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A Scorose (Scorpius and Rose) Fanfic + A Bonus Drastoria Chapter

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sim This is a Scorpius Malfoy and Rose Weasley fanfiction by me for all the Scorose shippers out there! I hope you like it.

Chapter 1
Rose POV
The world is full of beliefs and misconceptions. If one person tells another person to believe something, the other one is bound to believe it and make their decision based on it. But only till some extent. The moment the person starts seeing flaws in the belief, their thinking about the belief starts to change automatically.
The same thing happened to me with… him.
The first time I ever saw him was in Ollivanders’, when I went there for a wand before the starting of school. He was there with his father, both of them with shiny blonde hair and expensive looking clothes. The boy looked the same age as me; probably it was his first year in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry too.
They purchased the boy’s wand and were just about to leave the shop when they noticed my Mom and me.
“Well, well look who it is? Hermione Granger,” the boy’s father’s grey eyes stared right into mother’s and my mothers’ stared back and it was clear they loathed each other.
The blonde boy looked as clueless as me. We had no idea what the hell was going on. How did our parents know each other? If they did, why did they hate each other so much?
“No, Malfoy. If you haven’t heard, its Hermione Weasley now,” my mother said stiffly.
“Oh my. I had completely forgotten you’re married to Weasel. Speaking of Weasel, how’s he doing? And Potter?” Malfoy spat the word Potter like it was venom particularly emphasizing on the letter P.
“They’re very fine, thank you. And now if you’ll excuse us Draco, we have to hurry.” My mother gave Draco Malfoy a fake smile.
Then she took my hand and hurried out of the door with me without even purchasing my wand for which we had gone there in the first place.
My mom heaved a sigh of relief once we were out.
“Who was that Mommy?” my eleven year old self asked.
“You don’t want to know, honey. You really don’t. And I personally advice you to stay away from little Scorpius, that man’s son. He could be dangerous, Rosie. Just like his father.” My Mom looked worried. And Hermione Weasley rarely looked worried what with her perfect life.
She closed the discussion without any further explanation.
And that was the day I came to know of his name. Scorpius Malfoy. It was a scary name, just like his fathers’.
I always stayed away from scary people, particularly when my mother asked me to do so.
Because Hermione Weasley was never wrong.

Except once.

Okay, I know it was EXTREMELY short. Just 441 words. That's hardly anything. But I hope you would like to read the story further. I assure you it'll get interesting! Next chapter to come soon and I guarantee it'll be longer than this one! :D

Allotree Do you have an editor?

Lani Wow that was really good. I'm just confused about one thing. I though in the epilogue of the last book it said something about Malfoy and Harry/Ron/Hermione looking at each other with a sort of respect. I could just be thinking that's what happened. Also who did Malfoy get married to?

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Lani Can't wait to hear the second chapter!

Ellen That was really good! You should write another chapter :) I never really thought about Draco's son, but I think that expanding on the children would be a great idea :)

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Zaharasia To begin with, you were very repetitive with a couple of words in the first paragraph and I also don't understand why a person is 'bound' to believe something a person says.

Allotree Zaharasia wrote: "To begin with, you were very repetitive with a couple of words in the first paragraph and I also don't understand why a person is 'bound' to believe something a person says."

Yes, I was going to point that out.

Additionally, you made a few mistakes throughout the chapter.

I like where the story is going though!

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sim Oops. Sorry for the mistakes guys! I'm just an amateur!! @Anaya: So they did have a BIT of respect for each other but that doesn't just make them friends. According to me, they were still cold to each other. Kinda.
And Draco's wife's name was Astoria.

@Zaharasia: Sorry for the repetition. And he's bound to believe it as in suppose you tell your child to hate a certain person and believe that he's evil, wouldn't your child do that?

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sim NEXT CHAPTER! This one begins to explain Scorpius and Rose's personality a bit. Sorry I lied, this chapter isn't long either...I suck. But I really, really promise the next one will be!! Hope you enjoy! :)

