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Max or Adam

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Kitty Berry I know I should probably be on team Adam, he's a sweet guy, great father, rocks it between the sheets and is one hell of a sexting king but I fall in the Max camp. Max is a super hot and sexy bad boy who used to be a hockey star. He has a mouth made for dirty talk and is spontaneous and adventurous in the sack or on a plane or in a car. So where do you fall? Team Adam or Camp Max?????

Pieces of Perfect

Kimberly Team Max... I totally fell for him. Loved this book.

Tracey Max for sure

Kitty Berry I have a feeling we might see Lily, Adam and Max again in the next book...I can't wait!

AngelinaT I am going to have to go with Max! I loved Adam as well and he is perfect and all, but there is just something about Max!

Brenda Max

Kimberly A They are both wonderful - but Adam is the stereotypical Prince Charming, but can anyone really live up to being compared to a Princess? Max is the Prince Charming that will not kiss your ass, will accept you as you are drunk or sober, make you feel sexy and beautiful and dirty all at the same time, and will never ask you to pretend that your past doesn't exist and that you should be a should be a psudo-virgin princess. Adam will love Lily, but his version of what Lily should be. Ironic how he is the one that tells her people need to love her for who she is when he she hasn't shown him who she is (shame on Lily for that) but deep down I think she realizes if she shows him the real Lily he will reject her. Max has seen it all and will love her with everything he has and will never expect her to be perfect since he realized that is something that he can never be either. Team Max!

Roxanne Smith Max, Max, Max!

Stacey Always the bad boy....Max!!

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