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message 1: by Dyana (last edited Aug 28, 2013 10:41AM) (new)

Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments Dave remembered something about love potions. " Love Poitins' affect can be brokenm only when the person whom under the spell is kissed by his true pair and real love".
But he didn't know if it would work on love spells too. He stared at Jaime calmly, examining her soft features, he had a crush on her since he met Jason. His feelings were strong toward her, but he was never brave enough to approch her and tell her that.

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Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments "I...umm..I'm sorry..." His voice trailed off. He wasn't suppose to apologize, he was trying to save her !!
But she didn't realize that.
They both stood there awkwardly staring at each other. Dave couldn't swallow his hurt, or hide it from spilling from his beautiful eyes.
Jaime felt guilty.

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Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments Baby steps. Dave thought while locking Jaime's hand in his while leading her back home.
She yanked her hand harder than she intended to.
" I don't wanna go, take my back to Chad ! I just wanna be with him ! I love him ! " She said.
He sighed paitently.
" you're under a spell, Jaime. You don't love him" He said leaning his back against the door.

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Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments She was very confused. Her memory is a blur of images. The Alley, Jason, Chad, The House. Nothing makes sense to her. But something in her gut told her to trust Dave, after seeing his conserned face, she knew whoever he was, he wanted to save her.

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Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments Jaime felt really tired, and very greatful for Dave.
Jaime says curling into herself " Dave ? "
He replyes without looking at her, his steps so confidant and stable " what is it ? "
" I'm too tired, can we take a break ? I wanna sleep"

message 6: by Dyana (new)

Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments Jason followes them.
"wait! wait! you owe me an explenation ! after all, Jaime is my sister ! "
Jamie was dozzing off.
"Shhhh. She's been through alot. lets take her back to the apartment, and put her to bed, and then I'll tell you everything."

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Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments The three of them went back to the apartment, David put Jaime gently on her bed, and went with Jason to the living room.
" You're so stupid, Jason." Said Dave not looking to his friend.
" say what want to say without any intrroductions !" said Jason weirly.

message 8: by Angela (new)

Angela Jamie stays fast asleep. Dave sits beside her and wispers in her ear.

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Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments " I want to talk to Jason." said Jaime.
" Maybe when he knows the truth he'd help! "
David looked desprate, she doesn't get it.
" There is nothing Jason can do to help, I'm afraid you don't have much of choice now."
Doubts were filling Jaime, why he wanted to run away with her, why he's being over protective ? She had Jason who was capable of saving her.

" Why ? Why can't he do anything about it ? " Said Jaime , her voice shaking more than she intended.
" Because he broke the circle, and by our rules he deserve to be punched ! there is nothing he coukd do about it !" David was really frustrated now.

message 10: by Dyana (new)

Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments While they were walking Jaime noticed how handsome Dave was. Maybe they're meant to be together. But her safty was her first priorety right now. Then suddenly it hit her. Dave was a member of the Gang. As far as she knew none of them was good. Fear crept into her again.
" I wanna know more about the Gang." Said Jaime demanding.
" I'm Sorry, Jaime." said David sencierly.
"About this mess. No one was suppose to get hurt."

message 11: by Dyana (new)

Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments He graped her hand to walk with her. But she yanked her hand fiercly.
" I'm not going with you until I get my answers !" She folded her arms and waited.
He sighed havily. " Fine, What do you wanna know ? " he said averting her face. He was conserned that she won't trust him any more after hearing the truth.

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Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments "I'm two years older than you, that makes me 20." Dave started.
Jaime started listening carfully.
" I joined them when I turned 18. I was alone and lost, but I met Jason and Chad at Campus and we became friends. They introduced me to The Gang."

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Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments Suddenly he lookes startled and annoyed. Dave started the Van's engine and drove very fast, over 80 km\hour.
Jaime clunched to her seat tightly.
" What's wrong with you? are you intending to kill us ? "
Dave was really focused. All waht he wanted is to run away and find a place to hide.
" They're coming to look for you, probably they just arrived at your apartment ! " Said David, his jaw clenched in worry.
" How..How do you know?" Jaime was scared.
" I can see the futur. I'll explain everything as soon as we get out of here" And he drove even faster.