Chapter Two

Rose’s POV still…

I was almost sure I was going to smash my head to that wall which apparently led to Platform 9 ¾. I had never gone through the barrier as I wanted to save it for my first year at Hogwarts. Now I was really scared rather than excited and giddy.
“Rose. It’s okay. Go on, it’ll be fine. Might even be fun,” Mum reassured me.
“I hope so,” Dad snickered, “In our second year; Harry and I couldn’t get through the barrier because of a house elf Dobby, and ended up looking up really stupid in front of all the muggles. Then we went to Hogwarts in Grandad Weasley’s flying car and were almost expelled.”
After hearing that, I went white with fear.
Mum smacked Dad’s shoulder and hissed, “Ron! Do you really have to tell that RIGHT NOW?”
Dad looked hurt and said, “What? I thought it would be funny.”
Mum’s face softened and she said, “It is honey. Just you know, not right now.”
Then realization dawned. Dad said, “Ah. I see what you mean now.”
I wondered then if that’s what Aunt Ginny and Mum meant while talking on the muggle phone (which Dad still didn’t know how to use properly) about “how men are so stubborn”.
“Right,” then Mum turned back to me and said, “Now don’t hesitate and just go okay? We’re right behind you.”
I nod and run…
Suddenly I’m in a different place with trains and…
I get a blow in the head as I collide with someone.
“Ow.” I groan rubbing my forehead.
“Yeah. Ouch. Merlin, I think my hand just got fractured,” I hear a cocky voice.
And I see who’s in front of me. The infamous Scorpius Malfoy.
“Oh. You,” then for not appearing rude as I don’t even know him I add more politely, “I’m sorry if you got hurt.”
“You better be,” he arrogantly says that, gets up, brushes dirt off his clothes and stalks back to his equally arrogant looking parents.
While I stare at him unbelievingly, my parents and Hugo come through the barrier.
“Watcha staring at Rose? The Malfoys?” Hugo chortles.
“Yeah. Kind of.” I say as I continue staring.
“Ooh so that’s little Scorpius,” Dad says staring off in the same direction “Make sure you beat him in every test, Rosie.”
Then Scorpius Malfoy catches me looking at him and starts smirking. I give him a look that could kill and say to Dad, “Oh, I’d love to.”

“Another Weasley?” exclaimed the tattered brown Sorting Hat in my ear, “Hmm… I usually know where to place a Weasley but you are a little tricky. What shall it be? You are intelligent…Ravenclaw. Kind…Hufflepuff. Not to mention brave and ambitious like Gryffindors and Slytherins.”
My heart was firing bullets against my chest. I just wanted to know the answer. I hated not knowing answers. Gryffindor? Slytherin? Ravenclaw? Or Hufflepuff? WHAT?
“Okay. Let’s continue the tradition and put you in,” then the Sorting Hat shouts, “GRYFFINDOR!”
The Gryffindor table roared and applauded. I sighed, beaming and hopped down to my respective table. James and a few others congratulated me. I couldn’t stop smiling. I was finally in Gryffindor! I felt like screaming at the top of my lungs.
After Antwon Thomas, Alexandra Finnigan, Charlie Longbottom, Priyanka Kumar and Hayley Brown came Al’s turn. He looked like he was about to vomit.
After about half a minute the Sorting Hat bellowed, “Gryffindor of course! He’s a Potter!”
Right after Al, came Malfoy. I expected the Sorting Hat to yell “Slytherin” before even putting the hat on his ridiculously blonde head exactly like it happened with his father. But in fact, the opposite happened.
The Sorting Hat sat on Scorpius’ head for a long time. Longer even, than me.
Then it looked as if the Sorting Hat sighed and finally yelled “Slytherin!!”
I had the grandest dinner of my life and was finally led to the Gryffindor Common Room right after listening to the Fat Lady’s dreadful performance i.e. singing.
The Common Room was a warm, cozy room illuminated by the crackling fire in the fire place. The prefects laid out the rules and showed us to our dormitories. I wasn’t sleepy. At all. I was ecstatic. I was over-energetic. But as soon as I saw the comfortable four poster bed, I wanted to do nothing but close my eyes and fall into the deepest slumber imaginable.

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Lani This chapter was really good to. You would make a good author.

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall Ooh, this is brilliant! I hardly recognized who Scorpius was when I clicked on this the concept is a little used no offence of course but I really like it anyway.
The best thing about it I think is Rose.
Oh yes Rose, she's awesome! well in this two chapters she is probably my favorite main character off the top of my head. And I read a lot.
Ron Weasley seems a little wooden sometimes but that is near all :D can't wait for the next chapter!!!

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sim Third chapter is here and sadly this one isn't long either. I think I'll just keep promising a long chapter and never give you one! So next time I say that, don't believe it. But thankfully, this one's definitely more interesting than the last two. Enjoy :)

Here goes...

