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Please take note that you have to be approved before you rp!

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Lizzy Name: Perry King

Age: 17

Grade: Junior

Looks: (I need to add that later)

Personality: She nice and bold. She'll be weird when she wants to. She's there for anyone. Mostly the funny one.

Skills: Sings and plays guitar, piano, and ukulele.

Relationships: None/Open

Pets: A rabbit named Ginger


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Lizzy Okay. I'll do that now

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Lizzy Thanks

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Maddison (Brainyboots) | 7 comments Name: Maylin Ruby Anke Quinn

Age: 14

Grade: 9th


Personality: She's very caring and responsible but also loves to have fun


Relationships: N/A

Pets: N/A


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Kelsey Edwards | 8 comments Name:Isabel Green



Looks: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-d-i-7WARH_c...

Personality:Isabel is a kind,smart girl with a big heart




Other: She is best friends with Maylin

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Maddison (Brainyboots) | 7 comments Kelsey wrote: "Name:Isabel Green



Looks: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-d-i-7WARH_c...

Personality:Isabel is a kind,smart gir..."

Maybe her and Maylin can be friends?

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Kelsey Edwards | 8 comments Yes,do we need to be accepted

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Maddison (Brainyboots) | 7 comments I'll check. Yes sorry

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Kelsey Edwards | 8 comments Ok after im accepted

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Kelsey Edwards | 8 comments Is Isabel accepted?

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Kelsey Edwards | 8 comments Isabel*

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Kelsey Edwards | 8 comments its k

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Kelsey Edwards | 8 comments thanks

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Lea Barnes | 2 comments Name:Aria Banks



Looks: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mc9...

Personality:Aria is a fun,smart girl with a big heart

Skills:Singing,Playing Guitar.



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Lea Barnes | 2 comments thanks

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Lilian Moore (thethirdsense) | 12 comments Name: Joanna Delilah Zephyre

Age: 15

Grade: 9th

Looks: Black, shiny curly hair that reaches the middle of her back. Large, almond shaped green eyes. She thinks she’s fat, but she’s just very curvy. 5’9. Tanned skin. Heart shaped face. Usually wears bell-bottom jeans and a long-sleeved T-shirt, even in summer.

Personality: Rather reserved. Tries to avoid boys. She is NOT stuck-up, but she sometimes comes off as stuck-up because she’s lost in her own world.

Skills: Creative writing, acting, singing, and flirting (whenever she’s actually near a boy).

Relationships: Single (at the moment)

Pets: A ferret named Draconis and a weasel names Gremlin.

Other: She lives with her single mom in a trailer home at the edge of town.

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Lilian Moore (thethirdsense) | 12 comments Thx a mil!

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Morgan Name: Perry Montgomery

Any Possible Nickname: None

Age/Date of Birth:
Age- 17
DOB- January 1st


Grade Junior (11th)


Height: 5'2

Weight: 123 ibs

Hair: Dyed her hair in rainbow colors on a dare. Her natural color is a light shade of brown

Eyes: A light blue

Any tattoos, scars, marks (etc.):
(view spoiler)


Perry has a pretty bubbly personality, and she can easily make friends when she wants to. But if she's not interested you'll instantly know. She doesn't put up with things she doesn't believe in; and will instantly shut people down. She fights for what she believes in- but finds it a waist of time when the person won't just give in.

Perry's always been expected to achieve everything. She's always tried not to be like her sister who's now a current druggie- even though she's underage se drinks as well. Because of this her parents look up to her to set the bar; and she was happy to when she was younger. Now she just can't wait to get out of this small town life.

Mother: Tammy
Father: Timothy
Sister: Kelly (19)

-Riding Horses
-The beach

-Ignorant people
-Awkward silence


-Keeping up to standards
-Wanting to be the best

Crush: None

Bf/Gf: Open


Dogs- Rufus & Benji

Teddy (her own personal dog)-


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Billie (ducky14) Name: isebella (bella) king

Age: 15

Grade: 10

Looks: https://www.goodreads.com/photo/user/... (the girl)

Personality: fun and bubbly. very hard to hate. its hard to get her angrey but when she is you dont want to be near her. only her best friends can clam her down.
Skills: she is good at softball and math. she has great people skills and can talk in front of crowds.

Relationships: she did have a boyfriend, lachlan, but he cheated on her. her new crush is jace lightwood.

Pets: one turtle and one cat

Other: she doesnt like the B****'s of the school. she is very shy around boys.

