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message 1: by Jenne (new)

Jenne  (jennetheinstigator) | 7439 comments Lauren & Jennifer C - Origin

Lauren Hi Jennifer! Do you wanna just use one thread for all three of our books?
Also, you you want to read them togethet in a certain order?

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments Since Jenne made us three separate threads, we may as well use them. How about we start with If I Lie? You can pick which one we read after that.

Lauren Ok, that works :)

Lauren I started it and I only read a little bit, like 70 pages. It's pretty good so far. It is so awesome that she has a pet jaguar! Her mom seems a bit off though, she's was too hard and unfeeling. And I really wanna know what the Accident was!

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments I just started this. I'm only a couple chapters in. I'll post more tomorrow.

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments I'm starting chapter 5 now. I do think it's cool that she has a pet jaguar.

I think her mom is the way she is because she's upset that she was 4th generation and was so close to being "perfect". I think she's jealous of Pia because everyone makes such a big deal about her, and her mother is just as important to the process as she was. The first four generations had to sacrifice a lot just to create her. They all had to be imprisoned in Little Cam for their entire lives to fulfill the experiment.

I think the Accident was the two that fell in love and tried to escape. I don't think they died in the jungle from being attacked by an animal or anything. I think that the scientists had to hunt them down and kill them because they couldn't let them go back to normal society and reveal their secrets.

I'm really liking this book so far.

Lauren I think the accident is something like that too. I hope they explain it soon.
Hmm... I hadn't really thought of her mom like that but that actualy seems like a really good explanation.

I'm sorry, I don't know how to do spoilers, so SPOILER WARNINF BELOW.

I wonder who it is who is Eio's father! I think it's the really strict scientist guy.

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments I really wonder who his father is too. She just needs to find the guy with the snakeskin belt, right??? I think it's either Paulo or Antonio. I think Antonio.

And about the spoilers. It's easy. It tells you how to do it if you click above the comment box where it says (some html is ok). But here is how you do it. Before the part that you want hidden you type spoiler with <> around it and after it you type /spoiler with <> around it.

message 10: by Lauren (last edited Sep 07, 2013 05:24PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lauren Ok, I'll do that next time. And yeah! It should be somewhat easy for her to find out. Do you think Eio is immortal too?
How many pages in are you?

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments I was thinking that he was immortal at first, but now I'm starting to doubt that. I'm just starting chapter 20. How far are you?

Lauren I'm on chapter 22 and I'm going to read more later. I am not liking the two visitors.

message 13: by Jennifer C. (last edited Sep 08, 2013 06:16PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments I don't either. They don't stay long. I'm on chapter 23 now. How about the conversation she overhears. Do you think she'll tell Harriet? She seems like she's not connecting all the dots in that story line and I'm not sure why. She seems like a smart girl. I love the Eio parts. I really wish he was immortal. Fingers crossed that it works out somehow.

Lauren I think she'll tell her eventually... I like Harriet, she's my favorite scientist.

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments Me too. She's the only one that treats Pia like a person and not an experiment.

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments You'll find out who Eio's father is in chapter 24!!!

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments Holy crap! You find out about the B Labs and the Accident in chapter 25!!! I feel like I'm going to be up late tonight. I may not be able to stop... :-)

message 18: by Lauren (last edited Sep 08, 2013 07:23PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lauren So you were right about Antonio!
(view spoiler)
I may not be able to stop either!

Lauren K, Chapter Thirty now. I'm a bit confused. So they need blood from a dead person who had the flower thing injected in them and the flowrr's pollen injected in them or what...?

Lauren OH MY GOSH the end of chapter 30! How far are you?? I have a feeling we are both gonna finish today, or if not then tomorrow.
What's with her jaguar growling at her now??
Run away! Run away Pia now!
I think this would make a great movie, with all the jungle scenery and animals.

message 21: by Lauren (last edited Sep 08, 2013 09:45PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lauren Finished!! It was so good!! Especially the epilogue! Are you done yet?

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments I finished last night too! I couldn't post as I went because my nook doesn't have the right brackets and I couldn't do spoilers. :-( It was so amazing!!!

I'm glad it wasn't an easy decision for her either. We're two for two on realistic endings. Which I really prefer. I hate fake HEAs. It turned out I was right about why her mother treated her the way she did too. She really was jealous that she was so close and got none of the glory. But thank god she wasn't the fourth generation. She would nave been pure evil and wouldn't have had any problem with all the killing.

Did you figure out the blood thing eventually? Basically the elysia will kill anyone who eats, drinks, or injects it... but when the elysia pumps through your heart, it comes out as the immortal elixer. That has to be extracted immediately and injected into the person on the family tree. So that's why they started with so many. I couldn't figure that out at the beginning but it makes sense now. They had to keep killing half of the immortal line just to keep it going. They would inject half of them each time with elysia and they would die for the other half to get stronger and go on.

Her mother was so evil. And yes she was definitely in love with Paolo. It seems like she may have had feelings for Pia's father at one time but when Paolo showed up she tossed him to the side.

I think the jaguar got a taste of freedom and his natural instincts started to take over. You have to figure he was born in captivity just like Pia and look how much she wanted to be free.

I loved that she ended up being mortal again and she stayed with the Ai' oans. The epilogue was great too. I felt bad about Harriet's sister, but I'm glad she got away ok.

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments I have to go read a couple more books before I come back for our last one. Wanna start it next Monday? I should be ready by then. If you want to start sooner, just use spoilers and I'll catch up to you.

Lauren Ok, I'll just wait for you for the next one, maybe read a couple pages before you.

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