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message 1: by Mia (new)

Mia (VioletLuifie) | 25 comments Mod
What are your thoughts on reading in public? Where do you read? Do you do it often?
I enjoy reading, so I usually don't care about reading in public, but I don't always do it.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

I work in a ski resort by winter/mountain bike by summer town high in the mountains, so in the late springs and early fall there is nothing going on and noone around, like now. I read A LOT at work in these times. I try to be active as much as possible and not sit on my couch too much when I have too much beauty in nature around me, but if I am into a good book it is often a tough decision!! I usually compromise and find a nice creek or lake to sit by and.. you guessed it.. READ! :)

message 3: by Jenna (new)

Jenna (jennamead29) | 3 comments A bus ride to my nearest town is around 20-25 minutes so I usually take my kobo and read on the bus, and I used to work in a pub (finished in march) and used to read in between customers because it wasn't that busy down there.

message 4: by Sam (new)

Sam (semanthia) | 21 comments Mod
I love reading in public, I read at school, in stores, when my mom takes me bowling, at books a million, anywhere I possibly can :)

message 5: by Ken (new)

Ken (kensamcampo) Awesome. I love to do it.

message 6: by Jojobean (new)

Jojobean I usually read alone in my room on bed but I have read in public too. Sometimes I find it hard to read in public because I like to have absolute quiet when I read

message 7: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Hrcisme) | 34 comments When I was in third grade I read Harry Potter for the first time. At one point I was reading in the middle of class and I think it was when Fred died that I burst out sobbing. I wasn't even supposed to be reading.

message 8: by Tayla (new)

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) I could never read in public

1. I need quiet when i read
2. I am a very emotional reader
3. I always laugh out loud

message 9: by Naomi (new)

Naomi Barbat | 8 comments I don't mind reading in public... But I'm the type who talks to the book so that can be weird for others to see when they walk by

message 10: by Monika (new)

Monika (moxx) I think that some books are quite okay to be read in public but there are books that you should have privacy for.

For instance, I usually read on my way to school and back home on bus and recently I have read some sexual scene and I had to blush so much when I realised that there were people around me :D.

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

Haha, well in that case it's definitely good to read in private XD
I don't like people reading over me even when its nothing bad. I usually read in a corner or something :P

message 12: by Monika (new)

Monika (moxx) When I'm at home, I prefer reading in bed, it's just really comfortable and private enough :).

message 13: by Bekah (new)

Bekah Weeeeeeeeelllllllll I read everywhere I go so place doesn't necessarily matter to me

message 14: by Adam (new)

Adam (amilesb) | 25 comments I don't like if people are reading over my shoulder otherwise I can read in public just fine.

message 15: by Lulu (new)

Lulu (lulufritz) I enjoy reading in bed or on the sofa but I can read pretty much anywhere. Reading in public just makes sense though at times. When on the bus or waiting for an appointment or something I just prefer to have a book in hand

message 16: by Monika (new)

Monika (moxx) Bed is the best choice! :) I read in public because it shortens the time, otherwise the time spent sitting on the bus is pretty useless...

message 17: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Lingenfelter (StephanieLingenfelter) I read everywhere I can! Yesterday, my mom took us to Rascal's and I gave my brothers my attractions while I sat in a corner and read with my headphones in! I l prefer to read in my room in my reading chair or on my bed with my dogs curled up beside me

message 18: by Monika (new)

Monika (moxx) Taking headphones kind of solves the situation when you are in a public place that is noisy so that you can't focus. I totally have the problem that it's difficult to focus for me when people around me chatter.

message 19: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Lingenfelter (StephanieLingenfelter) I focus better with music playing for some strange reason!

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