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Here we go Nicole......so what we going to do any plans ????

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Mm xD what would you prefer to do like realistic supernatural? That sorta stuff.

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hmmm Yh sure :) so what wil be the plot and other stuff.

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o.o huh? Oh realistic supernatural uhhhh golly I'm not sure its late and my brain is fried

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supernatural is the deal ;););););)

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Maybe a demon comes upon an injuries angel and pretends to be a sweetheart and helps but brings her to his home in hell trying to turn her into a dark angel but as he sees her suffering he softens up and tries helping her truly this time and through this all he is falling for her?

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sounds fun :)

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Coolio ^_^

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so you starts ?? or do I.??

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Can you? :)

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Yh sure :)

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Name: Mathew

personality: Mathew is a demon from hell. he is evil, who enjoys to make other people suffers, through out his whole life he had killed countless people and recruited and forced good person in joining the evil side. he was made to serve light but he chose darkness as he become more acquainted with the evil but he can be back to his good if he is able to find goodness in him again.

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So cute!! ^^

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Name: Gabrielle Huggins
Nickname: Gabbie
Age: Unknown though she looks 18
Appearance: Gabbie has long blonde hair with natural streaks of caramel in it, and though its usually curly she keeps it straight. Her eyes are a beautiful blue with swirls of seaweed green and flecks of gold and they are framed by long lush lashes. Scattered around her nose and cheeks are faint freckles. Her lips are naturally pink and are as soft as a rose, it just adds another feature to her already innocent look. The real beauty that she thinks though is her beautiful pure white wings, the feathers literally as soft as clouds.

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Mathew descends into the earth with a great speed, the speed which stupid human will think was a shooting star. how stupid they are to think about shooting star and wishing from them, when they in reality are demons like him who usually descends upon earth to hunt down there victims and tonight he was here lookinf for an injured Angel about whom everyone says that she is not a bit tainted. he will soon change it. he sniff the air and follows the lingering scent of Holy blood in the air.

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Gabrielle had gotten hurt by a hunter that searched for angels like her, she managed to get away though but her wing was cut up. The white feathers were now covered in crimson red blood and her wing looked like it was snapped. Gabbie had tears rolling down her cheeks as she touched her broken wing and gave a gasp of pain. " P..Please help god " She prayed as she tried to flap her wing but failed but was given an horrible amount of pain.

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he was near her he can tell that with the amount of blood's scent in the air and for the first time he felt automatically drawn to it. it wasn't like his other victims whose blood he had consumed it was different,powerful yet pure and devoid of any sinful thoughts. "this prey will require more than usual seduction" he said in a barely audible whisper before he tucked away his black wings making them disappear and coming out into the clearing "wow you're beautiful" he said to her,trying to sound innocent as much as possible

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Her eyes widened as she thought a human saw her and as she tried to fold her wings back a tiny whimper of pain came out. Her heart raced because she knew it was against the law to be exposed to humans so she had to think quick. " I was g..g..going to a Halloween party and the fake blood pill in my wings popped by accident " She said nervously, she was a terrible liar.

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A smirks came across his face. Angels are always liars but he knew that she isn't supposed to show herself to humans "well this ain't fake blood and neither your wings honey" he said in a casual tone like he was getting bored "I saw you from behind those trees, you were whimpering in pain" he spoke leaning against a tree.

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She winced slightly from pain and the thought of exposing angels. " P..Please don't tell anyone else Sir, I will do anything for you just don't say anything to humans " She begged her gaze focused on his.

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He smiled wickedly at her, "anything you says" he said, his eyes twinkling and full of thoughts "o.k than I won't say anything but what you're ?" he said still playing innocent.

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" A...An angel. But I'm directly born from god so t..that's w..why my wings are whiter t..then other angels " She whispers softly pain still flooding through her right wing.

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Happiness ran through his body, no wonder why he was getting so much blood lust towards her. he hide his happiness and nodded "I can help you with your wounds, you're God-born so it wil be a good thing" he lied, being q demon these things are easy for them.

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She bit her lip shyly as she looked at him. Moving her straight blonde hair back over her shoulder she nodded. " That would be n..nice of you" She says softly keeping her gaze down as she watched his feet shuffle closer to her wing.

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He in a flash was on her side, getting her up. now he needs to take her someplace safe, normally the just take them to hell and ask them to join the evil force and if they denies they becomes his lunch but this one is an exception. she is powerful and he have to seduce her "so what you said your name is ?" he asked.

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" Gabrielle but the others call me Gabby for short " She explained whimpering quietly when his shoulder accidentally bumped into her injured wing. Her blue eyes with swirls of sea foam green and specks of gold met his eyes as she leaned into him for support as she tried folding her wings in bit she gave a gasp of pain.

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He looked at her in surprise. She is Gabrielle, how can he forgot that she is the only one who have been created from God's image, he hoped that she won't recognize him because he worked with her for centuries when he was in the service of God, "I'm Mathew" he said before giving his shoulder to her "it wil hurt you but I'll try to cause less pain"

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That name rang a warning bell in her head but she didn't know why. Her eyes travel down his arm and she saw his tattoo, she was only a toddler when she met Matthew as he worked for her father but that tattoo is what she remembered. She suddenly pulled away stumbling back " M..Matthew " she says in a whimper remembering his joined Satan. Her eyes squeezed close as she started saying God's word hoping to protect herself.

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He realized that his cover is almost blown up, so he starts playing innocent with her "what happened ? why you suddenly pulled away ?" he asked, filling his eyes with confusion.

