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Yay! haha okay Janelle. You may share at any time. :)

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So this is my starting of my first one that I have been working on since July, I got this idea from a dream and it's really inspiring me. It's a series and I'm thinking of changing the title but I'm not sure.. So let me know about what you think.

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Elemental Wars: The Beginning of the Elementals and The Zamanar War

Elady Earth, Rodrik Fire ,Dinadi Water, and Astro Air. All are what we call the elementals. Not many know that the elementals are the original elements. All of these names Elady she was born from the earth itself and is the older sister of her other siblings. Rodrik he was born from a blazing fire the other oldest sibling of his other siblings. Dinadi she was born in the cleanest lake of all, also we can never forget Astro he is of course the youngest and was born of a gust of wind. All of these people are known as gods and goddesses. They protect the human race from their most frightful enemies.

The Zamanar, they are the cruelest and most evil demons on this earth. They may look talk and speak human but they are not. You may think they don't want to hurt us Humans. But they can and will without hesitation. It doesn't matter what you do to protect yourself or you families. The only way to actually stop The Zamanar and their black magic. You need help from Elementals.

Many think those that can control the elements are elementals. Though they are wrong, the elementals are groups of people that are gifted as the chosen by the gods and goddesses. Those who are chosen already have learned to control two elements one their original parents element. The other of their choice of which they can learn. Those that can learn the fastest and managed to get passed by the elementals instructor and their original element instructor. Will be put in the suggestions to be chosen. When the Gods and Goddesses chose the two new elementals they are granted as well as their team to be allowed to leave to the human world for new missions. They usually meet the Immortal Contact whom is surrounded by Zamanar, Humans, and Elements. The Immortal contact can see the future and give out the missions to the Elementals and their team. As to the Zamanar and their teams.

The Zamanar of course are different. The children of the Zamanar are real kids that learned to control two elements but didn't enjoy the way the element family ruled. So they turned dark they turned into demons and join the Zamanar. Once they join there is no going back that is when they use their powers instead of it being good. Their powers are coated with black magic and can never be changed back.

But where do these people come from? They come from Elementa Strada. A place where they are allowed to use their magic whenever they want too. As long as they train each day may be even more. Though the only way to get out of Elementa Strada is going through The Zamanar Forest to the portals. It's a dangerous trip to get through unless your an Elemental then you can get through as long as your surrounded with other elements they become the ultimate team.

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Oh wow. This sounds like it's going to be tricky to write, but I really enjoy the idea of this book. I think it has real potential. :)

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Thank you:) Yeah It's been a bit tricky because I'm not that interested in Fantasy but It's starting to be really good. I have chapter one done if you want to read it too?

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You're welcome. Thank you for sharing it with me. Yes! I'd love to read the first chapter! :)

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Your so welcome!:) I will post it and you can make a topic for your stories, so I can read it too:)

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Okay sounds great :) I can't post my stories right now because they are on a different device, but I will send it over to this device ASAP! :)

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Part 1: Attack In Washington

The police sirens roared the people ran around screaming being surrounded by black mist. They think its smoke from a fire.. But is it really? No. It isn't if it was you would see the fire. The mist in the air only could represent one thing the demons the Zamanar Shifters. The humans most dangerous enemies. They don't know who they are but they seem to know its dangerous to be near them.

The black mist got thicker the air more polluted with black magic as their misty figures start to reveal themselves in human form. The police surround them seeing their changing and revealing themselves as humans. "Everyone get back!" Yelled one of the police officers. The humans ran back some went to their houses to protect their families. Except for one human that was staying calm. She had eyes as blue as the sea her sandy brown hair flowing against her back side.

Her small petite body revealing she's only about eleven years old. She followed the police orders and went into her home locking the doors and closed the curtains. The black mist spread among the the ground revealing four certain weapons on the ground. They fully change their form into male human beings. More screams were heard as they were revealed.
The four boys about the same ages. Two of them standing out more then the others looked like the leaders they seemed to be about fourteen or fifteen years old. The other two looked at least a year younger or so. They looked alike of the two oldest ones but not as close though. The four boys looked around their eyes gleaming black as they kneel down and picked up their weapons. They look around inhaling the air getting used to it.

