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Share your amazing reviews here!
Make me want to buy your book.

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Kathleen Kole (kathleenkole) | 2 comments Breaking Even went bestseller on Amazon UK for the entire month of March. Have a peek!

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Deborah I have many more reviews on, but I love this one on :-)

And here are the ones from

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Sarah Phelan | 2 comments :)
Plus One’s Julia Santos-Rosa must face the big question that anyone who has ever been in a divorce, or even a break-up, must face: “What do I do now?” Days before she is off to coordinate her college best friends’ destination wedding, Julia’s Prince Charming of seventeen years has announced he is leaving her for the Princess down the street, forcing Julia to face all those well-wishers wandering down Memory Lane, all alone. Desperate to keep up appearances while trying to see where her own fairytale went off track, Julia examines those old memories for the real truth hidden behind those tipsy stories of their Glory Days. Fully populated by best friends, old friends, and even, forgotten friends, Plus One is a real, funny, and sometimes, heartbreaking look at where a life full of WhatIfs could have ended up, or even where all those possibilities could be going now.

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CeCe Osgood | 2 comments Entertaining! Well-written! Love the characters! Surprises in the plot! Laughs yet touching too! -- from Amazon and GR reviews for THE DIVORCED NOT DEAD WORKSHOP, a romantic comedy/chick lit/light-hearted women's fiction by CeCe Osgood.
The Divorced Not Dead Workshop by CeCe Osgood The Divorced Not Dead Workshop

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