ever girl: it was just hard not to oggle the boy. But as she focused more on Adrian, Allison realized it may be just as difficult not to stare at him. Then the thought crossed. Two hot guys...together...Blake having vanished. She almost wanted to groan. Was he gay? Did he leave to be with his male lover?! Wow...she was getting just as bad as the gossips of Fuller Springs.

Adrian rattled off what he wanted to drink nearly as soon as she asked. "Sweet tea for me," he said, still not able to let his small smile fall. Since he had left home five years ago, Adrian had found himself going all across the globe, being exposed to nearly every drink, every food, and every culture in some manner or another. Some of it he liked some he didnt. But one thing he had fallen for was defiantly southern style sweet tea, and since they were partly in the south, Adrian assumed these diner would have the kind he wanted. Allison jotted it down with a nod before glancing to Blake.

"And for you?" she asked.

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cαяяιє Miranda kept a watchful eye on the table in the corner, not wanting to miss out on anything. She couldn't tell exactly what they were saying, not being a very good lip reader. She fluttered around the diner, helping the customers and delivering food. She hoped nothing to exciting would happen with her unaware, but you never knew.

Blake looked down at his menu, flipping it to the drinks section. He skimmed the list quickly before looking back up at the waitress, Allison. "Just a coke for me," he told her. He had always liked the feeling of enjoying an ice cold soda pop on a warm day like this, back when he had still lived here and gone to school. He used to come to this very diner every Friday after school with some of his football buddies. He had been a very different person back then, though, and knew things could never return to the way they were. He had changed to much, grown up.

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cαяяιє ((I'm going to go to sleep, I'll reply tomorrow when I get on!))

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Allison gave another nod, again pinning an aberration onto the pad. "Would either of you like any appetizers? Maybe some onion rings or cheese sticks?" Keeping things professional in this particular case would be an annoying thing, she thought. Because once Blake and his buddy walked from this diner, Allison wouldn't be surprised if she didnt see him again. Of course, she would get to catch wind of the rumors...but rumors were not as good as the truths she could have. Then again, why did she care if she got, the truth or not? It wasnt like her life involved Blake. Thats what you get when you live in a small community. You always get dragged into others lives just to keep things interesting. She would think up away to strike up some form of conversation before she saw them out the door.

Adrian shook his head, already knowing he would much rather get a full meal rather than spoil anything with appetizers. Then again, the boy could eat a hell of a lot, so it's not like a few cheese sticks could put a huge dent in his appetite. "I think Im fine for now," he told her. The waitress bobbed her head, the messy pony tail dancing about as she did so. Her eyes returned to his partner to see if he wanted to get anything before she went off to get their drinks. Adrian had to admit, so far he liked the small town life. From what he had seen, the girls were pretty, the folks were nice, and it had a good environment. But the poor boy hadnt got a taste of the overboard hospitality and nosy ass people just yet.

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cαяяιє Miranda dutifully did her job, all the while trying to sneak covert looks at the table in the back. She was starting to regret her decision of not taking their order, but there was nothing she could do about it now. Besides, she probably wouldn't be able to even talk when she got over there, being in too much a state of shock.

Blake shook his head at the waitress, saying, "No, I don't think so." He could tell she wanted to ask him about where he had been and what had happened, but she didn't, instead she did her job like normal. He appreciated that she held her tongue, but doubted that would last very long, sooner or later curiosity would get the better of her. He turned back to face his partner, wondering what he thought of all of this. "So, how are you liking this little corner of nowhere so far?"

((Sorry for the really short post))

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Clicking the pin closed, Allison slipped the pad and pin back in her pocket before turning on her heel to go and get their drinks. She weaved between a few tables and went behind the bar, grabbing two of the oldstyle class cups the diner used. She put ice in both then filled one with coke and the other with sweet tea, putting a lemon on the side of the glass as she was told to do many times by the manager. Alice turned around, glasses in hand and noticed Miranda not far away, so she took a small detour to her. "Don't worry, youre not missin out on much. Pretty standard table besides the fact they are both rather attractive," she assured her, deciding she had a little bit of time to waste before getting back to them so she could wait for her friend to give her a reply.


Adrian had flipped the menu open by the time the waitress had turned and started her leave to get their things. "I enjoy it," he admitted, eyes glancing over the 'America Style Diner' type food selections. They did go out with it, having even the traditional burgers and fries with a milkshake. Adrian kept surveying the lists of foods as he said, "Are you enjoying being back? Or do you already hate it?" To be honest, Adrian was generally really good at reading others, but Blake tended to bring up a blank when Adrian tries to evaluate what Blake is feeling. Now, there are times that Adrian can tell, but that is usually only when Blake is about to do something stupid or headstrong. Blake gets a little more of a reckless vibe when he is in that mode and Adrian found that easier to pick up--at least thats what Adrian gets from it. He could never truly guess whats going on in that guy's head. Adrian was the opposite in ways, he seemed to be an open book. But the odd fact of the matter is that Adrian was probably hiding more than Blake, and no one ever suspects it.

