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"WOw, I love it!!" She walks up to it slowly, taking everything in.

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Kasha sticks close behind him.

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"I don't know, a lot of things." She kisses the back of his shoulder.

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"I love spaghetti. " She kisses his neck.

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Kasha blushes, but smiles.

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"Congratulations Lindsey." Kasha say's to her.

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"Maybe I can hook her up with my brat cousin. He'd worship her." She moves closer to Jared, wanting him to hug her again.

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Kasha blushes and waves shyly. Then she punches Jared lightly on the arm," Don't call your sister that!"

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"Guess you gotta point, but its still not a nice word." she turns to his parents. "Hey."

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"Water would be ok." She walks over to Jared's mom."Can I help you with that?"

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Kasha sets out the plates and smiles at Jared's mom. She seemed very nice.

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"Thank you." She giggled a little at Jared and Started eating.

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"I actually haven't seen them in a while, but if they write true, they are fine. They should be coming down sometime this week, if you'd like to meat them, though." She smiles back at him, though becomes a little home sick.

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She looks back at him, and wonders why he is so confused.

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"Um, sure." She stands up, confused.

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"Oh, they did." She looks away sadly. " But marie's parents had taken me in. They are like family to me, like blood." She smiles at him.

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"Aw, baby that so sweet. Its fine really. As far as my family is concerned, he can't hurt or frustrate me. I love you..." she stopped after realizing what she said, suddenly shy.
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she allows herself to be pulled away, also wiping at her own eyes.

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Kasha blushes and waits for Jared to catch up.

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" whatever you want"

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She smiles at him and follows, saving by to lindsey

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she giggles, then grabs her phone when it goes of

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"just my sis, wondering where Jack is."

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"mmmmm, uh uh." she leans against him

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" does it matter?" she closes her eyes

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she follows him happily

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" it's very neat, i like it"

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she closes with him, living as close as she can

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" she moans and sucks his lip"

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she cuddles close and kisses him hard

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she kisses back, whimpering. she felt hot, enflamed

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She runs hewer hands over his shoulders, down his back. feeling him was euphoric, like heaven

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She slips it off and presses herself against him, moaning.

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"Oh my god." She traces her fingers along the scar. "What happened?!"

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"Baby," She grabs his face and stares into his eyes. "Tell me what happened!" Her Face grew warm with anger, and her eye's darkened.

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She sat there and stared at him for a minute, before her instincts took over. Her eyes went back and she walked out of the room. When any elf got like this, they could kill and not remember it. If they weren't trained.

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She pushes him off and keeps walking, not paying attention to anything, she walks around looking for his dad.

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She squirms, getting ready to pull the knife under her pant leg if she needed to.
"Hey ya'll heard Kasha cam- Shit!" Jack walks in and see's Kasha. HE runs over and starts patting down her legs, pulling out three knives.

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Hold her still. He moves her hair and searches for the calmer all elves had. He lightly pinches a place on the back of her neck and she stops struggling. Slowly she calms and the black recedes from her eyes.
"My knives, now." Her voice was menacing, but weak. Jack putt them back where he had found them and Kasha leans her head against Jared's shoulder, panting.

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Tears falls out of her eyes and she hugs him. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean, I didn't think..." She buries her face in his chest crying. She hated when she got like that, all dark and pissy. She could control herself, she could have hurt someone. She could have hurt Jared. The thought of hurting him made her cry harder. Jack noticed they were both shirtless and blushed a little. He excused himself, knowing he was no longer needed.

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She slowly stops crying and holds him close. In all her life she had never been so scared as when she came out of her frenzy just now, thinking that he could be hurt because of her. She felt her heart ache as she kissed his neck.

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She slips her shirt back on and answers the door timidly

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Kasha pulls a knife out and holds it to the guys neck, drawing blood." Off, right now. Or I will gut you and tie you up with your intestines." Her eyes went black again, but this time she meant to, trying to scare the guy off.

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Kasha jumps up and tries pulling Jared off."Baby its fine, im ok. Please stop!"

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