Chapter 3

Scorpius’ POV

What’s wrong with her? Its fourth year and she still HAS to correct everything I say. And if I’m right, she has to add something to my answer , I thought frowning, as I sat in the dark dungeon listening to Professor Slughorn drawl about Polyjuice Potion.
“What is the brewing time for Polyjuice Potion?” asked Slughorn.
This was my chance. My hand shot up.
“Mr. Malfoy?”
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Rose Weasley angrily whispering “Damn it”. I victoriously smiled inwardly.
“One month, sir,” I answered proudly. There was nothing Rose could correct or add about this.
“Excellent! Twenty points to Slytherin,” Slughorn beamed. He never stood back while giving points to his house. Professor Slughorn was quite old now. Almost hundred but he still had his favorites. I was one of them. And sadly, so was Rose.
“Yes, so I was saying the Polyjuice Potion allows a human drinker to temporarily assume the form of another person,” Professor continued, “Can anyone tell me the key ingredients?”
This time Rose was faster than me.
“Very well. Miss Weasley?”
Rose blushed her trademark Weasley blush which I found pathetic yet charming. Whoa! I did NOT just say that. What’s wrong with me? Concentrate Malfoy!
“Um… Lacewing flies, Leeches, Powdered bicorn horn, Knotgrass, Fluxweed and Shredded Boomslang Skin.”
There was something missing. Something Rose had forgotten. And then it struck!
“Yes. Yes… ten points to –” Slughorn started but I cut him off.
“Sir? There seems to something Miss Weasley has forgotten,” I pointed out, a smirk already playing on my lips.
“And what may that be Mr Malfoy?” the Professor asked looking bored.
“A bit of the person one wants to turn into, sir. That is the most crucial ingredient of all. Without perhaps, a strand of hair or some other body part, the Polyjuice Potion is quite useless,” I said faking modesty.
I then saw Rose’s face red with rage. And not so charming now.
“Ah yes! Mr. Malfoy is quite right! Ten points to Slytherin and five points to Gryffindor for the attempt,” the bell rang, “Next class I want each one of you to submit an essay on Polyjuice Potion, at least 2 scrolls long.”
As I gather my things, Rose stomps up to me, hands clenched up into fists and hisses, “This time you win, Malfoy. But don’t think it’s going to happen again.”
As she turns back to go to her Gryffindor friends, I catch her arm. She turns back again and glares at me, “What do you want now, Malfoy?”
“Why are you so determined to beat me in everything, anyway? Some kind of bet?” I ask, genuinely curious.
Her brown eyes start to soften and she mumbles, “I…It just,” then she seems to gather herself and the steely look returns, “You know what? None of your business.”
Then she frees her arm from my grip and walks away as she originally intended to.
I stare after her, baffled…for once, my cockiness gone. What is with her? I think and surprisingly, don’t find an answer.

Rose’s POV

Why? Why did he have to look at me like that? Like…like I’m some sort of puzzle he has to crack! Just the thought of his blue grey eyes looking at me like that…no hint of sarcasm or arrogance just pure interest and sincerity and... and something else. I willed myself not to think what the something else was. Thoughts kept swirling in my head as I lay in bed, not able to sleep.
Did I just see Scorpius Malfoy’s inner self? How he really is? His sarcasm dipped outer covering stripped just for a brief moment?
Somehow that thought made me very happy. Then I wondered why that made me happy when it shouldn’t. It shouldn’t make me feel anything. Right now, I should be asleep not thinking of Scorpius Malfoy…what he thought…how he looked…
Shut it! I mentally screamed at myself. These thoughts aren’t worth it…
They never will be.

Scorpius’ POV

I had no idea why I couldn’t stop thinking about a particular redhead.
Stop it Scorpius. You should hate her. You DO hate her…
A quite voice inside my head said then...
Do you?

Sooo? How did you find it? Better than the last two I hope. Please express your views and opinions and tell me what went wrong, I'll fix it right away! :)

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Lani That was really good, I'm glad we got to see something from Scorpius' point of view.

Maitreyi Amazing? lots of grammar mistakes, tho. And factual errors. :D You. Are. A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

Kylie I wasn't much of a Scorose shipper, but after reading this I am! Now I just want to see where their romance goes next! Continue please! ...and by please... I MEAN NOW!!! Thank you! :)

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sim @Kylie: Thank you so much. I'm sick right now so.....:/ But anyway, I'll try to write the 4th chapter as soon as I feel a little better!

@Bookaholic: Yeah. I know. And you pointed that already, thank you. -_-

Isabelle Nightlock wrote: "NEXT CHAPTER! This one begins to explain Scorpius and Rose's personality a bit. Sorry I lied, this chapter isn't long either...I suck. But I really, really promise the next one will be!! Hope you ..."
You don't suck,this is great!

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sim @Isabelle: Thanks :D That means a lot.
@LUCKY DUCKY M~ THE INSANE DUCKY: Lol, I do that too just not with my fanfics.

But sorry, I still haven't gotten around to writing the fourth chapter. Really busy with school.

Isabelle Nightlock wrote: "@Isabelle: Thanks :D That means a lot.
@LUCKY DUCKY M~ THE INSANE DUCKY: Lol, I do that too just not with my fanfics.

But sorry, I still haven't gotten around to writing the fourth chapter. Really..."
No pressure!

Monsieur Paradox 智 Advertising, I smite thee.

Post this to fanfiction.net or archiveofourown, not the GoodReads forums.

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sim @Monsieur Paradox: I have an account on fanfiction.net but I just have to recover the password which I'll do whenever I get the time. And just for the record, many people DO post fanfictions on Goodreads and nobody really minds.

