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Donna Davis Donna Aug 24, 2013 11:00AM
I was fascinated by King's choice of location for Hell in the USA.

Limiting your choices to a major city you have actually visited (airports and driving through on the Interstate don't count; you have to have spent some time there), choose the city where you think Hell would be. Explain how it came out on top. (Whoops, I think I mean, down below!)

This is to be considered fictional and for the purpose of literary pleasure; if you have deeply held religious feelings, don't talk about that here please. If it's the only way you can address the question, please move on to another topic.

If you are not from the USA and not familiar with the lower 48 here, but still want to participate in the discussion, go ahead and name the city in the world you'd choose, and explain your choice.

Vegas is the obvious choice... so not Las Vegas.

Detroit is, in reality, kind of hedging that way, but that is, again, a little too pointed, so not Detroit.

Miami seems like a nice, subversive choice, but I don't think Hell should have access to beaches, so not Miami.

There is one city that stands out as the seat of evil in the U.S. and I think if I were going to set Hell in America I'd just have to pick that city. I'm talking about the undeniable depravity, idolatry, greed and demonic lies that is:

Washington D.C.

Gary Hollywood?
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CD (last edited Oct 05, 2013 09:46AM ) Oct 05, 2013 09:44AM   1 vote
Orlando, Florida.

Everything Florida, which is great, but with a twist.

The weather will fool you on any given day. Sun, rain, cold, wind, enough of the tropical storm season to mess up plans as it get storm effects from nearly every Gulf tracking storm/hurricane. And it will freeze there!

Every stinkin' tourist who happens on Florida has to visit some attraction or another in Orlando. Thus mile after mile of faux scenery, architecture, really bad food choices. Even the 'local' Krispy Kreme has some unique problems. If you've been there you know exactly what I mean including a location near a strip club. I have nothing against places named for shiny metals but I've received change from Krispy Kreme that has some very strange longitudinal folds with my dozen donuts . . .

Then there are the 'canals' and waterways. For those unwilling to make the commitment to Miami, an upscale feel has been created for Orlando that allows property owners to park their boats in glorified drainage ditches behind the house. Please note people, Orlando is not on the ocean. This isn't ocean front property. Lakes Apopka, Hart, and other over size ponds are not good water rec areas for 60 foot ocean going boats!

Orlando is this planned community area with dividing lines that might as well say Do Not Enter, Residents Only! Oh, yeah they do say that in places. Special sections of Hell for V.I.P.'s.

I could go on and on.

One more thing:

The Rat. So popular that a day does not pass when I (in the past as I don't live anywhere near there now) did not see such adoration of his white glovedness (and I 'ain't' talking Michael Jackson, R.I.P.) that hats with ears would be everywhere one looked. Even in the strip clubs. Now that brings up a real interesting question when Daddy or Mommy gets home from a convention in the Big O and gives one of the kids an ear hat.

Being a Browns fan, I have no choice other than naming Pittsburgh. :}

Hi! New here, but I love discussions like these, so I thought I would jump right in.

As someone else mentioned, DC. Right now, DC is synonymous with dysfunction, and yet even without the shutdown and the threat of default, it's still dysfunctional. It's about grandstanding, and photo ops, as opposed to doing what's right. Image is everything, and what's more important to the Devil than his 'good name?'

Well Oakland of course! (Full disclosure : Denver is heaven sent :-)

If Hell could be measured by the collective idiocy of the local population, Hell would have to be Baltimore, Maryland. I've met people in Baltimore who were in their 30s and they had never actually been outside of the city limits. Until then I had thought that such geographically isolated lives only happened to medieval peasants. But then, any city could be Hell.

Branson, MO.

C.C. (last edited Sep 28, 2013 12:56PM ) Sep 28, 2013 12:56PM   -1 votes
I have deeply held religious feelings and I'll discuss them anywhere I damn well please. I think hell will be that place where they disagree with my deeply held religious feelings, and more importantly, beliefs. That city will be hell for not agreeing with everything I believe, and God, gods, or the lack thereof, will smite them for not recognizing their existence/non-existence.

Or in the alternative, Boston because it sucks. Of course, I haven't been to Boston, but that's only because it sucks.

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