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cαяяιє Miranda saw Allson walk away from the table, and go back towards the bar to get their drinks. She slowly made her way to her friend, hoping for some kind of juicy news as to why Blake was back. She studied her friend, who filled two cups with ice, then one with their specialty iced tea, and the other with regular coke. She smiled a little when Allison put the lemon onto the side of the cup, which she usually forgot about. When she made her way towards Miranda and commented on the normalness of them, she had to admit, she was a tad disappointed. She didn't know what she had expected, but something more exciting than this was a definite. "Have you asked him about where he had been?"


Blake wasn't very surprised when Adrian admitted his enjoyment of the town so far. Small town life could seem charming from the outside, but it did come with the price of gossip, rumors, and no privacy what so ever. And that was on a good day. He took out his menu and perused through the different sections. He noticed that everything was exactly the same as it had been when he had lived there. He didn't know how people could stand it, nothing ever changing. Where was the fun in that, going through life without ever living a little? He thought over what it felt like for him to be back in his home town. Was he glad to be back, where everything was familiar and simple? Or was he already missing the excitement of life outside of Fuller Springs? Maybe it was an odd mixture of the two. "If the burgers are as good as I remember, I might not mind being back," he told his partner after folding his menu back up and placing it down on the table.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Allison took in a deep breath and patted her friend on the shoulder after she had temporarily sat down one of the drinks. "Miranda, sweetie, Im trying to not seem like the rude, nosey folk in our city, not jump right into the stereo type." Alice had a smile on her face, amused by her friend. It was funny to Alice that Miranda had so many straight forward ideas but would never act on them. Usually any idea Allison had, she would not hesitate to put it into motion. Though, some take a little more time to do then just jumpin right on it. She glanced back at the table, seeing Blake already putting his menu down and his friend doing the same. "They look ready to order," she told Miranda, not giving her time to reply before she picked up the drink and started back towards the table.

And there it was, Blake being evasive, beating around the bush to keep from saying exactly what was on his mind. Adrian had grown used to it so just shrugged it off. At the mention of the burgers being good, Adrian decided just to give one of those a go. "Did you want to go see your family, or no?" Family...now that was a topic Adrian didnt like to talk about seeing as he had to leave his entire family behind. Well, he had to leave what was left of it behind. But when it wasnt his family, Adrian wasnt shy to talk about it. Then again, Adrian and Blake never talked about Blake's either.

Just as Adrian had asked the question, the waitress had returned, putting the drinks before each of them. "Here ya go," she announced, standing up straight and retrieving the pen and pad again. "So, do you boys know what you want?" Adrian decided to let Blake go first this time around.

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cαяяιє Miranda sighed, conceding that it might not be the best idea to just waltz up there and ask what happened right away. Not that she would have done that anyways, Miranda preferred to let others do their thing and she would just watch from the outside, less chance for her to make an idiot of herself. She watched her friend hurry back to the table where Blake was, before getting back to work.

Blake was saved from having to answer Adrian's question when the waitress came by to drop off their drinks and take their orders. He silently sent her a thank you for getting him out of having to answer, at least for now. It gave him some time to think about it. He had mixed emotions about seeing his family again. He had to admit he missed them after all of the years he had been gone, but that didn't mean he wanted to see them. Then the waitress asked them what they wanted, ripping him out his thoughts. He cleared his throat and asked for what he had always got, when he had still lived in Fuller Springs. "I'll take a bacon cheeseburger, hold the onion, with a side of streak fries."

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Allison glanced from her notepad and to Blake after she jotted down his order. Her expression seemed like she was stuck in a memory, though it was just thanks to her acting skills. She said nothing for a moment but then said with a very small smile, "You've grown up a lot since the last time I saw you. You look sort of like you've been through a lot..." She trailed off, letting it seem like she was still in thought. But she didnt ask the question of where he has been, even though she had set it up to be asked. If he had been willing to say, he would have not left so mysteriously. So, asking him now would do no good. Maybe just leaving it hanging like she had been in thought towards him would work better. So she did. Shaking her head a little, Alice let her smile fall. "Im sorry." She turned her attention to Adrian as if she was trying to keep eye contact from happening with Blake after her little 'flashback.' "What about for you?"

Adrian was now curious. It seemed like this girl had had a past with Blake. The way she looked at him...it was almost like best friends or lovers meeting again after a long time apart. But Blake didnt know her, he had said. Maybe his memory was just faulty? Adrian said, "Same thing, but with onions and without tomatoes." Allison gave him a nod and picked their menus up.

"Ill go put in your orders," she said, giving one quick glance towards Blake before walking away and towards the window that went into the kitchen. She put the orders up on the line and went back towards the bar. Leaning against it, she watched Miranda check up on a table.

Adrian had turned his attention to Blake after watching Allison walk away. He gave a half cocked grin. "Ya sure you don't know her?" he asked again.

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