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message 1: by Emer (new)

Emer Hi guys! Okay so suggestions are now closed for the Monthly Read Of September! We have a poll starting tomorrow (25th August) and ending on 31st August. Please get voting, starting tomorrow:)

message 2: by Emer (new)

Emer Hi guys! The poll is up!:D

message 3: by Emer (new)

Emer Aha, you never know that!:) There's 39 of us and only 3 votes so it can easily change!

message 4: by Emer (new)

Emer But I do hope Glass Houses wins, it's amazing<3

message 5: by Emer (new)

Emer Yeah they are!:D And ooh my god it's possibly one of the best books ever!!!c:

message 6: by Emer (new)

Emer Keep voting guys!c:

message 7: by Emma (new)

Emma (elleandflowers) | 17 comments I've always wanted to read the Morganville Vampire series so now is my chance!^_^

message 8: by Emer (new)

Emer Thanks! It is unbelievably amazing >.<

message 9: by Emma (new)

Emma (elleandflowers) | 17 comments Will the book of the month for September be announced on August 31st?::)

message 10: by Emer (new)

Emer Yeah it will :D

message 11: by Rosalie (new)

Rosalie Williams Only one day left to vote!

message 12: by Emer (new)

Emer Votings over guys! I'll make a new discussion!:D

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