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Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments " Hidding, appearently... this way they'll lose our track, and we'll gain time to find a better hiding place." He said stepping out of the car.

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He opened her door for her, closing the door behind her. He got in the drivers side and slowly started to drive through the dense forest. Jamie was confused at why he had an extra truck in the middle of the woods, but she decided not to question it.

message 16: by Dyana (last edited Sep 01, 2013 01:06AM) (new)

Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments " Can we set and...talk ??" Jamie said anxiously.
" I promiced I'll answer all your questions..." Dave held her from the shoulders and shock her slightly , gazing with love into her green eyes.
" but I need to make.sure you're safe first."
And he started driving.
" one question...why do you have a truck in the middle of forest ?"
" it's another long story, I'm not in my chattery mood right now. But I did this so the gang wont be able to track us down."

message 17: by Dyana (new)

Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments Jaime's heart was pounding out of her chest, she was really happy. She doesn't remember being this happy in ages.
She went back to her seat, held Dave's free hand and drew circules on the back of his hand.
" where are we going ? " Jaime asked.
" Ouuta of town, I'm going to my house to take money and other stuff that we need, and we'll get going. Don't worry about a thing." His voice was tough and reassuring.
" I still want my answers,though." Jaime pointed out.
"I told you you'll have them, as soon as we're setteled."
He drove for almost an hour, and reached his house.

message 18: by Dyana (last edited Sep 01, 2013 01:46PM) (new)

Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments she chuckled silently, flushing.
" Should I ? " she said playfully.
" I thought you might need help packing or something." She said twirling a lock of her hair around her index.
David's composed face was dead serious now.
" Jaime we're running away, this is not sort of a vacation." and he dashed to another room and started packing randomly.

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Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments "Okay.." Said Jaime abruptly.
Dave put the bags in the backseat and started the ingine.
Suddenly he leaned on the steering wheel. and hit hed head frequently on the wheel.
" No...No... They can't do this..." He murmured under his breath.
Jaime was really worried.
" Dave? are you Okay ? "
He didn't look at her, She knew it's the visions again.
"Chad Is going to Kill Jason."

message 20: by Dyana (last edited Sep 01, 2013 03:07PM) (new)

Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments " You ARE staying at the house !" He said angrily stepping out of the car.
Jaime was upset, he has no right to control her.
" Dave I'm really sick of you playing the hero all the time ! I'm feeling like a burdon on your shoulders!!" her voice crocked
" And Jason, after all is my brother..." her eyes were tearing now. She couldn't think about losing Dave or Jason.
David was loading a riffle. He said without looking at her
" Your brother was willing to sacrefice you to save himself !!"

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Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments "who told you that David bothered me ?" Jaime said supressing her tears.
"I...I l..like him, I might even love him." she stuttered.
"see?? That's what I'm talking about. Maybe he had you under some spell just like Chad did to make you love him!!"
"He didn't !!!"
" how can you know ??" Jason argued
" he tried to save me and keep me safe. He didn't do anything to hurt me."

message 22: by Dyana (new)

Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments Jaime consedered what Jason said for a moment, then shock her head in disbelief.
" No !" Said Jaime fircely.
" I'm going after David and you're free to come or not!"
" Don't go! David went to find Chad, he thinks you're with him, you don't need his heroic acts!" Jason Spetted.
" You don't understand!!" She said walking away from her brother, and riding into Dave's truck.