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sim Finally CHAPTER FOUR!! :)

Before starting this chapter, just for the record, NOTHING happens between Scorpius and Rose in the fourth year. Sadly. Only healthy competitive rivalry with desire hidden somewhere. So this is the fifth year. Okay. So fourth chapter begins… enjoy! :)

Chapter Four
Scorpius’ POV

Slug Club party. Everybody’s familiar with that. It has been going on since Horace Slughorn set foot in Hogwarts. Slughorn’s favourite students are invited blah blah blah.
In two days, there’s going to be a Slug Club party. And I almost have no problem.
Because the party is great I’ve heard. The food’s great, awesome bands come to play, you get to see all the teachers drunk and dancing and everybody really looks forward to it. There’s only one problem though. A date. Yep! That’s right. Many blokes find it difficult to find dates. Real, live dates. Who are girls.
Not me. Finding a date is not my problem. Sixteen girls have already asked me to the party with my dashing personality, handsome face and million dollar smile. All of them got rejected, of course, but that’s not the point.
Actually, I don’t know why I rejected them. Five of them were fairly good looking, two of the five were purebloods (not that that matters anymore) and one of them was really suitable for me. But I don’t know.
I guess I want to go to the party with only one girl. A particular redhead with warm brown eyes and a kind smile and who is not dumb like the sixteen girls and who has grown really pretty over the summer.
I think that was a pretty huge hint.
RW. I don’t know why I like those two alphabets. Initials.
Should I ask her? Because if I don’t, I’m going to the party alone and that’ll make a brilliant impression. “Malfoy couldn’t even manage a date”. Sure I’ll like that. I think I should ask her if I so want to. Who knows? Maybe she’ll even say yes. Mind no. 1 thought hopefully.
Are you bonkers? You really think she’ll say yes when you go and stammer in front of her like a lunatic? Be a man Scorpius! Make her jealous. Take Hayley Brown, she’s the prettiest girl in our batch and also in Slytherin. This will work. Rose will instantly get jealous. Don’t go to her, Scorpius, make her come to you Mind no. 2 thought.
I always think Mind no.2 is a bit crazy.
Mind no.1’s suggestion it is. Ask Rose Weasley to Slughorn’s party. My heart’s already racing.
Scorpius’ POV
Transfiguration. Rose Weasley is a wee bit slow in transfiguration. So that’s the class I most look forward to. At the end of most transfiguration classes, Rose is controlling her urge to strangle me. And I love that look. Besides, whether I like her or not, annoying her will always be my first priority.
I suddenly see a glimpse of bright red hair and I am about to go and pass a snarky comment or maybe even ask her to the party when I hear another voice. Not just a voice. A male voice. And not one of her irritating cousins’ either.
I try to eavesdrop and recognize that voice. Antwon Thomas.
My eyes widen as I hear what they’re saying.

Rose’s POV

“Rose,” Antwon Thomas almost whispers.
“Hey Antwon. What’s up?” I smile, to encourage him. He’s so shy. His dad is a Quidditch commentator, for Merlin’s sake.
“Um…I wanted to ask you that….uh…wouldyouliketogotoSlughorn’spartywithme?” he blurts out.
“Sorry, what?” Seriously, what did he say?
“Slughorn’s party. Would you like to go with me?” Antwon asks nervously.
Oh my god! Antwon is asking me to the Slug party. Should I say yes? I don’t know. What if HE asks me later? But that’s SO unlikely. His arrogance will barely allow him to do that. You know what? I’ve waited long enough, rejected enough invitations, just reserving my ‘yes’ for him. So screw him. I will not wait anymore. If he wanted to ask, he would’ve. It’s too late now.
“Sure, Antwon. I would love to.” There. I did it. Now even if Scorpius does ask, I can’t go with him.
I don’t think I ever could.

Scorpius’ POV

Yes. That’s what she said. With so much confidence. No hesitance at all.
Yes. That one word which shocked me to the core.
Yes. The thing she said which broke my heart to a million pieces.
Yes. The only thing which restricted me to go with her.
Yes. The word I wanted her to say only to me.

So...how was it? I know this chapter wasn't much but next chapter will be as its going to be all about Slughorn's party and a lot of things are going to happen in it. So please don't get bored yet. And next chapter coming soon! Thanks :)

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Lani It was really good.

Isabelle I would feel pity for Scorpius but he should've asked her sooner.This is so good!Can't wait for the next chapter!

Ipshita *books n blankets* next chapter?????????????

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sim @Anaya, Isabelle and Lucky Ducky M: Thank you so much!
@Ipshita: Next chapter is in progress! :D

Swathika Manu OMG! If it wasn't for all those copyright blah blah blah I would have suggested you to publish this. This is so awesome! Can't wait for the next chapter!!!

