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Hunter entered the coffee shop, and headed toward the cashier. He ordered a black decaf coffee.

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Nali walked in with her book, reading.

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He got his coffee, and when he turned around he spotted Tali. "Tali!" He yells, as he sits down at a nearby table.

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She jumps and looks up, then smiles. blushing a little

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"Hey, Tali," he smiles warmly.

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"Hey." She says and sits with him

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""Where have you been?" He asks, putting an arm around her.

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" i had to marry Marie and tony, then help clean." she sighs

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He laughs. "Do you marry everyone in your family?" He asks, a amused smile on his face.

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" Usually, yes. Im the only one qualified." She smiles weakly.

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"How are you qualified?" He asks curiously, sipping his coffee.

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"I am licensed to marry people."

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"That's very cool," he smiles, standing up to throw away his drink.

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" Eh."

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"So when you get married, would you marry yourself?" he teases.

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" No, is train someone"

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((Idk what to say to that... Could u give me more to work with?))
"Ah," Hunter nods, kissing Tali lightly for no reason.

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She smiles against his lips. "I missed you." She says to him when he pulls back.
((Sorry, I was on my phone.))

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((Its okay (: ))
He smiles softly. "I missed you too," he whispers, pulling her in for another kiss.

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She kissed him back, then pulled away. "So, what have you been up to?"

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"Nothing, really," he answers with a shrug. "And you?" He asks.

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" The marraiges and some exploring the town, getting settled." She shruged.

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He nods, as if e knew what she was talking about. He had lived here practically his whole life.

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She looked at him, a smile coming on her face. "You wanna show me around a bit?" She asked sweetly.

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"Sure," he smiles, taking her hand as he stands up.

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She stands up with him and laces there fingerstogether, smiling.

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He kisses her before he pulls her toward the exit.

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She blushes and follows him, excited to she the town.

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"Hmm, have we visited my bed yet?" He jokes, leading her to his car.

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" I think i have, but we might have to revisit it near the end of our tour." She winks at him.

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He grins, opening his car door and sliding in. "Where to first m'lady?" He asks.

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" Your favorite place." She grins at him.

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He grinned mischievously. "Hm, inside you?" He whispers, leaning forward to nibble gently on her ear lobe.

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she blushes." I ment place to go."

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He chuckles, pulling away. "Okay, the park then?" he says, feigning disappointment.

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She looks at him. " Sorry."

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He cracks a smile. "I'm just kidding," he assures her, starting the car.

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" Ok, good. later though." She rpomised with a wink.

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He grins at her, before looking back at the road to drive to the park.

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