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Jazz smiles, one eyebrow raised at his politeness. She enters his house, taking in its dark and surprisingly neat exterior.

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Jazz smiles, placing her arms around his neck, and pulls him into a kiss.

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She slowly backs up into a wall, snaking her tongue inside. She places her hands on his chest to steady herself.

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Emellie stumbles into the bedroom, pushing him onto the bed eagerly.

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Jazz cuddled with him, smiling.

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"So does this mean we are.... together?" she asks, not sure of that was no strings attached. It didn't feel casual to her. It felt special and perfect.

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Um,don't havta be if you don't want..." she says, squirming uncomfortably. She extracted herself from their embrace.

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"Okay, whatever." She says, getting up. She quickly put on all her clothes, feeling uncomfortable to be named in front of someone that didnt even want her.

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She quickly gathered her bag. "Um, bye," she says to Jason before leaving the room, not realizing she forgot her wand on the floor.

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Jazz turned around, hearing quick footsteps behind her.

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"Oh," she felt the dissapointment on her face. "Um, thanks," she says, grabbing her wand.

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She did her teleporting spell and went back home.

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