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Lucid dreaming and astral projection

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message 1: by Greg (new)

Greg Doyle (astralgreg) | 61 comments I tend often to half know that I'm dreaming. It's like, I know it's a dream but I want to play it out, as I get the feeling it's going to serve me in some way. For example, last night, my dad was telling me he was very, VERY angry with me after I'd woken him up (in the dream). In the past, things would normally get very agro—as there was abuse as a kid (even though we are good friends in this reality, now). But last night, I just kind of smiled at him, and woke up feeling really good. Hmm...

message 2: by Greg (new)

Greg Doyle (astralgreg) | 61 comments So in other words, I look for the service in the dream, rather than trying to control them, as I did in the past.

message 3: by Kate (new)

Kate | 1 comments Tom wrote: "As the hypnosis thread has drifted nicely into chat about lucid dreaming I thought these could have their own thread. I am always interested to hear workable ways people have success with in initia..."

what does this tablet do?

message 4: by S. (new)

S. Div. (skelleyh) Lucid dreaming is natural for me. I have since childhood, and now--well beyond it ;) can do it upon intention. To that end, it has always been a great problem-solving space for me. I've discovered in adulthood that it does wonders for better hemispheric coordination, and mind chatter is minimal to gone, now. It wouldn't be remiss at all to say it's been a healing technique for me, and greatly influenced my shamanic path.
Cheers, all!

message 5: by Greg (new)

Greg Doyle (astralgreg) | 61 comments Interesting about the tablet thing, Tom. I do agree about waking up early and then going back to sleep. I tend to go to the loo around 4 or 5 am, and then in bed I often do a few astral exercises. I tell myself I'm going to leave my physical body and experience whatever it is I want to experience. I do this a few times, feeling the request in my body. Then, if I don't go astral, I often become lucid in my dreams. And it generally happens just before or around dawn.

message 6: by Greg (new)

Greg Doyle (astralgreg) | 61 comments True.

message 7: by Iona (new)

Iona  Stewart (ionas) What is alpha-GPC otherwise taken for?

message 8: by Iona (new)

Iona  Stewart (ionas) I neglected to recount the beginning of my lucid/astral experience. I realized I was travelling in my astral body along the railway line between Copenhagen to Elsinore, where I lived at the time. I was headed to a town north of Elsinore where my little daughter lived with her father. I realized that I made this journey every night to check that she was ok.Then it was that I decided first to go to visit my friend. At the end of the experience I didn't just wake up normally. I found myself in an extremely deep aware state, that I'd never experienced before. And only very gradually "woke" into a "normal" state. The day before this experience I had taken part in a Silva Mind course, which I'm sure had a lot to do with my having the experience.

message 9: by Iona (new)

Iona  Stewart (ionas) I had another astral/lucid experience where I became conscious that I was in my bathroom looking at myself in the mirror. My image was extremely blurry. I think it was the exertion of staring into the mirror trying to see myself clearly that made me "lucid". I tried and tried to open the bathroom door but couldn't. Then I found I could just go through the door. I went through and remembered that I had read that it was harmful to look at one's sleeping body while out of it. My boyfriend was lying in the bed beside me (my body), and I thought I might look at him. But I immediately woke up in my body without seeing him or my own body. I was thinking, are all lucid dreams not lucid/astral dreams? Could any of you recount your own lucid dreams, please?

message 10: by Greg (new)

Greg Doyle (astralgreg) | 61 comments For me the astral states are very different to the lucid dreaming state, in that they are as clearer than this reality. The lucid state is a dream world where you can often control the happenings. Looking at the body in the astral will send you back to your body, more times than not, I've found. I think it sends a signal that you want to go back. Also, body parts do tend to melt when you focus on them for too long. But from a distance I've checked out my slumbering form a few times, and it's interesting the feelings you get.

message 11: by Greg (new)

Greg Doyle (astralgreg) | 61 comments And you can reach dead people there, in the Astral.

message 12: by Slaireth (new)

Slaireth | 1 comments First of all hello :)

What kind of protective measures do you take before and during the projection? Whenever I get out of my body (not that I do it all the time), some dark being comes and harasses me. Most of the time I get disoriented because of that.

And no, they are not extentions or thought forms stemming from my mind. I already validated that. For reasons unknown, I am kinda popular with these beings.

