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He's An Asshole Anyway
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unsolicited recommendations > Hilarious new break up guide for girls - written by the guys who dump them!

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CZK Publishing | 2 comments Hi guys

Check out are new book - He's an Asshole Anyway.

How to deal with being dumped according to the assholes themselves.

The Aussie break up book that every girl and her friends MUST read has now hit America!

Thatz rightz, we know how much you Americanz needz your Americanized wordz. So here it iz, in all of it'z glory!

Specifically, we will tell you: what he is thinking; what he is doing; what you are doing wrong and how you should act in the period immediately after you've been dumped to ensure that you win the break up

Don’t just take our word for are some totally legit reviews!

“This is the most poorly constructed, ill thought out and woefully
articulated book I’ve ever encountered. Brilliant!
- E. L James.

“Please give a copy to Catwoman.”
- Bruce Wayne.

“Ebooks are da bomb!”
- William Shakespeare

“Wait, women can read?”
- The Republican Party

- Brangelina

“Me give Jane.”
- Tarzan

“Please stop calling.”
- Miranda Kerr

“Best $5.99 I have spent since 1995.”
- Hugh Grant

“Great read (Please don’t tell Michelle I said that).”
- ‘B.O’

“Who are you guys? Please get off my porch.”
- Noam Chomsky

- Sarah Jessica Parker

“I don’t get it.”
- Britney Spears

“You idiots! SHUT. UP!”
- Every man on the plane

message 2: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Um. Is this for real, or are you trying to just insult as many people as you can in one post?

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