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Narina Reading order

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message 1: by Rob (new)

Rob (rpmazur) | 2 comments Hi all. New to the group. I've watched the movies and being of Christian faith really want to read the novels on this deployment. I am wondering what your thoughts are about reading order: Published order or Chronological order?



message 2: by Danae (new)

Danae (danaenicole) | 2 comments It really just depends on your preferences. People will argue one side or the other, but it's nothing to raise your blood pressure over. I think C. S. Lewis would laugh at what a big deal we've made it.

For me, personally, the chronological order is preferable because it's less confusing for me. Although, i've read this series so many times now that i could read it in a completely random order and it wouldn't matter. But to start off, i prefer the chronological order.

What's nice about the published order is that you get to experience the series the way C. S. Lewis did. He didn't plan on a 7-book series; he just wrote them one at a time. Because of that, there are a few minor inconsistencies if you read them in the chronological order. He meant to fix those, but didn't get a chance to before he died. For most people, those are easily ignored, but if that would bother you, maybe the published order would be better for you.

Either way, i'm glad that you've decided to read my favorite series and i hope you enjoy them!

And thank you for your service! I'll be praying for you!

message 3: by Wm. Scott (new)

Wm. Scott Conway (wsconway) | 1 comments Most Narnians (Fans of Narnia) recommend the published order upon your first reading, and chronological afterwards. There is also the composition order, which many prefer.


message 4: by Rob (new)

Rob (rpmazur) | 2 comments Thanks for all the advice. I *was* leaning towards published but wasn't afraid of chronological either. Almost done with Foundation's Fear and then it will be "For Narnia!!!"

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