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Lea Swanstar wrote: "OMG! If it wasn't for all those copyright blah blah blah I would have suggested you to publish this. This is so awesome! Can't wait for the next chapter!!!"
I agree, this is amazing!

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sim Fifth chapter!!

I'm nervous what you'll think about this one. Anyway...

Chapter Five

Scorpius’ POV

Want to go to Slug’s party with me?
I folded up the note and passed it to Hayley Brown.
If Rose wanted it to be like that, no problem. I had many girls to take to Slughorn’s party.
But she’s the only one who matters, Mind no.1 said quietly. I ignored that and concentrated on Hayley’s reply.
Sure, handsome. XXOO was written on her paper with a fluorescent pink pen.
I quickly looked away because I suddenly had the impulse to give her a sickened look or say something mean to her face but that only would’ve cost me my date which I didn’t want to lose.
Jeez…some girls are so stupid.
I had no idea how I was going to tolerate Hayley Brown in the Slug Club party. But now Mind no.2 had taken control after Mind no.1’s suggestion had so miserably failed.


The Night of the Party
Rose’s POV
“Wow Rose. That’s beautiful. YOU are beautiful. That red really brings out your hair. Antwon is going stare at you all evening long,” Alex Finnigan, my best friend said.
I was in a red dress with my hair open, cascading down my back. I hadn’t put on too much make up- just lip gloss and liner. Everything was perfect. I knew I looked really pretty and I felt pretty.
Sadly, Alex wasn’t invited as she wasn’t one of Slughorn’s favorite students.
“Thanks. But I don’t intend to impress Antwon,” I said to Alex who was sitting on my bed exhausted after the makeover.
“Then whom do you intend to impress?” Alex joked.
I turned to look at her, terrified. Maybe she had guessed. But once I saw the clueless expression on her face, I felt a rush of relief. Thank god she didn’t know. She would kill me. Or tease me to death. Either way, I would be dead.
“No one in particular,” I lied.
“Sure,” she chortled. Again, I had a mini heart attack but she couldn’t possibly know. How could she? I hadn’t told anybody. And I was trying so hard not to show the signs of Rose Weasley harboring feelings for a certain rival.
“Well. I have to go now. I wish you could come.” I said and took my clutch in hand.
“Yeah, okay. Have a nice night.” Alex wasn’t even looking at me.
“Yeah I will. You do too. Bye” I said and hurried out of the Gryffindor Common Room.
Once I was out, I made my way to the venue. Apparently, not many people had been invited as most corridors were empty. I finally reached the place, took a deep breath and went in.


Rose’s POV

The place was set up nice. Soft music was playing, bright and beautiful lighting everywhere, delicious looking food was on the table and a bar loaded with drinks. Teachers were in deep conversations and the students were enjoying themselves to the fullest.
Antwon was late. He had said he would meet me in the party itself. But there was no sign of him. Suddenly, one of the waiters slipped a piece of paper in my hand. I unfolded it…

Dear Rose,
I’m extremely sorry but I can’t make it to Slughorn’s party. I’m in the Hospital Wing as I’ve injured myself badly during today’s Quidditch tryouts. But be happy to know that I made the team. I’m Ravenclaw’s new Beater. Not the point. The point is, I’m really sorry and I hope you can give me another chance to take you out some other time.

Terrific. My date cancelled on me. Now I was going to look like a lonely lunatic. I started looking around, searching for some of my friends who I could hang out with. Instead, Scorpius caught my eye and that took my breath away.
There he was, looking so soigne and handsome in black formals. Then I saw who was beside him. His date. Hayley Brown.
Hayley Brown. Really? That’s the best he could do? That hag was the only thing he could manage? I absolutely hated Hayley Brown. She was the most snotty, obnoxious, foul and loathsome creature ever to have walked on this Earth.
I was bursting with rage. How dare he? How dare he do this to me?
I went to the bar enraged and ordered a Butterbeer.

Scorpius’ POV

I look at Hayley with disgust. She can bore a person to death and worst part is she doesn’t even realize she’s doing it. I don’t care how her parents met or how her dog died, or what she was going to wear on the next Hogsmeade trip or how her Mom had accidently made Ron Weasley fall in love with her and not Harry Potter OR what her favorite dish, band and color of nail polish is. These were just the topics of the first fifteen minutes. Don’t even ask about the rest.
My thoughts linger on only one person. Rose. I noticed her of course. When I saw her going to the bar, my heart practically stopped beating and I think my mouth was agape.
The only thing I can say is for me she was the most beautiful girl in the room. She looked radiant as the sun and delicate as a flower petal and agile as a cat. One thing was missing though. Antwon Thomas. Where was he? Had he cancelled on her? I suddenly found myself grinning childishly.
“Scorpius. Why are you smiling? I just told you the most heart wrenching story I know,” Hayley said.
I snapped back to attention, “Sorry, what?”
“What’s the matter with you?” Hayley looked at me queerly.
“Sorry. I just need a bit of air. I’ll meet you…uh…later. Bye,” I said and hurried off before she could stop me.
I heard a high pitched cry of “But Scorpius!” and foot stomping behind me.
I went to the balcony without a second thought. It was my favorite place. It refreshed me.
Apparently, it was someone else’s too. Not that I minded it seeing as that person was Rose Weasley.
She had her back to me and was standing with her hands folded, her hair swaying a bit. And I was awestruck. How on Earth could this girl be so perfect? So beautiful and intellectually witty at the same time?
I regained my composure and went and stood beside her with my hands on the railing.

