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Moshira El Balamony (musho) | 23 comments Mod
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Cinderglacier the Universal (432hz528hzfelshadowraven) | 3 comments Name: Karatek "X"

Age: ??

Species: Cyborg.. of sorts, he is a so-called "Perfect" Mix of Energy, Plant, Flesh, and Machine combined into one life form, giving him all kinds of abilities, All of his body is sealed within his black armor... no one has ever seen him out of the armor.


Karatek has an insect-like head with a singular, large purple eye. His body is thin, and composed of black armor with large shoulder armor. He also has an orb on his chest that is the same as his eye (His shoulder armor also has orbs). His cape is light blue.

Personality: He is an utter mystery, siding with one faction to another in search of answers to his past, he is usually efficient, relentless, cold, and yet caring, he is somewhat of a narcissist, he can be tactical and alert, occasionally not taking a situation seriously, overall an unusual figure.

Likes: His Armor, he considers his cape to be quite Stylish, other than that, unknown.

Dislikes: He mainly detests those who get in his way, he does not like taking orders, Especially from those he doesn't know, anyone who attempts to hide his past from him are going to likely receive his full hatred unless he is restrained.

History: A Human Scientist going by the name of Byron Will, wanted to create the ultimate creature, to help other human beings, to protect them, he named the process: "Project X", after many years of experimentation, he finally crafted such a life-form, and sealed him in a environmental suit, a body armor to protect this being from the vacuum of space, the heat of the sun, and such other natural weathers, this body armor also had nutrients of many kinds to keep the life-form from starving, attaching a cape to boost the morale of his allies, Byron gave this life-form a heroic appearance, or tried, but certain parts of the armor were needed for it to function.
After Byron finished fusing the protective and nurturing armor into this creature, he released him.. and it humbly bowed before it's creator, calling itself Karatek, Byron was just about to introduce it to the world it was created in until....

No one knows what, but whatever it was, caused him to forget his past almost completely, in the present day, Karatek has no idea what happened, he keeps getting a flashback of himself, waking up from stasis, and then losing control of his mind and going and destroying house after house, then, he gets knocked unconscious by something.. something hot.. something solid.. and then the flashback would end.

So, in the present day, he is seeking answers as to what happened, why he exists, what the mystery is, and did he really lose control of his sanity, or is this all his imagination?
Was he real during that time?

Abilities: He has advanced Levitation, Gravity Manipulation, Magnetic Field Manipulation, Energy Projection, Illusions, energy reflection, regenerating other organic beings (Including himself, since he is partly organic, being plant and flesh..) teleportation, pyrokinesis, and psychokinesis.

Strengths: His physical durability is quite heavy, it usually would take more than high temperatures around 480 Kelvin (207 °C, 404 °F) to actually start damaging his armor, as for attacks like punches, his armor will not even dent, usually something around advanced modern weaponry, such as armor-piercing sniper rifles and flamethrowers will do damage, perhaps even fully cutting through the armor and injuring Karatek himself.

Weaknesses: Water, Water water water WATER.
Liquid, while it will not harm Karatek himself (Karatek, without the armor, can be hurt by common day things, guns, fire, ETC), can easily overload his armor to the point where it would take a day for it to reboot itself, should he sink into an ocean, his armor would go completely offline, and become nothing but extremely hardened scrap iron, while his armor protects him from the water, his environmental systems would be off, stopping the protection from vacuum and certain other places, this would also mean the regenerative factors of the armor would be off, preventing Karatek from getting his.. Nourishment, or whatever he is being fed by that armor, if he stays underwater for more than five days, he will starve greviously, six days, and he will die.

Other: This Character will be roleplayed at a later time, he is up for display for now, though.

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