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Jenne  (jennetheinstigator) | 7439 comments Lauren & Jennifer C -If I Lie

Lauren I think we should read Origin after this one

Lauren Ok, so I had a lot of spare time today so I'm on page 121 Chapter 15. I really like it! I feel really bad for Q, its crazy that she hasn't told Anybody about Carey at all. I think Angel and her are getting very slowly back to not hating each other. And I really hope her and her dad patch up their relationship and that she talks to her mom. And I also really want her and Black to get together!

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments I'm on page 127 right now. I really like this book too! I think Carey was completely selfish asking her to keep such a big secret. He could have at least told Blake. I do wonder what happened the night that they broke up. He showed up the next day all bruised and asked her not to tell anyone. Did he tell someone and they beat him up? I feel so bad for Q. Everyone in that small town is going to feel so stupid if they ever do find out about Carey. I do hope that Q and Blake get together by the end. I hope that Angel finally steps up and speaks for herself at some point instead of just being a follower.

Lauren I'm on page 203 and might read a bit more tonight. Yeah, I think Black would have understood! I really hope Angel steps up too, she is being a bad friend. I absolutely hate Jennifer though. I men, I get that she liked Carey, but really? Calm down girl. George and that one teacher are cool though. And I'm glad her and her dad are not all distant anymore. But I don't know what to think about her mom and uncle. I hope she talks to them more. I'm also really curious why Carey came back all beat up, like, what happened there...? I am so hoping that Carey comes back and tells everyone his secret and makes them all feel really bad and then Q and Black get together.

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Lauren Oh my gosh I just finished it and I love it!!
I don't know whether or like Carey or not. I mean, he asked Q to keep the secret and then even when he got back he said he'd need MORE time! But, he was so broken at the end and all the flashbacks (which I loved how the author did them) he was such a good person and friend.
And Blake. I wish so much that they would have been a couple at the end!! But I'm glad how their whole story together ended I guess.
I'm actually really happy how Q's relationships with her parents were at the end if the book. I'm glad they weren't completely all healed and happy; that would have been less real.
I'm hating on all her friends though. I thought Angel would have tuned out ok, but no, she was just like the others. Which I actually think made The story better, the fact that people didnt start forgiving her.
So, I like to imagine after the book (sorry, I do this sometimes :) )
Sophie goes and does the scholarship thing and Carey slowly gets better. They're still really good friends and they stay in contact. Sophie never goes back to the town and doesn't really speak to anyone there. For a while she even loses contact with Blake. Then one day they see each other (possibly Blake shows up at a gallery premiere for her photography or maybe in a coffee shop) and their relationship starts up again and they eventually get married. Sophie becomes a photographer and published that book of military photos in George's memory. She never has to become a military wife because Blake doesn't enlist.

So, yeah. What's you think??

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments I finished last night too. I loved it! I was kinda glad that it wasn't a HEA ending. It was more realistic. Her birthday party was so depressing. I never really liked her mother. I thought that it was going to turn around and she was going to have a reason that she left, but she was keeping a secret too, but she just turned out to be selfish. I thought that Q was going to find out that her mom had a secret and she was going to think of her completely differently and it was going to be a mirror of her story. That would have actually been interesting.

I wish she wouldn't have gone to live with her mom. Her dad was finally starting to try and starting to see her even before he found out that she was covering for Carey. It was really late, but better late than never, right?

Her relationship with George was so sweet and I was so sad when he died. That was horrible. He was basically her family. He was the only person who saw her for who she really was and didn't judge her.

I do wish that she had ended up with Blake, but I'm glad that she didn't put her life on hold for him. I picture him going to school somewhere near her and them getting back together in a whole new place far away from all the secrets and judgement of their hometown.

I was so mad a Carey when he came back and told his dad to call Q and tell her that he just wasn't ready. His mom was a complete jerk though when she told him that Q didn't want to see him. I was glad that Q told her that she wasn't there for her, she came for Carey. It's nice that they were able to rekindle their friendship. I think they will be close their whole lives. They just have a really special bond.

I'll probably start Origin over the weekend, or early next week. I'm going over to another buddy read first and then I'll be back. I signed up for a lot of buddy reads this month. :) If you decide to go straight to Origin now, that's cool. Just post as you go and use spoilers. I'll catch up.

Lauren I totally agree about the ending. It was way more realistic this way than what it woulda been if it was all happy. I guess her mom sort of had a secret, but it wasn't like huge and story turning. I guess her dad was warming up to her, which I liked... I loved it when George gave her the camera! It was so nice! Carey made me so mad too! And so did his mom, but I thought their whole story together ended really well.

I have another buddy read too, so I won't start Origin right away. Just post in the topic for it when you're ready. :)

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