“Well, well look who it is?” she said without looking at me, hint of a smile on her face, “Scorpius Malfoy.”
I knew where she was quoting this from. I went with it.
“No, Weasley. If you haven’t heard, its Scorpius Weasley now. Ew…no, that’s just gross. I wouldn’t marry your brother if someone tortured me,” I said making a face.
We both laughed.
“Shut up,” she said still laughing, “Hugo is not that bad.”
“Yeah. Actually he is,” I burst her bubble.
“Fine,” she said annoyance dripping from her voice. Annoying her…always my first priority. She continued, “What’re you doing here? Where’s your date?” Was it just me or did she sound a bit angry?
“Are you kidding me? Hayley Brown was boring the hell out of me. I personally advice you not to ever ask her out,” I said faking caution. She laughed again.
I continued, “Speaking of dates, oh my. I had completely forgotten you’ve come with Thomas. Speaking of Thomas, how’s he doing?”
She grinned and said, “He’s very fine, thank you. No but seriously, I personally advice you not to say ‘yes’ when Antwon asks you out.”
“No. You definitely don’t have to worry about that,” I said making a horrified face.
“Thank god then. You know what Malfoy? You may actually be fun to hang around with” she said.
“Oh yeah? I think your thoughts are completely different when you’re beating me in every test.”
“ME beating you? Yeah, that’s not how it happens. More like YOU beating ME,” she said.
“Sure. Tell yourself that. Will make you feel a little less guilty.”
“Guilty? About what?”
“Guilty about purposely beating an innocent classmate in every test,” I said.
“God, Scorpius. You are so lame,” she mused. I took her using my first name as progress.
“I take that as a compliment,” I said.
She grinned and said, “Shut up for a minute, will you?”
I surrendered, “Yes, ma’am.”
We were quiet for some time.
Then she said something I’ll never forget. Which sent my heart racing. Which made me infinitely happy yet so shocked. Because I had no answer to her question.
“Scorpius,” she whispered suddenly, “why didn’t you ask me go with you to the party?”
I was speechless.

Sooo??? Thoughts? Sixth chapter is coming really soon.

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Lani Really good.

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Perhaps I don't like Scorose, but this is a really good fanfiction! I'd recommend making it go a bit slower...like, let them get to know each other more, and a lot is happening in such a short number of words.

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sim Thanks @Anaya. @Shahdia: I thought about that but I don't want to drag this. I want to finish this in 5 or 6 more chapters.

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Oh, I see, but I just think Rose and Scorp should have a chapter to get to know each other, because they grew up as enemies and to put them together as boyfriend and girlfriend without making them friends first is slightly unrealistic.

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sim No, I'm not making them date in this year. Spoiler alert: It'll be the sixth yr. They're just in their fifth.

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Oh, then that's brilliant. As long as you indicate they got to know each other. I just get really ticked off when girls fall for boys in romance books if they barely know the boy.

Isabelle Shahdia wrote: "Oh, then that's brilliant. As long as you indicate they got to know each other. I just get really ticked off when girls fall for boys in romance books if they barely know the boy."

I totally agree!

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Anna Great idea and plot exposition. :) Funny, but I enjoy Scorpius' POV more than Rose. (He's a Malfoy! Blasphemy, Eliza!) ;) But, they are both great characters. Scorpius' personality is just more interesting and really comes off the page. . . uh, I mean computer screen. ;)

I had a question though. . . you mentioned earlier that Antwon Thomas' dad was a Quidditch commentator. . . was that a reference back to Lee Jordan who commentated on nearly all the Quidditch games at Hogwarts? Or did Dean Thomas go into Quidditch commentary? I'm genuinely curious. I've always wondered what Dean Thomas did after Hogwarts.

And if I could make a comment on the first chapter. . .when Ron tells the story about he and Harry trying to get through the platform, it seemed a little. . . unrealistic to me. Ron doesn't seem like the kind of guy to launch off into this long-winded (for the moment) story. He might have mentioned it or made some allusion to the incident, but other than that. . . I don't know. It doesn't seem like he would be so bluntly obvious.

