Dreams and Inward Journeys: A Rhetoric and Reader for Writers Dreams and Inward Journeys discussion


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Brittany Sharer I'm a freshman in college and my professor chose this book for our English 101 class. As I was reading it I realized that I was falling in love with it's ideas. Where as my classmates could not even stand to read the shorter of the essays. Most of the reviews I have come across have been negative as well. I would just like to say that if you open your mind to seeing things from another perspective (not that these people haven't) it's easier to appreciate the text. I suppose that could go for anything. Still if there are any people who feel the same please respond! :)

Yasmin Rebelle I am surprised that there are people who dislike this book . I absolutely love the idea of using dreams as a starting point for writing; it is quite inspirational and motivating to say the least. What is one essay that stood out for you?

Brittany Sharer I would have to say that though there are many essays that were informative and well written, Andrew Solomans essay on depression was absolutely something that stood out to me. I've seen his Ted talk on compassion and the many forms of love and to read the way he so vividly and accurately described depression took my breath away.

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