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S.K. Munt (wordwhisperer) | 85 comments There’s blood in the water. And the sharks are circling now.

A dream can become a nightmare in a matter of moments, and Ivyanne Court is living proof of this. She thought choosing between three potential husbands she was indifferent to was the worst thing that could happen to her, but she was so very wrong. Choosing between two she cares deeply for is that much worse. Especially when there’s a chance that one moment of irresponsibility has already predetermined her future.
Hands tied, heart bound, still mourning the loss of her best friend, Ivyanne cannot believe that having her unspoken wish granted could cause so much misery among those closest to her. The mers are no longer looking to the queen for guidance, or the princess for her decision- but the moon, for they believe that what it reveals as it wanes will illuminate Ivyanne’s path, whether she agrees, or not, for as tides sculpt the sand, the moon shapes their kingdom.
But is it that simple? Is a heart divided, merely a heart in denial?
In the distance, hidden in shadow but forever watching, someone thinks it is. Someone is convinced that the princess has created conflict in her heart, and will find resolution only by stepping into his arms instead. But he knows she will not listen to him and a quest begins, a journey from The Great Barrier Reef to the Antarctic Ocean, seeking allies to assist him, creating division within the kingdom for the first time in one thousand years. He believes that the moon’s power is dwarfed by his own, and if the princess can’t find a way to rule the men she thinks that she loves out of her heart, that he is going to take them out of her life any way he can. His whole life, other people have drawn the lines in the sand, but now, he is carving his own, deep enough to draw blood.
Three Rings sees a shift in the mer way of thinking, but for a kingdom that was previously the pinnacle of perfection, this will be a jarring lesson to learn and will resonate from the community they have claimed as their own, to the furthest reaches of the Mediterranean, drawing fresh souls to Seaview, fresh jealousies, fresh insecurities, and fresh wounds. For what lies beneath is power previously unimagined, and one man is about to bend it to his will.

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Howard Parsons (howardparsons) | 181 comments Part 1 of my interview with S.K. Munt - author of The Marked Ones - is now available on The Parsons' Rant. Part II will be available tomorrow, Aug. 30

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Howard Parsons (howardparsons) | 181 comments Part 2 of my interview with S.K. Munt is now available on The Parsons' Rant. Enjoy!

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Best. THE best.

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S.K. Munt (wordwhisperer) | 85 comments Hey guys to celebrate the release of the sequel to The Marked Ones, Three Rings, I have dropped the Kindle price on The Marked Ones from $4.99 to $2.99 for 48 hours only! Remember if you buy, run the update! :)

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S.K. Munt (wordwhisperer) | 85 comments The final cover for The Fairytail saga has been released! So excited-book will be available on Kindle October 31st :)

Heads Or Tails (The Fairytale Saga #3) by S.K. Munt

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S.K. Munt (wordwhisperer) | 85 comments Heads Or Tails (The Fairytale Saga #3) by S.K. Munt

Excerpt from Heads Or Tails, Book #3 in The Fairytail Saga

Ivyanne sighed and leaned back, staring up at the canopy above. ‘The question is not whether you can turn me inside out in bed, Lincoln, but if Tristan can make love to me like you do. That’s what I doubt. That’s what I need to know. But it’s impossible to find out now. You can’t make love to someone who has half of your heart knowing it would devastate the man who has the other. I can’t, in good conscience, look at either of you without feeling the other’s pain. And your pain, your longing-both of you-is so intense that I can’t escape it, not even for a moment. That’s why I don’t want you around-you make my heart pound and he steals my breath. I was counting on being overwhelmed by one of you-or the memory of one of you-when I left, but neither dominated my thoughts. It makes me wonder….’
She locked her eyes on his. ‘If I love either of you enough.’
That hurt, and he couldn’t disguise his grimace. Her declaration actually dredged up every feeling of hate he had towards his rival-for making her doubt what she’d always known with his ridiculous sexual thrall.
‘How can you even say that after all we’ve been through?’ He asked.
She shrugged. ‘I’ve been stomping my feet for four months now trying to prove that I’m not as perfect as you guys have convinced yourselves of, and there it is.’ She stood up, walking towards him and lowering her voice. ‘I used to look at you guys with longing Lincoln...now all I feel is guilt.’ She came to a rest beside him and stared out at the fields in the distance. ‘Lately, I’ve wondered if maybe I should just give up on you both. Find someone who can tolerate having half a heart. I don’t know my own worth yet, but I am sure that you both deserve better than me.’
‘There is none better than you.’
Ivyanne looked up at him, smiling sadly. ‘No stronger siren, no. My pheromones are unequalled, as is my beauty. I see that now. I can draw you in with one crooked finger and you can’t for the life of you, resist it.’ She reached up and pushed his hair out of his face with petal-soft fingers. ‘But there are worthier mermaids. Like Pintang, and Grace...They could offer you two complete devotion right now. Whereas I can’t even promise to kiss you without wondering if I’m kissing the wrong man.’
Lincoln glowered at her. ‘I don’t want Grace.’
‘Because I won’t allow you to want her.’ Ivyanne counteracted.
‘Oh come on.’ It was his turn to roll his eyes. ‘I’m in love with you but I have my own mind.’
‘Not as much as you think.’ Ivyanne said, still smiling. ‘Don’t you ever wonder why I’m so coveted? What makes my bloodline so elite, considering how much more powerful Ardhi is? Roan was? They were Marked-not Court. Ardhi could kill me in an instant and create his own line of turned mer, so why doesn’t he have the crown? What makes me so special if all I can do is grow good hair and piss you and Tristan off?’
As she asked the question, Lincoln realized he had been thinking along those lines since he’d first had the whelk pressed to his ear but had never really articulated the thought. Sure Anna L’Autienne had been bursting with power-but as far as he knew, none of her descendants had shared a single one of those gifts. They were simply prettier, faster and stronger than the others.
‘Why?’ He asked.
Ivyanne took him by the arms and smiled, slowly turning him so that his back was against the trunk of the Jacaranda-partially obscuring the view of them both from the cafe. ‘Take your shirt off.’
Lincoln’s fingers went to his buttons, and his heart started pounding with renewed vigor. He didn’t know what she was going to show him, but he had a feeling that he was going to enjoy finding out.