Just a few thoughts. Thanks for sharing! You are doing a great job. :)

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sim @Eliza: Shoot! The whole time, I forgot that it was Lee Jordan who did the commentary. Thanks so much for reminding. Though I can't change it now. I'm too lazy. Let's just assume Dean went into Quidditch commentary. :P

The Ron thing, he can sometimes be a little thick and it was getting too serious so I decided to make a funny reference. Sorry if it offended you or anyone else.

Swathika Manu When is the next Chapter comin?

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Anna Nightlock wrote: "@Eliza: Shoot! The whole time, I forgot that it was Lee Jordan who did the commentary. Thanks so much for reminding. Though I can't change it now. I'm too lazy. Let's just assume Dean went into Qui..."

Offended? Puh-leeze. ;) You're doing a great job with this story and I've enjoyed it! I'm looking forward to future chapters.

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sim Sixth chapter!

This one is quite short. Not very important. And you may find it weird... Idk. I'm weird.

Here goes...

Chapter Six

Scorpius’ POV

Then she fainted. I caught her of course. She didn’t squash her face on the floor or anything. But my catching her was just reflex because I was still incredibly shocked.
Why didn’t you ask me go with you to the party?
Was she being serious? Did she WANT me to ask her to the party? Or was she just kidding with me?
Shut up and handle the situation at hand, my brain screamed at me.
I didn’t know what to do. Taking her to the Hospital Wing was the most sensible solution, but taking her there in between the party would make this all a very big deal. I just needed to find an alternate route to take her to the Hospital Wing. Some way where I wouldn’t be seen. I didn’t think Rose would like this to become a big issue. She was not an attention seeker. Like some people. Like Hayley Brown.
I looked at Rose. Her eyes were closed. I noticed she wasn’t very heavy. Not heavy at all.
There was also the reason I wanted to be the one to take her to the Hospital Wing and not some else. I wanted to be the one to take care of her.
Suddenly I noticed a door besides the main one, in a corner. I decided to see where it led. I carefully lifted Rose, went and opened the door.
Stairs. I wondered where they led. I knew this wasn’t the time with an unconscious girl in my hands but I was curious. Maybe it led you straight to the Hospital Wing. I took the risk.
I climbed down the stairs and in a few minutes, I was greeted by the kitchen. The elves all blinked at me. I didn’t blame them. It was a very awkward sight.
I clumsily made it to the kitchen doors and made my way to the Hospital Wing. I knew the house elves were still staring.
Soon I was there. Low flamed candles were burning and everything was silent. Only one cot was occupied and by who else than Antwon Thomas? He was snoring slightly. I wrinkled my nose in disgust.
I put Rose on one of the cots and called Madam Pomfrey. Once she was out in her nightclothes, she said, “Oh Lord! What happened to Miss Weasley?”
“She fainted,” I said simply as I didn’t have any other explanation.
“Must have been exhaustion. Girls of today, not eating a grain of food. Best to wait for her to wake up. You may go Mr. Malfoy. Thank you for your help.”
Then she must’ve seen something in my expression, she rephrased, “Or you may stay and wait for her to wake up.” She winked at me. Pomfrey was really strict. I had no idea how she had allowed this. Nevertheless, I was grateful.
I grinned and said “Thank you Madam Pomfrey.”
“And Scorpius, her memory won’t be so good. She may not remember several things.”
After she was gone, I took off my black formal jacket and sat on the stool beside Rose’s cot.
I sighed. I was in for a long night.

Rose’s POV
I slowly opened my eyes. My head was pounding and my arms and legs felt like jelly. The atmosphere smelled of medicine. I rubbed my eyes and looked to my left. Empty cots. I must be in the Hospital Wing. Though I had no idea what I was doing here. I turned my head to the right and shrieked. Anyone would’ve done the same, if they were in my place.
Sitting on the stool next to my cot with his eyes closed was none other than Scorpius Malfoy. After my scream, his eyes jerked open.
“Whoa!” he said, “You startled me.”
I stared at him, “I startled you? Are you crazy? What in the name of Merlin are you doing here? What am I doing here? What is going on?”
I inched away from him, pulling the sheet up to my throat even though I was more clothed than an Inuit.
“I’ll tell you what’s going on,” someone spoke. It was Antwon Thomas sitting on the cot adjacent to me.
Antwon. Really? Did he REALLY have to be here NOW? His deadly gaze was directed towards Scorpius.
“You fainted. Madam Pomfrey told me that. And he took advantage of you. I figured THAT out myself,” said Antwon.
“Really?” I asked incredulous. For some reason, I found that really hard to believe.
“What!? No!! Do you think that’s what happened, Rose?” asked Scorpius.
“I don’t think so. Antwon, really. I don’t think Scorpius is that kind of person,” I said truthfully.
“There. You see Thomas? Court adjourned. Go back and do whatever the hell you were doing before,” Scorpius said.
Antwon jerked back his sheets, got up and went… uh, somewhere.
“Look, I’ll tell you what happened,” Scorpius started as soon as Antwon was out of sight, “At Slughorn’s party, you fainted while you were um… talking with me. I brought you here and Madam Pomfrey said it was exhaustion and something about girls not eating grains. So, in a very gentlemanly way, I thought it was highly appropriate to stay and make sure you were alright. Now that I’ve done that, I should be leaving. So… bye.”
He nervously stood up and headed for the door.
“Wait,” I said and he stopped in his tracks, “is that really what happened?”
He said “Yeah” without turning back. Then he resumed walking towards the door.
“And Scorpius?” I said smiling, “You practiced that speech or what?”
He turned back again, this time grinning, “You ought to know Rose. I’m a natural.”
With that, he finally went out of the door.

