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The branch of Capitol Academy where all of the history classes are taught. Home to the classroom of the lovely yet somewhat crazy Ms. Penelope McCann.

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Miss Penelope McCann adjusted her grip on her worn leather briefcase as she walked down the hallway, looking for her correct room number. She was absolutely ecstatic to be at this school, it was so lavish!!! She had gone to a college that looked like this place, on a large scholarship, of course, and thought the kids that attended this academy should be very, very happy to do so. To be able to spend high school at a place like this...damn. Pennie couldn't keep the grin off of her face as she came upon her classroom door. She inserted the key in the lock and turned it, then twisted the handle and lightly pushed the door open, already commuting the scene to her memory, filing it under 'Top Ten Best' in the moments section. The room was perfect. It had a large whiteboard, one that actually could accommodate her large handwriting and could fit many lists and notes that her students would need. And her desk was made of gorgeous dark wood. She set her briefcase down on the desk and shrugged off her light jacket, then started to take out her things and organize them into the desk.

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