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The never-ending story arc

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Chelsea Okay, has anyone else noticed that even her Notes to the Reader are inconsistent and make no sense? At the beginning of book 7 (Undead and Unworthy), she says that book 7 is the beginning of a trilogy (so, 7, 8 and 9). Then at the beginning of book 10, she again says it's part of a trilogy, but that it's the MIDDLE book (9, 10, 11.) Ummm...nobody else notice that 9 is overlapping? Is she being ironic? She has Betsy in overlapping timelines, so she decided to overlap her "trilogies." Or is it simply that she's a lazy writer and can't be bothered to keep any of her "facts" straight.

I thought the Anita Blake series was bad, but at least LKH can keep her story/characters straight. She could have easily condensed these five books into a legit three books and actually had the plot progress at a tolerable speed. Instead she decided to throw in a bunch of inane, convoluted, idiotic dialogue for filler and tortuously expand it to 5 books. So is she lazy AND money-grabbing?

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Lee this series started out good but its long past its sell by date in the later books

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