A Police officer says to them. "Get down on the ground and set your weapons down now." They look at the police officer. One of the tallest boys step forward his blond hair cut across just about his eyes so you could see his face easily. "There is no need for your services officers." He said calmly. Though by their facial expressions he knew they weren't going to listen.

He glanced at his right hand man. The police watched in fear as the boy that was glanced at by the ruler. He smirked he snapped his hand the police cars exploded fire spreading on the ground. More screams were heard most of the police were burnt to death as the other humans ran away. The leader smirked watching them run away like pathetic insects he turns to his team.

"Very nice Dax." Said the leader to his co-leader and best friend. Dax smirked and nodded. "It was a pleasure as always to terrorize the humans Ryder." Dax announced taking a small bow. His his black hair cropped out of his face. Ryder smirked.
"Now it's time Thadeus do you think you can search for our old zamanar friends?" Ryder asked as he inhaled the air smelling nothing of their scent only the polluting smell of human beings that disgusted him and every other zamanar in the world. Thadeus lifted his hands around him. The team stepped three steps back. He lifted his hands above his head the air swirling around him. Thadeus brought the air near his eyes he moved his hands apart separating the human air particles away from the Zamanar particles revealing the scent of their location.

He put his hands down and says to Ryder. "They are at The Washington Monument." Ryder nodded. "Strange they never go there. But good job Thad." Dax said to Thadeus.
"We will go to see them they will know the location of the Immortal Contact." Dax said Sander and Thaddeus looked at each other then at their leaders and nodded. Ryder looked especially at Sander. He looked alike of the Immortal Contact same blue eyes sandy brown hair though his build was a big masculine kind like his other team mates he was one of the tallest out of all though. "Sander do you mind trying to Locate the Immortal Contact?" Ryder asked.

"Yes of course." Sander said to Ryder. If The Immortal Contact stood on the grounds their footprints would follow the elements. If they were there and he used fire they footprints would be lite on fire would reveal the trail. He walked around looking at the many different human footprints. He created fire on the tip of his fingers and touched one footprint it lite on fire as well as it's matching.

He watched the fire footprints spread to a small home. He smiled he saw a little girl peeking out of the window of the home. The home was flourished with roses only put in a different way as symbols of Elementa Strada. He knew he found the Immortal Contact. He extinguished the fire of the footprints and walked back to his leader. "She's in the small home at the end of the street with the roses planted into symbols of Elementa Strada." Sander said to Ryder he nodded. "Alright we will get The Immortal Contact later. Right now lets have some fun at the monument." Ryder says evilly the rest if the team grinned as they all head to the monument.

Elementa Strada

The sun was shining brightly in Elementa Strada the sky was nice and blue. It was a nice day with the perfect weather. The young children ran around playing with their element locket. Using their powers a bit. To make their parents happy.

The older kids were either at the training grounds or walking around the shopping center. While the head elementals their real power parents were watching from their thrones in the sky. Watching their children preparing themselves for any bad situation or attack from themselves or The Zamanar. They were developing their powers well without knowing it. They knew what to do if something ever happened. It made the head elementals happy to see them grow up.

They hear screams from the human world. Elady gets up moving swiftly to the holographic projection of the human world. She saw the fires unable to see anything else. "Brother please come here." She says to Rodrik the fire elemental.

Rodrik groaned getting up impatiently. He goes over to his sister. "What is it Elady?" He asked in a bad mood.

"Did you create these fires in the human world?" Elady asked seeing the blazing fire made her hate her brother. "Of course not they are polluted of black magic." He says to his sister. "Then it is the Zamanar you don't think it's Zora do you?" Elady asked her brother.

"Sister she is like us she cannot pass into the other worlds." Rodrik said. "But her Shifter Assassins can." Dinadi said speaking up about it. Astro looked up. "But they need permission before passing through." He said to his siblings.

"Not unless they have a secret mission ordered by Zora." Rodrik said. "But if she sends them out. She knows something we don't." Elady said thinking of it.

