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She follows behind him, keeping a visual eye but not wanting another confrontation like that.

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" After this blow over. Don't worry bout it though. My mom likes you, and that was the hard part." She moves close to him.

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She snuggles in close, kissing his neck

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'What do you mean?" she looks at him through her hair.

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" We'll just keep going. finish school... I don't know..." she says quietly

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"Tony," she pulls back." If you don't wanna get married or think its to soon just say so. I don't wanna rush you into anything. I love you tony. And if you ever need to talk about anything, please know that im hear for you." she lifts her hand to his cheek, looking into his eye's.

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She smiles back, relieved. "And I don't think your whole family hates you. Your dad seemed cool, you sister was nice, and your mom is just a Jenadwa."

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She smiles at him."Good, ive always hated traditional dresses."

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She blushes." I don't actually own a dress, besides my traditional ones... which aren't really dresses."

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She makes a face at him. "Pass, I don't look good in dresses."

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She smiles at him, blushing so the tips of her ears were pink. "Ok, but im telling you im not built for dresses."

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"Doubtful, and who said I looked beautiful now." She frowned at him.

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"Are you blind?" She asks in mock seriousness.

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"No, im the one who passed as a boy for six years." she looked at him. She moves closer, resting her head on his shoulder.

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She rolls her eyes at him." Or maybe its because I cut my hair and could kick ass."

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She smiles up at him. As stretches to press a kiss to his mouth.

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"I don't know. I've never worn a dress besides the traditional ones, and those are only for dancing."

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" Like what?" she looks at him, a little confused.

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" Why? what part of me is pretty?" She rolls her eye's at him, knowing he was just saying that.

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She kisses him back, temporarily forgetting about the conversation.

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She looks back smiling shyly.

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She dropped her head on tonys shoulder

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she blushed and hid her face

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"i have cousins," she says to tony

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She pulls back and looks at him with wide eyes

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she nods and hugs him tightly

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she buried her head in his chest

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" all of my family as coming, invitation or not. Its really who ever you want."

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" Then they will come. What about your dad?" she asked him, smiling again.

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" Can I ask why?" she says, a little concerned.

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" Can I ask about what..." She looks at him, caressing his cheek

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" Oh... si he hates me to, huh?" She cuddles in close." Im, sorry. I wish that hadn't of happened, he seemed really nice."

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" What job?" She asks worriedly.

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She gapes at him, in complete shock

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(( I was not expecting that one, lol))

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" wow. I haven't heard that one before," she said still processing.

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That hadn't occurred to her, and she paled.

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" Uh... If its what you want, then yes. I want you to be happy... But..."

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" I'm just gunna worry about you." She looks at him." I think its a good idea, really." she smiles at him

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" Ok," She smiles at him and kisses him on the lips.

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She looks him in the eyes." I love you tony."

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She smiles back, giggling a little

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"Not really, my house is everrun by my family." She grimaces,

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" I do, but your mom..."

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" I just wanna cuddle with you." She says, then blushes.

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She leans into him, sighing happily. She kissed his neck

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She hugs him, smiling against his chest.

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She smiles up at him as she dozes off. "Good night Min Lema." She whispers as she lays her head against his chest and sleeps.

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She stirs and looks up at him. She smiles and kisses him on the cheek

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She snuggled closer

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