The end. Next chapter coming!!

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Kylie Give me more of this! I'm actually quite addicted to this fan-fiction! It cannot be healthy! Why are you still reading this? Go on and write!

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Lani I can't wait for the next chapter.

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sim Thanks @Kylie and @Anaya! I haven't even started the next chapter with school stress and the fact that I have no idea what to write next. Don't worry though, I'll figure something out.


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sim @Bookaholic (MM): Gee thanks. And you can get awesome WHAT whenever you want? O.o
Btw 7th chapter is almost done I'll post it soon! :D

Maitreyi Nightlock wrote: "@Bookaholic (MM): Gee thanks. And you can get awesome WHAT whenever you want? O.o
Btw 7th chapter is almost done I'll post it soon! :D"

Awesomeness. Awesome stories. Awesome jokes. Awesome writing style. Awesome fanfiction. You noticing a pattern here?

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sim Oh yeah! It was difficult to figure it out but I finally did somehow. :P

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sim Finally the SEVENTH CHAPTER. And I took so long to write it! Sorry.
But it's extremely, extremely, extremely short but a start of something extremely, extremely, extremely amazing.

Here goes:

Chapter Seven

Scorpius’ POV
Defence against the Dark Arts. The class in which Rose was most attentive and well…in which she always beat me. Not always… most of the time –ah you get the drift.
I prepared myself for another class of humiliation. I won’t answer at all. No answer, no humiliation.
“Gather everyone, gather everyone. The Ministry has ordered that you know about the three unforgivable curses in order to realize the pain the victims of the war went through. And yes, also how to counter them,” Professor Doyle said.
He was new and young but he talked like he had lived a hundred and fifty years. Maybe he had. You can never tell in the world of witches and wizards.
“Has anyone ever heard of the Unforgivable Curses?” Prof asked.
There was a chorus of “yes”. “Very well. Can anyone name them?” he asked.
I knew the answer but I kept quiet. I waited for Rose to raise her hand and tell the right answer but that didn’t happen. I looked back at her. She was looking back at me. The message she was conveying in the gaze was clear, Go on. Answer it. I won’t correct you.
But why? I knew she knew the answer but why wasn’t she answering?
Doyle asked again, “Anyone at all?”
I raised my hand hesitantly, still not sure what to do. Doyle smiled and gestured me to speak.
“Um Sir… the three Unforgivable Curses are,” I started, the corner of my eyes still looking at Rose, “the Cruciatus curse, the Imperius curse and the Killing curse.”
“Yes. Ten points to Slytherin. Now,” Professor Doyle said darkly, “These are very dark, very evil and very difficult to perform. No one uses them now. The use of these curses ended with Lord Voldemort. The Cruciates Curse tortures you until you can’t bear it anymore. The Imperius Curse makes you do whatever the performer desires. And the Killing Curse…well, you know what that does. It…kills you.”

I wanted to know why she did that. Defence against the Dark Arts was her favorite subject. She loved it and studied it by heart.
I confronted her while she was gathering her things, “Rose. Why did you do that?”
She looked at me briefly, “Do what?”
“You know what. Why didn’t you answer the unforgivable curses questions even though you knew the answer? And don’t deny it. I know you knew the answer. So why did you?” I said. I was itching to know the reason.
She finally looked up, smiled surreptitiously and said, “Because that’s what friends do.” Then she left without another word.

Friend. She had called me her friend. Did I like that? I don’t know. We certainly weren’t enemies anymore. That much was pretty clear.
Of course, I wanted to be more than friends. But at least now I was in her good books. And I could definitely become more than friends now that I was at least her friend.
I grinned.
Only time would tell.
For now, Rose Weasley was my friend.

Note: Okkay. Soo...I'm going somewhere for like 10 days, and even though I'll continue writing this Scorose, I won't be able to post it. But I'll surely post whatever I've written after I come back and hopefully if you're still interested, you are welcome to read it.

Sayonara for a while!! :D

FanficofBooks You have a making of a true writer!!!

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