City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, #1) City of Bones question

Daniel Villacorte Daniel Aug 24, 2013 08:42PM
Many of my friends reading this book, Please! Persuade me to read this, I don't see a beautiful angle, What can I expect in this book?
reading the synopsis is not effective...

Okay, the author wrote this book as fan fiction of Harry Potter (The Draco Trilogy) and then switched the names to her liking.
Draco Malfoy=Jace Wayland. (notice the blonde hair)
Jenny Weasley=Clary Fray (notice the red hair)
Harry Potter=Simon
Oh let's skip to the Infernal Devices while we are at it.
Tessa=Lily Potter
And I can't remember the other guys name...But he's supposed to be James Potter. (Sorry, I've only read that first book in the series so I can't really pin point the name of the lead male in Infernal Devices.)
I'm sorry. I read the first book but then people showed me screen shots of things she did and some tweeter messages to her fans...I just didn't move forward after City of Bones. There's too many similarities. I really think the Sebastian character everyone's raving about (I've not read anything about him, keep that in mind) is supposed to be Draco's father. Does that make sense? Like she wrote that character as Draco's father in the fan fiction and in the City of Bones, it's his brother. SHRUGS. I just want to tell you upfront because some people are delusional and won't be honest. You can look it up ect...And i'll even go as far as to say if you do want to read it, I'd download it first.

Paige Turner I know there are SOOOO many recycled themes from Harry Potter in this book that I found it annoying. Its basically half HP half Buffy the Vampire Slay ...more
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You can expect a lot of acttion out of it. But with a touch of romanice in it too. I think it's the perfect teen action book that I've read so far. So in other words I really think you should read it!

Much in life has little perfection in it. A story is the same, you take from it a feeling a memory or thought to hold inside if only for a moment.
If a story moves you even if it is pledged with errors, yet the core is discernable and captures your mind, moving you mentally how then can one simply say I quit.

Nope, I wouldn't convince you to read it. In fact I'd discourage you to just leave it alone! The book was horribly written: wordy, lots of typo errors, inconsistent POVs. Plot-wise, it's very predictable and cliche. Characters are annoying and full of stupidity. It's also boring.

Also, if you care about the author, let me warn you: She's a plagiarist. Just searched about it on the internet ^o^

Daniel Villacorte thanks for the admonishments. I finished the half of the book, I decide not to continue, I will just rely on the mouth of my friend.
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