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message 1: by Stormy (new)

Stormy :) (Stormy0218) | 91 comments Hey there initiates! This Sunday at the VMAS, the first Divergent trailer will be released, YAY!!! A 12 second sneak peek was released Thursday and it is awesome :)

message 2: by Bruna (new)

Bruna Linhares (brunalinhares) | 13 comments THE TEASER WAS AWESOME *-*

message 3: by Stormy (new)

Stormy :) (Stormy0218) | 91 comments For sure!!! Best 13 seconds ever!!!!

message 4: by Bruna (new)

Bruna Linhares (brunalinhares) | 13 comments I'm like a little kid watching it because I just can't stop, it's just ridiculous how many times I've watched it

message 5: by Stormy (new)

Stormy :) (Stormy0218) | 91 comments You're not alone ;) I've watched it a good 50 times or something like that lol!

message 6: by Cassia (new)

Cassia | 9 comments i loved so much I couldn't stop talking bout even even when I to sleep

message 7: by Bruna (new)

Bruna Linhares (brunalinhares) | 13 comments What about the 60 second new teaser trailer? I just DIED. That's what I have to say. I'm dead after that. Why? So freaking AWESOME

message 8: by Stormy (new)

Stormy :) (Stormy0218) | 91 comments The teaser trailer was great!! I'm really happy with the end product and I really liked what Shailene did with Tris.

message 9: by Simona (new)

Simona Dananajová | 18 comments Guys, there is a new behind the scenes video!!! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=W-wewYMJ...

message 10: by Kaeli (new)

Kaeli | 36 comments Has anyone else seen the actually trailer, it's ok a few differences like she meets Janine early into the story and other small differences, but other than that I can't wait to see it.

message 11: by Stormy (new)

Stormy :) (Stormy0218) | 91 comments Yes, the actual trailer I thought was pretty good. Better than the first Hunger Games trailer. I really don't see why so many people are griping about it.

message 12: by Bruna (new)

Bruna Linhares (brunalinhares) | 13 comments What's the actual trailer? Because the one with 1:16 minutes it's said on youtube to be the teaser trailer, or is there no difference? I'm confused now

message 13: by Bruna (new)

Bruna Linhares (brunalinhares) | 13 comments The behind the scenes video is soooooooo great!!! I can't wait for the movie!!!

message 14: by Stormy (new)

Stormy :) (Stormy0218) | 91 comments A teaser trailer is not an actual trailer persay. It is a short minute at most preview that gives an audience a gist about what is going on. The trailer released last Sunday is the official teaser trailer. The actual feature trailer will be released in November, and will probably be attached to Catching Fire.

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