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message 1: by Robert (new)

Robert Elisberg I apologize if this appears to be overkill, but I hope people here will recognize (and perhaps appreciate) the need to update old information.

The other day, I noted with surprise and pleasure that my novel, The Wild Roses had hit #57 on Amazon's bestseller list for women's fiction, in Kindle ebooks.

While certainly pleased, I kept explaining to people that book wasn't just women's fiction, but rather a comic adventure in the spirit of The Three Musketeers. (As author Bart Baker refers to it, "Hot chicks with swords...")

Well, I wanted to correct myself, because it came with pleasure...and this time shock that I spoke to early. The book has since made the Top 50 in three different Amazon categories this week.

Action/Adventure -- #37
Women's Fiction -- #46
Historical Fiction -- #52

(And further, it reached #1129 overall in Amazon Kindle sales.)

I had put the book on sale for a week at $0.99 -- down from its regular price of $3.99. As a thank you...and also because of following the Hippocratic Oath of "First, Do No Harm," I've decided to not screw around with things, and therefore will keep the sale price for a few days more.

"The Wild Roses" tells the tale of three young women who are each forced to leave their homes, against their wishes. On their own, they make their way through the world until their paths overlap with one another, and with the destiny of France. The story takes place during a time of Civil War, and mixes fiction with real-life historical personalities.

It's on sale at Amazon here --

The Wild Roses by Robert J. Elisberg

message 2: by Sangita (new)

Sangita Mazumder (lavanyaray) | 4 comments This looks great Robert. Congratulations. Plaaning to write a series?

message 3: by Robert (new)

Robert Elisberg Lavanya, Thanks for your note. Sorry it took me a while to get back to you, I was out of town.

I certainly hope the book is as good as it seems. At the moment, the reviews and reaction support that.

For right now, no, I don't plan this as a series. There are a few reasons for that -- the main one though is that, as you'll see (if you do read the book) is that what interested me in telling this story is a very specific plot -- centered around the hurdles the women each face. I think it's a particularly interesting premise, but the reality is that once those hurdles are faced, and the adventure resolved, the story is told. The characters and setting remain interesting, but it would need to go off in a completely different direction. (I don't want to explain or give away too much, which I'm sure you understand...) This isn't like creating a detective or a "situation" that by nature is episodic. It certainly *could* be a series, but the series would be very different from this story.

(Also, there are simply other stories I'm interested in telling, and in a range of genres. For me, that's a pleasure of writing.)

What might happen is that I may later revisit the characters and tell another story that picks up their lives and tells *that* story, but I haven't decided on that. I have an idea of what that story could be centered on, but it's very sketchy. And until that new story is fully fleshed, I'll hold off. I think these wonderful characters -- and readers -- deserve that.

Just know that when I came up with the premise for "The Wild Roses," I didn't write it for almost -- a year! Because I didn't find the development compelling. It was only when I figured out the story to tell that these women became richer and the tale far more interesting than "just" an adventure. The story became as much about the characters and what they need to go through, as the adventure itself.

That's a long answer to your question of what could have been a simple, "No." But that seemed too curt and dismissive, and I thought it worth explaining that, in fact, a lot of thought has gone into the answer...

message 4: by Sangita (new)

Sangita Mazumder (lavanyaray) | 4 comments It is a long answer, yes, but it was good to know your thoughts on the plot and tge characters. When a book is out each reader relate with its characters differently, and the same happens with the plot. So its always interesting to know what the author originally had in mind while writing them. As for writing a series, I honestly think its better to maintain a variety than just continuing a story. Especially when you write female characters they do offer a lot. My brother has borrowed my kindle for an uncertain period, but I do have this book in my list with some others. Good luck with your next book:)

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