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Holding the Dream (Dream Trilogy, #2)
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Mi Mi | 1 comments Kate was adopted by the Templeton, the generous family who owned a huge townhouse in the suburbs of California. Her parents died in a car accident when she was 8 years old. Since then, Templeton family welcome her into their house. She grew up three other children; Laura Templeton, Nate Templeton and Margo soon to be Templeton; when she get married to Nate. They are all treated equally and grew up always having each other. However, when they grow up, they had to go their own ways. Laura getting married and having two beautiful girls, Margo marrying the man of her dreams; Nate. Lastly, Kate, who never believed in love or marriage and only focus on her career of financial advisor in Bittle and Associates. She is soon to discover a very bitter secret behind her biological parents' death.

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