"The prophecy is the only thing that could tell us the truth." Dinadi said looking down at the human world. "Then what should we do Elady, Rodrik?" Astro wondered. "We will send our elemental team the newest chosen team. Astro send a message to the teams family." Rodrik said to him.

Astro nodded and turned into a breeze to the main air desk. He sat down writing the same message to the Carter family, The smith Family, Family, and The Fire Family. He gives one to to his siblings. They sign them and send them out by the wind. They then back to the hologram of the human world. "Let's just hope were not too late." Elady said.

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The Contrese Household

Melody Contrese sat in her study reading a training guide for Elementals. She reviewed everything that she knew and needed to know as a review. So she could pass the physical test in front of the elemental instructors.

Melody sighed she stopped studying until her mother came up with a letter with the elemental gods symbols. She takes it "Thank you mother." She said to her mom. Her mom left in a hurry to leave her alone. Melody closed her door quickly.

Melody sat at her desk closing her windows. She sat down opening the letter slowly. She read it immediately she got up and went to her parents telling them she would go meet the team. As soon as they said okay she ran to the teams hiding place. She sent a signal high in the sky and climbed into the hallow tree entrance of their hiding place.

Fire Mansion

Jasmine was reading the letter from the gods. Was the same minute she saw the symbol. She left letting her parents know and ran straight to the teams place. Meeting Harmony there, they both went in. Dana arrived jumping in she stood by Harmony holding the letter in her hand as well as Jasmine, Harmony, and Melody.

Melody stands up "Was I the only one to get this letter or did all of you get it?" The girls looked at each other then at Jasmine. "We all got the letter." She said to Melody. "So what does this mean?" Dana asked.

Jasmine stood up "It means we have a mission to go to the human world and find the immortal contact." She said to them. "Our first step." Harmony mentioned. "After we arrive we receive our mission after finding the immortal contact." She said thinking of it.

"Our second step." Dana mentioned about it quietly. Jasmine says "Our third step we track down the Zamanar shifters and bring them to justice." Jasmine said thinking of it. "Even Ryan, Jas you haven't seen him in three years and you both broke up when he turned dark are you sure you want to do this?" Dana asked.

Jasmines expression darkened a bit. "I'm sure and we should take this were trained and ready. We won't break down and endanger the humans." She said to them Melody nodded holding her hand out and taking Jasmines hand and Harmonys. Dana took Jasmine and Harmonys hand their hands started to glow their element Symbols appearing making an acceptance symbol to the gods.

They let go of their hands. "It's time we will meet in front of the waterfall where the gods and goddesses will be. Tomorrow at seven on time." Melody said. They nodded Jasmine waited as Harmony and Dana left.

"Jas, you okay with this?" Asked Melody looking at her best friend. "Yeah I'm okay." Jasmine said to Melody smiling a bit. "Dana shouldn't have mentioned her brother." Melody mumbled.

"It's okay I'm okay it's not going to effect me." Jasmine told her truthfully not wanting to make a fuss or drama. It would distract her and it wouldn't be good to distract her at all. She hugged Melody as they finished talking quietly not wanting to talk out loud about their family being the Zamanar shifters on earth. "We better go." Jasmine said

"Yes we should I'll see you tomorrow morning." Melody said to her and hugged her one last time. "Okay, bye Mel be safe." Jasmine said before Melody left. Jasmine waited a minute before leaving.

Washington D.C

You can hear the screams from humans all around the national monument. As Kragen, Royce, and Maris. All creating chaos all over the monument. Threatening people setting things on black fire destroying the monument covering it with black vines. Black air and water seeping into the humans instantly killing them.

Ryder, Dax, Sander, and Thaddeus all clap seeing all dead humans and damages to the monument that could probably never be repaired. "That was a great show." Ryder said walking over to Kragen. "Not as great as what you guys did at the portal exit and entrance from home." Kragen said pulling Ryder into a small hug.

Ryder hugged him back as the team hugged them. "Eh it was nothing. Just for fun." He admitted. It was some fun results. "We'll you made a great impression Zoe would be proud." Kragen said to them.

"So what do you need?" Royce asked sitting down next to Sander. "We need some help. We're looking for the immortal contact she can help us but she's bound her house." Ryder said to them.