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" Daddy!" She cried out tears falling down her cheeks. She was scared of Mathew, " Please go away please! I don't want to be a demon just go " Her eyes were still tightly shut as she cried. " Daddy!" She says a bit louder wanting him to help her escape cause she couldn't do it alone.

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he put his hands on her shoulder, no matter what he have to get her, if he is able to seduce her,he wil be more powerful than Lucifer ever was. "I'm trying to help you and you're pushing me away." he said in a shocked voice.

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" You're a demon! Y..You joined the dark side after you betrayed my father!" She flinched at his touch. She was trembling badly as she opened her eyes to look at him.

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"what you're talking about ?? joined dark forces ?? I have never knew that Angel exist and you're accusing me of being demon ?? will your father our God will be happy with your accusing ?" he said looking into her eyes faking as much as innocence as possible because he needs to get her so that he wil show Lucifer who is the boss.

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She gave a whimper " Y..You worked for my father though, y..you used to care for me when I was a baby " Gabbie said trembling. Her beautiful blue eyes were wide and scared as she looked at the boy in front of her.

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She seems too adamant about his truth and he can kilp her right now, drink her blood and be the most powerful dark angel but something was stopping him but he doesn't know what "I still not getting what you're saying, I'm a human if I were a demon or some sort of it,wouldn't I have killed you because you're His daughter" he said in a pleading voice.

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She looks at him then bows her head hugging herself. " I'm sorry I..I was foolish to think you were a friend I had long ago " she sighed.

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He breath a sigh of relief when she calms down "It's o.k you're hurt and you're doing that to defend yourself. I.don't mind. so now I'm gonna help you I have a cottage nearby" he said in a calm voice.

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Gabrielle nodded softly causing her blonde hair to bounce slightly. Taking a deep breath she took his hand wincing in pain as she stood up, her wing dripping slightly with blood. She let out a small cry of pain as her wing moved slightly with a step and she trembled badly gripping Matthew's hand tightly.

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A thought crossed his mind, he can't have her join the evil side, she is too loyal to their father so he wil kill her and why not now,when she is sovulnerable. "not now she is weak so does her blood and he needs her a little healthy so that when he will drink her blood, she will give him immense powers" he thought to himself and started walking with her.

(( timeskip to cottage ?))

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When they reached the cottage Gabbie was feeling dizzy from pain. Just as they entered inside her light body collapsed into Matthew's body. Her eyes slid closed as small whimpers escaped her rosy pink lips that were parted slightly from her heavy breathing.

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He held her close not letting her fall as he was expecting that she will fall soon because of her pain. she was unconscious and he laid her on the sofa, cleaning her wounds and binding her wings, he can have her heal in an instant by letting her drink his blood but than she will know that he is an immoral like her so he was using human ways.

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Gabbie lay asleep on the couch her chest rising and falling slowly with each breath. Soon the pain faded and her wings felt better and they folded back into her. As she lay asleep she looked like a beautiful goddess seeing her wings weren't there right now. Her flowing white dress wrapped around her like a warm silk blanket and her blonde hair with natural highlights scattered the cushion of the couch and her face slightly. She fidgeted slightly as she began to wake up.

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He was sitting there with her all the time seeing her sleeping,so peaceful but he had pushed that thought away, he wasn't someone who have feelings for others, it was just her beauty because of being created from God that was mesmerizing him, her white dress,wings and above all her face so white and bright that the even light will feel ashamed of herself, in that instant he made his mind that he will do anything to make her join his side, it wil be powerful to have her as a companion and he wil dethrone his twin brother aka Lucifer as the head. he snapped himself out of his thoughts when he felt her stirring.

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Slowly opening her eyes a soft kitten like yawn escaped her. She curled in the warm sun letting it tickle and warm her lightly tanned but still flawless skin. Slowly her eyes met Matthew's and she smiles showing her perfectly white, straight teeth " Thank you for helping me Matthew" she said. Glad that her wings were folded back and ' inside ' her she slowly sat up her blonde hair tumbling down her shoulders and back. " How can I ever repay such a kind understanding gentlemen like yourself? " She asked sweetly her voice like warm milk and honey.

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He saw her stretching and he swear that he never had seen such a beautiful thing in his life. seeing her perfectly body and when she sat up,sun rays falls on her making her a perfect image of the God, for the first time he fell that a girl can have a controll him but he is here to controll her not to let her control him. he smiled at her showing his teeth too "you're welcome and you don't need to repay me you're God'a daughter I won't ask for anything".

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" Oh please, Let me repay you. I am in your debt " She says tilting her head to the side as her soft eyes met his. She gave a small smile as the light caught her eyes exposing the gold specks even more that were once hidden in the blue depths of her eyes.

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He smiled his bright smile at her,which he knows can have effect on anyone, Angels,demon or human.....they are most vulnerable.
:he put his finger on his chin in a pretense of thinking but he already had decided what he wil ask her because he knew that being an Angel she will be keen to pay the debt, he opened his mouth to speak at last, locking his gaze with her,seeing her eyes which were as golden that even gold will shame on itself and shiny than the most expensive diamond, "if you're willing than I ask you to fulfill your debt, for my favour for you,in the name of God,our father, that you will stay here until you're fully healed and I'll decide when you're fully healed" he spoke the words through which he have gone through in his minds.

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Gabbie hesitated but then smiles " If that is what you wish then I'll stay until you say I'm fully healed " She says. Folding her hands on her lap she giggles " How long do you think till I'm fully healed?" Gabbie asked the rather attractive male in front of her.

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