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message 1: by Amber, The Founder (new)

Amber (puresurplus) | 830 comments Mod
Not all of us are hardcore bibliophiles.

Don't get me wrong, I love to read.

However, there just aren't enough hours in the day!

I do most of my reading at night (which severely deprives me of much needed sleep) and on the weekends.

message 2: by Kamil (new)

Kamil | 15 comments I believe I'm a casual reader because my tastes have a wide spectrum... this week, I've read "sense and sensibility" "the voyager' by Diana galbadon and startet the week-end with "Hexed" (the second book in the iron druid's series)

message 3: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (jjallday) I absolutely love to read but I don't get to do it as often as I like, and honestly sometimes I just don't read. I'd say that's pretty casual. lol

message 4: by amber, The Other Amber (new)

amber (thelittlematchgirl) | 226 comments Mod
I think I'm a casual reader because I don't read 100 to 300 books a year unlike a lot of people on this site. I do read enough books that people who don't read think it's all I do. ;)

message 5: by Melissa (new)

Melissa amber wrote: "I think I'm a casual reader because I don't read 100 to 300 books a year unlike a lot of people on this site. I do read enough books that people who don't read think it's all I do. ;)"

I'm in the exact same boat. I normally read 50-80 books a year which seems next to nothing compared to some of the folks on this site, but tons compared to non-readers.

One of my best friends recently asked me if I ever got any sleep because I watch all the shows and read all the books and news. I guess I make sure to spend time doing all those every day before, in between, and after work/school. But that's probably the only reason I'm a casual reader or else I might actually be able to reach 100/year. Maybe one year!

message 6: by amber, The Other Amber (new)

amber (thelittlematchgirl) | 226 comments Mod
Melissa wrote: "amber wrote: "I think I'm a casual reader because I don't read 100 to 300 books a year unlike a lot of people on this site. I do read enough books that people who don't read think it's all I do. ;)..."

I just saw this so my reply is really late, sorry.
You're doing better then I am. I've never read 50 books in a year.

message 7: by M Janne (new)

M Janne | 3 comments I have no idea what makes a reader a casual reader... Maybe the clothes? HAHA Like you don't wear a business suit when you read as if you're going to be paid for reading every word in the book (oh, the joy of this...) Or maybe it's because I don't study it. I mean I read books, and these books make me think, but I do not research on it. (Okay I do sometimes, when there's a concept I don't understand.) Hmm, that might be it. When a reader just reads for pleasure, makes for a pleasurable reader? (A what?) Sorry. It makes for pleasant hours of reading! Yes!

message 8: by April (new)

April (apriltara) | 63 comments As much as I love books, I don't read like I used to. When I was younger (and my kids were too,) I could grab a book and devour it within a few hours. Now I read in 10-15 minute increments, like in the car when I'm waiting for my youngest to get out of school. I used to read at night but now when I do, one of two things happens. Either I end up staying up until like 2 a.m. or I fall asleep 10 minutes into it. So, yeah, it takes me a while to actually finish a book that way.

message 9: by Jez (new)

Jez Layman (typesetjez) | 47 comments Honestly, I've started considering myself a "professional reader" because reading is a large part of my job. I'm a Reader's Advisory Assistant at a library and that means I need to be a reader. However, because of my job and grad school, I don't get much reading done and I do it for leisure, so in that sense, I'm a casual reader.

I read, on average, about 15-20 books a year (according to Goodreads), but, thanks to the magic of downloadable audiobooks from the library, I'm close to 30 this year.

message 10: by Lauren (new)

Lauren  Tomlinson (mama_fullybooked) I consider myself a casual reader, even though I am one of those people who read more than 100 books a year. I read to relax and to have fun. I can read just about anything.

message 11: by Sudocream (new)

Sudocream | 27 comments I guess I am a casual reader because I read whenever I get the chance. I used to be able to read a lot but now because of my research work that's all gone to hell. So any spare moment I have I will grab a book and devour it :p I don't read a lot in comparison to the people on this site though! Wish I did! Really miss reading sometimes (I mean reading for pleasure and not because I have a paper to write.)

message 12: by Sudocream (new)

Sudocream | 27 comments amber wrote: "I think I'm a casual reader because I don't read 100 to 300 books a year unlike a lot of people on this site. I do read enough books that people who don't read think it's all I do. ;)"

haha me too!

message 13: by Igorina (new)

Igorina I consider myself a casual reader because between class and the rest of my life I just don't have the time to read as often as I'd like. Also with all the required reading required in school I get burned out and have a hard time focusing on my reading for pleasure books.

Also, I don't know how many other people do this but it happens every time I go to the library. I'll see plenty of books that look interesting and I'll grab maybe ten in a compulsive fit and end up only reading one or two. I know within a chapter if I'm going to be able to connect with the main character or characters and if I can't then I'm not going to finish the book.

message 14: by Carolyn F. (last edited Sep 03, 2014 09:28PM) (new)

Carolyn F. | 14 comments I'm more voracious than casual, if I'm not working, I'm usually reading. I do watch TV but I read more than I watch TV. I listen to books in my car, on my MP3 at work if I'm doing mindless stuff, if I'm cleaning. So usually some type of book is being "read". This is in addition to my physical and e-book reading.

message 15: by Amber, The Founder (new)

Amber (puresurplus) | 830 comments Mod
I identify as a casual reader although I admittedly read A LOT. I go through spurts of hyper-reading as well as slumps where I don't want to even look at a book (this usually lasts no more than a few days). Also, I read a wide variety of genres. It's the spice of life, right? Some days I want to read something short and easy. Other times, I crave something a bit more challenging to push me out of my comfort zone. All and all, I still consider myself a casual reader. I'm busy with real life. Reading is my escape. I make time for it. Because it's important for my soul. Book clubs, like this one, help me to keep reading. Otherwise, I tend to get lazy.

message 16: by Jackie (new)

Jackie | 7 comments What exactly is a casual reader really?

I am reading all the time. It's my absolute favorite thing to do... I always have a book or two (maybe 3) in progress. Sometimes they're great books, involved, and require you to really pay attention and other times they're mindless romance novels that a the perfect distraction from every day life.

Truth be told... you could drop me off in a book store and leave me there for the day and I'd be rather content.

message 17: by S. (new)

S. (sthomaskaza) I also consider myself a casual reader, because I seem to read more slowly than a lot of others I have seen on goodreads. I usually read between one and two books a month. And I am in no hurry to finish them. In fact I have even read some middle grader books my children were assigned to read at school just to try and get my numbers up.

message 18: by Nora (new)

Nora | 2 comments I go thru phases where sometimes I can make it thru lots of books and then other times it will take me a month just to make it thru one because I get very busy.
I also have a bad habit of being in the middle of several books at once

message 19: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten (ringwraith10) | 20 comments I'm actually a professional reader (/writer), but I have to remind myself to read casually. Meaning that I can't only read things I have to read -- I need to treat myself and read things for fun, as well. I pretty much made this rule for myself in 2009 and have been sticking to it pretty well since then.

Maggie the Muskoka Library Mouse (mcurry1990) I read as much as I can, but as always, it's never really enough. Life and work has a habit of getting in the does a nasty little thing called housework!

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