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Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments She goes to his house, but she didn't find him nor his car.
So se decided to go to the House where Chad took here to show her The Gang.
He must be there.

message 24: by Dyana (last edited Sep 02, 2013 07:26AM) (new)

Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments Suddenly The rest of The Gang came out of no where and surrounded them.
Chad dashed swiftly, pointing a gun into Jason's head and grabbing Jaime from her hair.
" If any of you two move, I swera I'll shoot ! " He said to David and Jaime.
Chad gave her a gun, and forced her to point it out at David.
"Shoot him" Chad said whispering into her ear.

message 25: by Dyana (new)

Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments " What about Jason?! We can't leave him behind ! " Jaime said.
"He decided to act on his own, he should try to be responsible for his own mistakes now on! " Said Dave accelerating really fast.

message 26: by Dyana (last edited Sep 03, 2013 03:05PM) (new)

Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments Dave runs after Jaime.
" if you'd only listen to me, none of this mess would've happened" he yelled after her.
Jaime was fumimg now.
'' I'm not a little girl, okay? And I'm not your girlfriend or anytthing so you don't have any authority on me, Understand?!"
And she started to walk away but he gripped her wrist
" you're not leaving, Jaime!! You won't be safe on your own!"
She yelled at him, with tears straming down her face.
" you promiced me to tell me everything and you didn't, you told me you'd never put me under a spell and you did, you're trying to control me nd doo what ever you want just because you thiink itt's the riight thing to do aand the only way to save me!" she finallly exploded at him.

And what she said hurt him deeply and he coldn't hide itt.

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Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments He really wanted to follow her and tell her how much he loved her and cared about her,g but he knew that would only make everything worse.
So he decided to let her do what she want. The next day he came back to meet up with her, just like he promiced.

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Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments Tuck runs toward Dave and stabs him in his chest an twists the knife inside his chest.
Jaime screamd and.Tuck suddenly disappeared hearing tthe police seriens from a far.
Jaime hurried to David, who was soaked with his own blood, and put his jead in her lap and sobed violently and buried her head in hes chest.
" Don't die on me Dave"
She said that her body trumbling.
But he wasn't breathing

message 29: by Dyana (new)

Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments She tried to CPR him. And his pulse was week. He started breathing but his breath was week, trumbling and sour. she put her fingers in the wound trying to control the bleeding; still no use.
His pulse was very week, his tempretature high, and he was losing too much blood.
She hugged his head and stroked his hair.
"please Dave, ple...please...you're everything left for me..." Jaime pleaded.

message 30: by Dyana (new)

Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments "Ja...Jaime..ouch!" he called her trying to set up but the pain was too sharp he bearly held his hand up to touch her face.
"shhhh...dont talk; just stay with me Dave, stay awake till I call 911" she was crying, reliefed that he awoke but she was still scared to death.

message 31: by Dyana (new)

Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments " I...can...endure..my..pain...seing..you..suffer..is untolerable...for...me.." her teeth were gritted, her face full of pain.
David tried the calming spell on Jaime but it didn't work.
He knew he wasn't strong enough to put her under two spells at once but he had to try.
He pulled over at his house and carried her inside.
"hold on, Jaime. I'll undo the spell now. I have first aid kit in here and would take care of me okay? "
Jaime tried to say something but she couldn't, so she just nodded.

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Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments He instantly crouches and moans. He tries to walk to the bed leaning aginst Jaime for support.
Jaime startles and starts looking for a needle and disinfectent to sew his wound. She gave him Advel fo the pain, his pulse now was steady .
He held her hand tightly while she sewd his wound.
He was breathing heavily with pain.
" it's okay baby. Everything will be alright. Just stay with me..."
She couldn't control herself and now she was crying silentley and skimming his hair.

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Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments "I love you too, and I know I'm not under a spell."
She said that hugging his head tightly.Jaimy realized how much she cared about David.
He tried to say something but she put her hands on his lips.
" don't say anything, just take a rest and we'll have all the time to talk after you wake up..." she said that lying next to him, her head rested on his chest
She slept to the rythem of his heart.

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Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments " what?!" Jaime said under her breath.
" Tuck... Just leave us alone..." David scowled at him.
" Don't worry lover boy... I'm not here for you or her. I'm here to bring a massage for you...from SERANA..."
David's body suddenly tensed and his face composed.
" what does she wants ??"
" another body...obviously..." Tuck's voice was bored and he was leaning on the door.
" you have twenty four hours to come and help us to give SERANA the body, we already took care of that."

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Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments " we have to run.." David hissed.
" but let me take care of this mess...go to the car.." but Jaime wouldn't leave without Dave
Her body was numb and she didn't move till Dave shouted at her to go.
He cleaned everything. It took him ten minutes. Then he drove the car at high speed.

