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oppression / discrimination > Columbia, South Carolna Criminalizes Homelessness In Unanimous Vote

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message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Unbelievable! I do not understand such a total lack of compassion.

message 3: by Alicja (new)

Alicja (darkwingduckie7) | 228 comments So, they get delivered to a shelter for a night or two and then what? Back on the street. This is not a solution but a punishment for being homeless and a huge expense to the taxpayers with no positive results past getting the homeless off the streets for a day or two.

message 4: by Robert (new)

Robert Zwilling

Homeless people can stay at the shelter, but they’re not permitted to walk off the premises. In fact, Columbia will even post a police officer on the road leading to the shelter to ensure that homeless people don’t walk towards downtown. If they want to leave, they need to set up an appointment and be shuttled by a van.
In other words, the 1,518 homeless people in the Columbia-area now have a choice: get arrested downtown or be confined to a far-away shelter that you can’t readily leave. Jail or pseudo-jail.

message 5: by Naomi V (new)

Naomi V (naomi_v) | 432 comments it's a concentration camp

message 6: by Frank (new)

Frank Klus (ftklus) I just published a book--Take the Pilgrim Road--where I wrote that government made homelessness a crime. It was supposed to be satire. Now, things are moving toward the demented country I fictionalized. Can it get any crazier?

message 7: by Robert (new)

Robert Zwilling IMO that is what happened to science fiction in the 60's and 70's, the warnings became blueprints.

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