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Abney Review of the BOILER ROOM Ashville Pricing

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Nicole Turpin | 5 comments Abney Review of the BOILER ROOM Ashville Pricing
Abney Review of the BOILER ROOM Ashville Pricing
Who thinks about money when you can have fun all night long? Oh just kidding, of course this is in the topmost of the things we consider when choosing a place to hangout.
The Boiler Room is a very interesting music venue where you can always have fun and at the same time spent less while seeing and interacting to your favorite bands. And if wondering how much it would cost you if you are thinking of having a party at The Boiler Room, here is how:
*The following are a base-line of rental fees for space only. There are additional fees for set-up and cleaning and those fees are not reflected here.
Days Hours Space Fees
Monday 5pm-2am $75/hour
Tuesday 5pm-2am $50/hour
Wednesday 5pm-2am $75/hour
Thursday 5pm-10pm
10pm-3am $50/hour
Friday 5pm-3am $50/hour
Saturday 8am-6pm
6pm-3am $40/hour
Sunday 8am-6pm
10pm-3am $40/hour
CLOSED 8am-5pm, MONDAY through FRIDAY

*To check availability go to The Boiler Room official website.
I have been celebrating birthdays here and it is all worth it. Next month will be my 4th time to celebrate my birthday here at Boiler Room. I wouldn’t switch venue no matter what, I love the place and I love the crowd, my friends do too. See you soon!
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Abney Review of the BOILER ROOM Ashville Pricing

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Deborah Morin | 7 comments Mod
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