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Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments " Don't blame yourself, Jaime." Dave said that pressing her hand on his.
" but...he is my brother. my only brother. We have to save him."
" I can't go back Jaime, they need me to complete the circle. Then Jason is gone for good !!" David was really frustrated that he can't save his friend.

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Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments Jaime was staring for too long.
" what ??" He says that trying to focus in the road but it was hard with her emerald eyes fixed at him

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Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments his face flush, he wanted to say something but he had nothing to say.
" ummm...so what are we gonna do now ?!"
" I don't know." she said hopelessly.

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Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments "we're not safe you know." David aays that rubbing the back of his neck.
" why ?!" she was really startled.
" we can't keep running away for ever" His voice was rough and composed.

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Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments In the morning they arived to Dakota. David rented a small apartment somewhere remote.
" I hope that'd do the trick, I know it's not th perfect place to live for a while, but that all what I could afford" David said sheepishly
Jaime was happy that finally she'll get settled down for a while that she didn't care that the house had only one bathroom and it wa poorly furntued.
" it's okay." she said that examining the two roomed apartment.

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Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments " so...." Jaime says that sitting next to him.
" what..are you ?? a Werlock with special abilities ?" she said that narrowing the space between them and holding his hand.

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Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments He couldn;t help but holding her closer. He was really exhuasted from the trip and he wanted to sleep.
So they just stayed in that position, David's eyes shut, hoding Jaime close, while she was memorizing his composed features.
"you seem ...uncomfortable.." Said Jaime.
"No..I'm just tired" His voice was sluggy, his words slow.

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Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments They slept for few hours. Jaime was bashful at the begining but she felt safe in his embrace and she never wanted to get up.
" good morning, beautiful" David said rubbing his eyes and adjusting his pousture.
"it's not morning..." Jaime said that smiling widly.

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Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments " I have a better idea, why don't we clean the house together, will finish faster." David suggested, but the truth was , he wanted to spend time with Jaime.
" and then I can take you out for dinner."
Jaime approved and they started working.

message 45: by Dyana (new)

Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments "Actually, umm, there was a little adjustment on plans. We're not going out. I'll ask you for one little favor. get into your room, get dressed and don't go out until I tell you. Okay ? "
Jaime was suspicious but she trusted him so she did what he said. An hour later he called her out, she found that he prepared a small dinner table for two with read candles and roses.
" Red is my favorite color ! " she couldn't hide her surprise.

message 46: by Dyana (new)

Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments "now we can actually act like a real couple, go out on dates, and stuff...if you want to" he was blushing and Jaime thought he was very adorable so she gave him a soft kiss on his cheek.
"definitely I want to" she said with grin spreading on her face.
"you know, we never got the chance to have a normal..relation in the past few weeks, I guess now it's the perfect time to get to know each other."

message 47: by Dyana (new)

Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments "I..ummm..I'm not keeping any secrets, if you want to know why I'm nervous most of the time it's because I know we're not safe yet, and I'm scared that I might lose you. and most of the time I feel like I'm not good enough for you"
Jaime was shocked !
" Why ? why do you feel like this ?" Jaime asked

message 48: by Dyana (new)

Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments He must be a mind reader, Jaime thought. Because what he said was completely true.
She clasped her hand tightly around his and tilted his head up.
"hey, we'll have all the time to worry about SERANA and the gang tomorrow. This might be our only chance to go out on a real date. okay ? "
He nodded and they started eating.

message 49: by Dyana (new)

Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments She stopped eating an arched an eyebrow, she said half smiling : " I was right, weren't I ? "

message 50: by Dyana (new)

Dyana  Hindi | 153 comments She woke up very dizzy and nauseated, but feeling his chest going up on down was very reliefing she didn't want to move.
"Why ?" She said slowly, her eyes shut.
" I know you love me, and you should know I love you, so why are trying to keep us apart ?"
"I'm scared." David found himself saying without thinking.
"Of me ?" her tone was threaded with sadness.
"Of losing you" He snaped back holding her closer.

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