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message 1: by R.I. (new)

R.I. Heslop (skelton) | 2 comments Does anyone know how Amazon would react to two 13 year olds having sex in a Kindle ebook? My hero and heroine don't manage it in my first book but they do in my second but I'm wary of publishing it on the Kindle in case my account gets the chop. And advice?

message 2: by Francis (new)

Francis Franklin (francisjamesfranklin) | 542 comments I think it's okay to say they have sex as long there's no graphic description. (Waves crashing on the beach, etc.)

(I faced a similar issue in mine, but since I needed it graphic I had to make the characters 18+ for safety.)

message 3: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (StephieJa) | 11 comments No, it's not okay. Neither Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Smashwords (or the extended channels) will allow you to sell a book on their site that contains kids that young having sex. You may be allowed to sell it for awhile because they don't read the books they sell, but as soon as someone points it out to them, they'll pull your book. I believe that they require characters having sex to be 17+. They'll see two 13 year olds having sex as pedophilia. I'm not sure I disagree with them. I'm not sure why adults would want to read a fiction book about kids that young having fucking and kids that age definitely don't need to be reading about it. To each their own, I guess.

message 4: by Nik (new)

Nik Morton (nikmorton) | 7 comments I agree with Stephanie, up to a point. If it's historical (it happened in the Old West for sure) or fantasy, then this kind of thing can/does happen (check out the ages of main characters in Game of Thrones).

Just a thought. Shouldn't sex be in bed and not in a Kindle?

message 5: by Francis (new)

Francis Franklin (francisjamesfranklin) | 542 comments I think if the intent is to make the sex erotic that's a problem. I imagine something like this would be acceptable:
'I was thirteen when I lost my virginity, to Rosie, behind the bike shed, our clumsy coupling cut dramatically short by Mrs Price's sudden shrieking arrival on the scene.'

message 6: by Megan (new)

Megan Cashman (megan_cashman) | 53 comments The novel "White Oleander" has the main character having sex at the age of 14 to a man old enough to be her father. There are a couple of scenes that go into detail about what they do.

I think it matters on the content and the context. It sounds tricky, and I think the author has to have a pretty damn good reason to write such scenes.

message 7: by R.I. (new)

R.I. Heslop (skelton) | 2 comments I am writing about two teenagers who will stay together forever and I wanted to show that sex at that age is not that abnormal. In that age group I estimate between a third and a half are already sexually active. Even though I am writing a fantasy series about a half werewolf and a half vampire I wanted to show that the problems the two encounter - contraceptive advice and help, etc - is available. I find Twilight and the Hunger Games both utterly unrealistic in the way sex is used. Also I find Judy Bloom's Forever unrealistic but maybe UK kids have sex earlier than USA ones! No! Perhaps I'm just trying to do too much. Thanks for the comments. May rewrite book 1 and change part of book 2.

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