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Candy | 14 comments That was awesome! Can't wait to read it >.<

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Becky | 52 comments amazing series can't wait to read the rest.

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S.K. Munt (wordwhisperer) | 85 comments Thanks for the support guys but Natalie is right-Love triangles with perfect characters frustrate the hell out of some people. If she's not into it, she's not. It's all good. Natalie I hope you find something you really enjoy and hope that maybe one day I can write something that fits the bill :) I quite like Teardrop by Lauren kate so far, for being different though I'm not sure if she's a mermaid yet. There's something water-ish going on there.

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Jen | 4 comments Oh no, that's unfortunate you didn't enjoy it Natalie. There is nothing worse than investing time on a book just just don't enjoy! just curious though.. did you finish this one?

I do love me a Triangle so I am probably bias but I thought this one was so much more than the usual fickle beauty toying with men's hearts. I actually felt sorry for Ivyanne ( although I'd like to strangle her perfect neck at times) because she can't choose her man based a love alone. The survival of The Mermaids especially the Marked ones depends on her choice!

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Howard Parsons (howardparsons) | 181 comments Natalie wrote: "I can't figure out what all the hype is about this one. I have definitely read better. One more book about another love triangle where a perfect mermaid is selfishly the center of the universe. Get..."
Sometimes, it's not the story but the way the story is told.

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Becky | 52 comments I don't really think she was selfish she just got in too deep with both guys. She was trying to get over Lincoln and she knew that to keep her race around it would be hard to be with a human. It was a fight between her head and her heart. It was frustrating and I also felt bad for her since it was a hard decision. She has a history with Lincoln so it's hard to let it go.

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Becky wrote: "I don't really think she was selfish she just got in too deep with both guys. She was trying to get over Lincoln and she knew that to keep her race around it would be hard to be with a human. It wa..."

I thought Ivyanne was the opposite of selfish and that frustrated me. When she finally gets selfish, she works everything out just right. I liked that message very much, its something Ive given a lot of thought too recently.

Natalie its a real shame you didnt enjoy the series. I created a group for them as I loved them so much. Especially seeing how many love triangle books you and I have in common as our favourites. Perhaps youre just over the concept in general? I know I need to rest my brain and lady parts between J.R Ward books. They get fairly intense. But theyre oh so hot to read when I am rested!

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Howard Parsons (howardparsons) | 181 comments Ladies, I am of the opinion that S.K. has written a novel with complex characters & motivations. Thus, it is easy for different people to interpret actions & choices in different ways.

We all are going to to view the actions of Ivyanne, Tristan & Lincoln somewhat differently.


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Becky | 52 comments Howard wrote: "Ladies, I am of the opinion that S.K. has written a novel with complex characters & motivations. Thus, it is easy for different people to interpret actions & choices in different ways.

We all are ..."

Very true, some books aren't for everybody. I usually am not that big on the whole love triangle but it works for this series, cuz Ivyanne's choice isn't obvious really. It keeps me wondering who she will pick.

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Becky | 52 comments it has been kinda dead on this thread lol. I have been lazy lately.

message 19: by Randi, Movies, Music, Merpeople (new)

Randi (The Artist Formerly known as Guitar Chick) (guitarchick) | 1021 comments Mod
Hey guys, I know I kind of missed the conflict and all, but if you don't like a book or the whatnot, keep it polite and all that good stuff. Stay classy, my friends. It's perfectly okay not to like something, but please be kind towards others about it. This goes for both sides. Keep it cool, or else I'll have to get all moderator on you guys.

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S.K. Munt (wordwhisperer) | 85 comments Yes GC couldn't agree more.. I appreciate everyone's defence of 'my character' (Ha ha double entendre totally on purpose) I don't need it, and neither does Ivyanne. She is selfish. She is regarded as perfect. But anyone who finishes the trilogy is going to see that she owns this in the end, and embraces her own imperfection as we all should. Our flaws are where our strengths usually lie.

But just in case this gets out of hand I suggest we move this discussion over to the group for this book and leave the sweet, perfect mermaids alone so the poor moderator doesn't need to fluke-slap us :)

Makes sense considering that EVERYONE who has written here, is part of TFS group in some way.

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Randi (The Artist Formerly known as Guitar Chick) (guitarchick) | 1021 comments Mod
Yeah, I've got a mean uppercut fluke slap. I don't want to use it. :)

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S.K. Munt (wordwhisperer) | 85 comments To celebrate the release of my new release Unchained melody on 25/3/14
My first novel; The Marked Ones, Book #1 in The Fairytail Saga,
Will be available for FREE kindle download on Amazon
this weekend for the first and only time!

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https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DQOM8G6 The Marked Ones (The Fairytale Saga, #1) by S.K. Munt
The Marked Ones

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Becky | 52 comments Yay I bought three rings and heads or tails. Just started three rings, and will get urchin soon.

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