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message 1: by Kal (new)

Kal (kalsdavian) | 10 comments Ok, so I have a book cover that was updated not too long ago, and I need to know how this works exactly before I ask it to be uploaded/updated.

I read that a cover that was published with a book cannot be removed/replaced, but is that only for books with ISBNs? Or does that include any book that has been released to the public?

message 2: by Monique (last edited Aug 23, 2013 12:51PM) (new)

Monique (kadiya) | 1099 comments Short answer: Any book.

Long answer: Each book record exists for an edition of a book. So, a book with one ISBN and 5 different covers will have 5 book records.

What we do is add a new edition, put the new cover on it. Then we add a note to other Librarians that this is an alternate cover edition and to which ISBN/ASIN/BNID it belongs. If the book does not have a unique identifier, I usually mark it as "Alternate cover edition - no ISBN". Then that note also gets added to the book description so people adding the book know which edition they are adding.

If the author wishes to, they can make the new cover the default edition. That means that when someone searches for the book, the edition that comes up will be the cover and ISBN/ASIN/etc combination that the author wants.

All of these editions are combined so they are all in one place.

message 3: by Ewa (new)

Ewa | 233 comments If book was relased with one cover, and then next relase has other cover you can create new edition of this book, also if this book is using same ISBN/ASIN, don't fill this box, just add lib note in description.

message 4: by Kal (new)

Kal (kalsdavian) | 10 comments Alright, thanks guys :)

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