"Well we could help you get into the house but we can't do anything else. " he said to them. Ryder nodded "thank you. But we also need Maris, he may be blind but he can see the glows of elementals and identify. We will need his help." He said to Kragen.

Kragen glanced at Maris who was looking around. He was listening but he was watching for elementals. "Well he can go with you. We were going to leave and he didn't want too so I'm sure he'll love to stay and help." Royce and Kragen said. "Great, thank you." Ryder said. Royce went over to explain to Maris.

"So how's home?" Kragen asked curiously. "It's great our Great Lady is happy about the improvement we have done there." Ryder said proudly. "That's good. I miss home as much as Royce does it's going to be nice to go back." He said excited but calmly.

"Our Great Lady Zora is waiting for your return. You all have been the best Zamanars here." He said to him. "Were excited to see our ladyship. How has she been?" He asked.

"Wonderful as ever so proud that we have gotten so far and now we will break free and destroy the humans and take over." Ryan said excitedly. "But you cannot do that unless you destroy the elementals." Kragen said to Ryan. "Of course and we will they will not stand a chance against us. I know who they are." Ryan said thinking of his past thinking of Jasmine.

"Ah I see... Well um Royce are you ready to go?" Kragen asked him. "Yes I am. Good luck boys and Maris." Royce said to them "Thank you goodbye and have a safe trip." Ryan and Dax said with Thadeus and Sander.

They waved goodbye and leave to the portal. Maris watched his team mates disappear through the portal. "Welcome Maris." Ryan said to him. "Thank you for asking me to stay.. I really didn't want to leave." Maris said to Ryan. He was blind but knew it was Ryan. He could see the outline of his zamanar figure of a human too. "Your welcome we will need your help." he said to him. "Yes I know you will." Maris said to them "The struggles of being a head Zamanar will come when the elementals will come and trust me they will be here sooner then you think" Maris said truthfully to all of them as a warning......

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Sorry I had to post it in two parts, and that is fine:)

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Ooo love it! :) I'm excited for the drama between Jasmine and Ryan. :)

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Thank you:) Yeah I was thinking there has to be some kind of drama between them because all of them are related except Jasmine. So I just had to add something in there:) I'm working on the second chapter still and I don't want to like post it until I'm sure it's finished:).

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Oh, yes, absolutely. Take your time, girl. Did you say that you got this idea from a dream?

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Wonderful and it may not seem true but it is very true!:) I got it during a night of camping and It played over and over again.

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That's wild but really cool. Maybe it's meant to be a book. Yep. When your done with it, it's going to be published, and everyone's going to read and love it. :)

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:) If I do finish it up:) But I'll be doing my best to work on it:) I do hope it's a big hit when I do finish it and edit it and get it published.

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I'm sorry it's late.. I need to go to sleep.. Goodnight:).

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JOIE (gijojo) | 18 comments Your book seems like it could be very interesting, the elemental idea is a very good one! Your probably not looking for advice and I know this is just a rough draft, and you still need to edit it, but the writing needs a bit of work and don't forget to describe all of your characters(at least the main one's we will be reading a lot about; In which city did they land in, and which monument did they destroy? Does the home of the elementals and the zamanar of a name?(I think those questions answered,especially the last one will make for a more interesting read. :D I hope to see more of this story!

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Thank you so much Penny:) yes I know, like I said I'm working on it as a rough draft and trying to fix up the writing and needing to edit it. I will be putting up the rest of what I got so far with detail when I'm on my laptop, because at the moment I'm not home and I won't be home till around four my time. But thank you for the advice!:)

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JOIE (gijojo) | 18 comments Your very welcome, can't wait to read what happens :D

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JOIE (gijojo) | 18 comments Hey, just wondering if you love the name Kragen cuz I just noticed that, that name is in both of your stories?

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Hi, we'll the name seems to sound more evil and I like to put it in with my evil characters.

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Will post in Forcing Vengeance eventually. I'm trying to think of a good scene for it.

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Alright that's fine. The more you think the more creative it can get.:)

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True, true! Lol :)

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Just post whenever and I'll answer:)

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