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Tara Spears Just crossed over the 30K mark for Out of the Dark, book two of Trey and Justin's bent saga of truism.

Tara Spears I will be using Nano in November to finish Out of the Dark's first draft. This should keep me on track for a February release. I have been invited by a few book reviewers to do a pre-release announcement on their websites and blogs. How cool is that?

Taintedskyee (Books Books&More Books) I loved the 1st book and cant wait for the next one.I hope thr is at least 3 book about Trey & Justin still it wont be enough I guess.

Tara Spears Thank you for the kind comments!

I had planned to finish Trey and Justin's story in the second book, but... I might do a third short novel/long novella with them much later in life. I already have the storyline for that one and it is so perfect a wrap up for them.

Taintedskyee (Books Books&More Books) You are welcome:D U just made my day I will love it and I am sure so would the other reader.My 1 request,try to release it this year so that I can buy the hard copy of two Trey and Justin story to add to my collection of books for my Bday. Thkx ;)

Jaymie Garton Just finished reading the first book and it's 5:30 am in the morning and I have to be up and out in 3 hours but the no sleep was completely worth it ! I only just finished the book and already looking for the second! Tehehe can't wait for the second !! :)

Tara Spears Jaymie blame Trey! *grin* I am glad you liked it. Thank you for the kind words. I am itching to finish the second book, but I have Forever and a Day that I am striving to complete by the end of October. Then Trey and Justin get all of my attention until the book is complete. Should be out by February.

Tara Spears Just outlined the sweetest love scene ever! Well, for Justin and Trey anyway. It involves snow, Christmas, and Justin's very old gelding after Trey has spent the last day guarding Justin against... oh, um, let's just say Trey finally finds- I guess I can't tell you that either. *shrugs*

Taintedskyee (Books Books&More Books) this is so mean:( want more please.

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Tara Spears In anticipation of the release I will be posting excerpts on my goodreads blog beginning December first. They will be posted each Monday until the release. These boys still have a lot to get through, but there are some sweet moments too. I will tell everyone that the first third of the book will have readers wanting to throw their e-readers against a wall. Maybe the end too, but for a wholly different reason.

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C. Roberta just finished reading the first one...dear lord my mind is in a haze i don't know how many ways i can tel u that 'm thoroughly in awe of that book. i've even refused to review it because there's nothing i can write that can give that book due credit. that book is a diamond and thank you for it! CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT 500 SEQUELS lol :*

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Tara Spears Well, thank you so much for that. Right now I only have Out of the Dark planned, but there might be a third shorter novel that takes place in their mid to late thirties. Buuuttt...I have considered short stories as a way to continue delving into their lives too.

Once my Love's Landscapes story is complete, I will be starting on the second book with plans for a late summer release. Once I am back in their heads, I should be able to kick the book out pretty quickly since I know the story already.

I'm glad you liked it. I will be revising Darker Side, and free copies will be available to all who have rated or reviewed it. So keep an eye on my blog if you'de like a revised/re-edited copy.

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Tara Spears Justin and Trey found me night before last. It took a lot of my own suffering to open the door for them, but they stumbled gratefully in, and showed me where they had been. Note I said Justin first. This will be a dual protag book. It has to be. You'll see why. The writing of it won't take long as I am a third of the way there already...but I have to find Justin's voice and I know the editing will take some time. Watch for updates every few weeks.

Taintedskyee (Books Books&More Books) YAY This is one of those stories I can't stop waiting for:))

Rebecca Read the first one. Finished it last night. Ugh reading it again tonight. Lol I loved it. Trey broke my heart. Wanted to jump through the book and hug him. Really looking forward to the next book.

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Robertskitty Can't wait for the next one!! Wishing every day it was already out!!

Starrynight Does anyone know what happened with this book.

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Tara Spears I have been ill since October last year. I'm still writing but it is a very slow process now. I hope to finish Out of the Dark this fall/winter, but that depends on whether my health cooperates. I apologize, and wish I had just kept writing until their story was complete. I think about Trey and Justin every day, and write down lines and scenes that pop into my head, so their story is progressing, just very slowly.

Pianisuparse Tara wrote: "I have been ill since October last year. I'm still writing but it is a very slow process now. I hope to finish Out of the Dark this fall/winter, but that depends on whether my health cooperates. I ..."

Sometimes it is just impossible to be able to give the stories and the charcters the due diligence they deserve when you are plagued with health issues isn't it or life in general. Whilst I cannot wait to have the rest of their story because I LOVE them I hope you recover quickly.

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