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Kubrick, Atticus & Roeg

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message 1: by Hector (new)

Hector Leigh I'm getting gradually drawn into the story of McGrath vs. Cordova...absolutely mesmerizing stuff.
Some preliminary observations: At first, I was struck by the similarity of the Cordova character to Stanley Kubrick (elusive filmmaker who ignores the dictates of the establishment), and then I saw a review which mentioned a film maker named Karl (or possibly Carl) Atticus, a fellow from Maryland who was making horror movies in the '60s and then abruptly killed himself when his penchant for grave-robbing was discovered. Also, it was rumored that his films caused people to respond violently (riots, physical attacks, etc.). Creepy!!!! It's bone-chilling to believe that this story might have been inspired by real events - though the Ashley imagery must have its origins elsewhere, perhaps in "Don't Look Now," a 1973 film by Nicolas Roeg in which Donald Sutherland pursues an elusive figure in a bright red coat.
Anyway, just some notes on the unfolding story ahead of me...back to the pages I go!

message 2: by Dave (new)

Dave Burian Interesting that you mention the Karl Atticus connection in your discussion, as I've wondered if he wasn't somewhat inspirational to the author as well, given his penchant for "supposedly" using real people in his films who then were met with mysterious ends. I've been surprised that more folks haven't talked about him and his obvious influence on 60's horror, particularly the violent reactions his audiences displayed that you spoke of, but I think that has to do more with his early demise than his overall legacy.

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