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Nova  J. Finishing the third installment I have to say....I think Luke is going to come back.
I mean Percy mentioned him a lot (ahum foreshadowing);especially now that Percy is starting to realize what Luke was trying to say about gods using demigods.

What do you guys think? Do you think he'll come back? OR you guys think I'm crazy?

♪♫Gloria♫♪ Rick confirmed he will not be making an appearance. Luke is dead and WILL stay dead.

Bailey Dishman Honestly, despite others opinions, I have always believed that this could happen. I was actually quite fond of Luke, and his death was really sad for me, I always kind of HOPED that he would. However, Gloria is right, Rick himself has confirmed that Luke will stay dead, as of right now at least.

Eleanor Rigby perhaps they will see Luke in the Underworld? That's a possibility if he didn't decide to be reborn, or if it hasn't happened yet...

Reyhaneh maybe luke is in tartarus because... you know... he was pretty bad even though i like him, the gods didn't. so he got sent to tartarus and he will be able to close the doors from one side because he is already dead. but rick said he is not making an apperance so there goes that theory... unless rick ment that luke will stay dead but still be around to help in tartarus and when he helps the gods will forgive him and send him out of tartarus... yay... thats probably not going to happen though and 1 of the 7 will have to be sacrificed. :(

Mikela who knows? Authors can change their minds. It would be cool.

notyourfriend No, I don't think Luke can come back. After all, Bianca couldn't. Or Zoe. Or Beckendorf. Or Silena.

Astoria I don't think so, sure he was kind of good and died a Hero's death but, he also did a lot of bad things because of how he felt towards his father.

Bailey Dishman It's been a long time since I read the book, but as I recall, the things Luke did were not of his choice. It was a matter of Kronos' influence, and possession over Luke's body. He chose Luke because he was weak. He attempted to take over Percy, starting with dreams, but failed because Percy was too strong. Thats why he went with Luke's body. So, technically, Luke was not himself when commiting these crimes. In his last few moments of life, he gained control over his body again and thats why he died a hero's death.

Kaelyn Eleanor Rigby wrote: "perhaps they will see Luke in the Underworld? That's a possibility if he didn't decide to be reborn, or if it hasn't happened yet..."

Hey u have a point there

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I think he could return, but not as Luke, reborn as a different kid. Perhaps the Seven will find him, or perhaps Luke's reappearance will be connected to Calypso's?

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