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Zach parks in her driveway, stepping out of his car.

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Zach smirks. "Sorry to say I'm probably a bit heavier than your used to," he insists.

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Zach smiles, "lets see it then," he challenges her.

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Zach felt his mouth drop to the ground in surprise. "Wow.... I can pick up a 40 pound weight!" he exclaimed.

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Zach smiles, following her inside.

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Zach pets the dog. "Hey buddy! What's you name?" he asks. He has always loved dogs.

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Zach scratches Joe behind the ear before he sat down next to her. "Hm, watcha wanna do?"

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Zach shrugs, "Sure!" he agrees, wondering why she wants to do that of all things.

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"Well, I could spend the night if you wanted that," he suggests smiling. He definitley didn't want Rob anywhere near her. He stood ul to follow Vi to her brothers room.

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He looks around the relitively neat room, not seeing anything out of the ordinary.

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"Um," he says, looking down. "I don't know....."

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"Listen, I'm sure hes planning on coming back..." he insists half heartedly.

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"Vi, he cares about toy. I know he does. Family always does," he assures her, knowing it was true.

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Zach sighs, following her. He sits down beside her and put his shoulder around her, squeezing her tight.

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He gently kisses her forehead. "Hmm, wanna watch a movie?" Zach asks, feeling like this is so the perfect setting for a movie.

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"Whatever you do," he asnwers with a shrug.

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Zach gets comfortable, holding Violet in his arms.

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"Um, I don't know, I guess that's up to you," he muttered, not wanting her to give him another chance at all.

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Zach shrugs, "Then forgive, I don't know, " he says.

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"Ok, then dont forgive him," Zach says, squeezing her tighter to him.

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Zach immediately let go of her. "Then be his girlfriend." He whispers, it tortured him to even say such a thing.

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Zach accepted her hug, keeping silent. He gently stroked her hair.

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Zach slowly smiles. He gives her a kiss, basically telling her: I will love you always.

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"Me? Leave you? Never," he promises.

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Zach smiles, turning back to the screen to watch the movie. They are watching some old black and white film.

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He was offended but didnt say anything. He was like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode, and Zach was not planning on setting him off.

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"Dude, just face it. Shes not intrested," he finally interjects,

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Zach clenches his fists angrily. He waits for Violet to reject him, knowing that she will.

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Zach freezes. He shakes himself to make sure hes not dreaming. He yells at her angrily, "To think just 2 mintues ago you said you loved me!" He runs out of the house.

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"You don't know what happened?" He repeated angrily. His fist closed around the door handell, ready to yank it open.

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Zach being an elf, has sensitive hearing. He looked up at Rob quickly "What did you say? You put a spell on her!?" He yells, ready to beat the shit out of him.

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"Don't lie to me, you put a love spell on her didnt you," he asks, aggressively pushing him.

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"Just get the hell out of here!" he yells at him.

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"She never going with you. Shes with me!" he glares.

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"Its not your fault. Hes just a total jerk," he says, pulling her into some sort of hug.

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Zach glares at him, holding Violet tightly.

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"Its okay," he sighs. "Hes just a selfish jerk. I dint know what's al satisfiying about forcing someone to love you."

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Zach smiles, kissing the tip of her nose.

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"Leave? Why would I leave?" he asks.

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"Well, that was before," he smiles, kissing her softly

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He slowly pulls away, smiling from ear to ear.

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His phone starts buzzing loudly. Zach fumbles around, looking for his phone. He takes it out aand veiws the message. "Aw, shit," he groans. "My mom needs me to be home," he states glumly.

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"Of course," he replies, kissing her cheek. He waves in farewell before he drives off home.

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((What? Has Rob gona full on stalker mode?!))

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((when should Zach interrupt? now?))

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Zach knocked on Violets door loudley. He waited outside for her to answer.

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Zach smiles at him. "Well, nice seeing you, bye!" He says cheerily, glad hes finally leaving. When Rob finally left he laughed. "Looks like I finally have you all to myself," he grins.

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Zach places his hands on her waist, pulling her closer.

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"Oh, hi!" he says, his cheeks pinken. He holds out his hand to shake.

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