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 21 comments Mod
Kendra Samantha Campo

14 years old

Freshman (9th grade)

Personality: Introverted, Autistic, Kind, Caring, Smart, Funny, Hard to hate, hard to get me angry, and when I am angry you do not want to know what it looks like or to even be within a foot of me. Only Brenden can calm me down or my friends can, including my best friend. Oh and I love football, soccer, and basketball. I hate swimming, but i love being in the water. I love fire and metal shop. I hate softball and baseball. I hate cold weather at times, but I love it. And I am a tomboy, but I was not raised to be one.

Skills: - football
- soccer
- basketball
- science
- math (not my strongest skill)
- talking in front of crowds (i get nervous when I do it, but I can do it)

* Daniel "Danny" Rubino (friend. I Think of him as a brother to me. Danny is 14 years old.)

* Blair Isabell (best friend. I think of her as a sister to me. Blair is 14 years old)

* Brenden "Bren" or "Cote" Cote (I mainly just call him Cote, Bren, or Brenden. He is 16 years old. He is my newest friend. He used to hate me and was a jerk to me. Only called CornerBack 20 by Katayun Irani.)

Pets: * Kitty (female. Cat.)DECEASED

* Annie (female. Cat.)

Other: loves to hang out with guys

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cuteangel3322 | 2 comments Name: lexi diomond

Age: 16

Grade: 11

Looks: http://www.redrif.com/images/ff/02-12...





Other: i am tall for my age

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 21 comments Mod
Name: Courtney Marie Schultz

Age: 16

Grade: Junior


Personality: Courtney is kind. She is caring. She is athletic. She is smart. She loves High School Cross-Country. He hates tests and quizzes. Courtney loves making jewelery. She loves going to school dances. She loves hanging out with her friends.

Skills: Singing, Acting, Dancing, Cross-Country, Making Jewelery, and hanging with friends


* Ryan Baldonado (crush, 16 yrs old. brother of Steven. Crushing on Courtney.)

* Steven Baldonado (friend, 14 yrs old. Brother of Ryan. Crushing on Avalon.)

* Maxine Leandra Schultz (sister, 12 yrs old.)

* Avalon Penelope Schultz (sister, 14 yrs old. Crushing on Steven.)

* Meesha Tang (best friend, 16 yrs old)

Pets: None

Other: Anyone can make Courtney's sister, Avalon, into a character. Courtney is on the school's Cross-Country team.

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 21 comments Mod
Name: Annabelle Zhu
Nickname: Anna

Age: 17

Grade: Junior


Personality: At first Anna seemed to be a good person by helping Jeremy with his vampire homework, but that was just an act, as her real agenda was to free her mother. She was rather ruthless and turned two people to help her achieve her goals. However, her relationship with Jeremy revealed a more nicer and caring part of her personality.

Skills: Stalking, Being Creepy, Running Fast, Texting, Finding information about Vampires, and Being girly

Relationships: Pearl (mother)

Jeremy (boyfriend)

Pets: None

Other: She believes in Vampires. Her mother was locked in jail for a long time.

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Kassandra Patti Name: Acantha Van Heigen

Age: 17

Grade: Junior

Looks: https://www.google.ca/search?q=black+...

Personality: Acantha is your typical blonde girl except her hair is black. She's very sassy, always calm and collected like her mother taught her to be at all times. She's not always the nicest or sweetest girl but people love being around her because of the confidence she oozes. She likes to be the center of attention all the time. Although she's a total girly girl always having her nails and hair done she is one hard core sports chick. She likes winning and doesn't take loss as an alternative.


-Mom (Delilah Van Heigen 38)
-Dad (Kaleb Van Heigen 40)

Pets: She has an adorable Puskey named Gucci.

Other: https://www.google.ca/search?q=black+... She has that tattoo on her hip bone.

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 21 comments Mod

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Kassandra Patti Thank you!!

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 21 comments Mod
ur welcome Kass

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MysticMemories Name: Willow Flauder

Age: 15

Grade: 10th


She is intelligent and loves reading. She is very kind and empathetic. She seems shy until you start talking to her and then she can't shut up. She is mostly sweet but is occasionally sarcastic. She will always stand up for her friends.

-Speed Reader
-Dogs love her (not sure if it's a skill but oh well)
-Good at reading body language

-Single for now but open to relationships

-At her house she has a dog but not at school


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