Thanks in advance

message 13: by Iona (new)

Iona  Stewart (ionas) Iam no expert on stral projection. But if I did find myself in such a situation and harassed by negative beings I might make the sign of the cross or send them lots of divine love. I have heard that especially the latter is particularly effective. Have also in waking life myself had great experiences with the power of love.

message 14: by Greg (new)

Greg Doyle (astralgreg) | 61 comments There seem to be beings on the threshold of realities that get a kick out of scaring the bejeebers out of us when we enter them. I've used all methods at some point from symbols, including the cross in a circle, to incantations, to swear words and feelings of empathy or love. Do what feels right at the time, or try things out. Believe me, I've been tested! I would really like to recommend a book on my own astral travel experiences and insights to those who are interested in this theme, that I've just had published. It covers so much of this stuff, and I'd love to share it with you.
Awakening the Giant Within A Personal Adventure Into the Astral Realms by Greg Doyle
For me it all started when a light came and took me out of my body...and I'd never even heard of astral projection.
If you do read it, I'd love to know what you think.

message 15: by Iona (new)

Iona  Stewart (ionas) Glad to see it's a physical book so I may be able to get hold of it. See you've got a couple of good reviews on Amazon.

message 16: by Greg (new)

Greg Doyle (astralgreg) | 61 comments Cool! I'm sure you'll enjoy it Iona.

message 17: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Davidson (jessica_davidson) | 12 comments I usually become aware I'm dreaming when I start analysing the dream while I'm having it - wondering to myself what it means or what my unconscious is trying to tell me. I've occasionally had some fun with changing events in dreams when I haven't liked the way things were going.
I once dreamed I was being chased by 3 huge black dogs. I jumped over a wall to escape only to find a drop into an abyss on the other side. I thought to myself - that's no good! and rewound back to the chase and ran it again. It took a couple of goes to get over the wall into safety.
I've also had out of body experiences, usually when meditating or very relaxed, where my consciousness suddenly pops up somewhere else. I can still feel my body, either lying or sitting somewhere, but my awareness is looking at something else, in another room, for example. I haven't spent any time practising this stuff or trying to make it happen, so I can't control it.

message 18: by Iona (new)

Iona  Stewart (ionas) Very interesting!

message 19: by Greg (new)

Greg Doyle (astralgreg) | 61 comments That's so true about the analyzing of the dream within the dream causing one to go lucid, Jessica. And the replaying until a certain outcome is satisfactory. I sometimes think a reset of some kind in the mind is going on. You can also use the lucid dream state to drain emotional charge
For me, the astral dimensions are very, very different to the dream realms. They are enormous when compared to this 3D reality. It's like being a kitten and looking through a hole in the front fence out into the world for the very first time. And you can often sense a huge consciousness there, just listening and waiting. All your senses, plus those you didn't know you even had, are kicked up a gear. It's a hyper-real state.

message 20: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Davidson (jessica_davidson) | 12 comments Yes, Greg. It is hyper-real. I often slip into a kind of trance state when I'm meditating. I think it might be when the brain starts pulsing at the gamma wave level and the hemispheres synchronise. There's often a purple light swirling in front of my face when it happens - possibly the brow chakra? Anyway, the body goes very relaxed and heavy but the mind kicks into high alert and focus. But as you say, Greg, the space is enormous. It often feels like my mind has expanded exponentially opening out into a huge panorama. Then images can be displayed, as if on a screen, either with eyes open or closed.

When I was a kid I used to see huge intricate displays of fractals dancing in the air in front of my face. Unfortunately it's not that vivid now I'm older and more likely to start thinking(!).

Anybody else have experience with trance states?

message 21: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Just shamanic drumming journeys, which I love! I look forward to visiting the spirit realm and getting messages and answers to my questions a few times per month. I was very skeptical a little over a year ago when I tried it and was blown away by how my "imagination" became something else I wasn't controlling. Much like a lucid dream. Since then, I've been hooked on both the Native American and Celtic methods.
I have a friend who dabbles in astral travel, but after watching the movie Incideous a few years ago, I doubt I could conjure the courage - even if someone held my little spiritual hand :) I know it's just a movie, but, well, I just should never watch scary movies. If you are interested in astral travel, you might NOT want to watch it. Just an FYI.

message 22: by Melissa (new)

Melissa I do both, but I definitely prefer live. The energy vibration of the group drumming really gets me 'in the zone' for the journey. I am lucky in that I know two shamanic practitioners who each host monthly events :) Have you tried it, Tom?

message 23: by Iona (new)

Iona  Stewart (ionas) Here's a link to a call on astral projection. Great that they're tackling that subject now. I hope the link works.


message 24: by Iona (new)

Iona  Stewart (ionas) Forget to say you need to hear the call as soon as possible because it's only available for a couple of days.

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