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Kasha needed to get outa the house. She didn't know jack that well... and thinks that he thinks she doesn't speak English... Awkward.

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She whirls around in surprise.
"Huh, oh... ya." Her elven accent was thick.

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She doesn't smile, but looks him up and down suspiciously.

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"Elf." She turns and walks deeper into the club, needing alcohol.

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"Yes, why are you so interested in me?" she turns to face him, knocking his hand off her shoulder.

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Her face softens. She was on edge about moving, and not liking the idea of her friend with a boy... "Im sorry. Yes I have a family." she looks down, frustrated with herself.

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" well that was very sweet of you," She said softly, looking at him

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"Sure, come on."She grabs his hand and winds her way to the bar.

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"What'll it be cutie." She bartender leered at her.
Her face got red with anger, but the bartender chuckled," Don't be shy sweetness." He leaned on the bar and she balled up her fists.

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"Angel's Face Please." She says to the bartender, then smiles back at Jared.

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"Lay off dude. didn't know she was yours. nice piece of ass though, if I had-" Kasha stops him with a punch to the face.

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Kasha sneers as the bouncers approach. "Not so funny when the 'nice piece of ass' breaks your nose now is it?"

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"Fine," She turns and walks away, her ankle length hair swaying with her steps.

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" I got beer at home, if you wanna go? But at this point, anywhere but here." She glared at the ground as she walked.

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"No," She starts walking, still fuming a little about the bartender. She had no filter when she was mad, but she couldn't help it. She just hoped she wouldn't scare this guy away.

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"I mean, no I don't mind. Sorry, still angry I guess." She sighed and looked up at him bashfully

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"Yes I have a house, but im still kinda moving in. If you would like to go somewhere else i'd be fine with it." She laughs softly, her cheeks growing a little pink.

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Kat began mingling and dancing, feeling kinda bad she made talon late. She went up to the bar and asked for a glace of cream after a while, The bartender looked at her weird but handed it to her.

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"There's a forest here?!" She says excitedly. She grew up in the forest, and missed hoping around in the tree's.

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She smiles back, very excited. Then blushes, realizing she was acting like an idiot. Her ear tips turned red and she nodded.

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Ill get him for that one. Kat thought, trying to stop blushing.

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Kat keeps dancing, occasionally glancing up to the Dj stand to see talon.

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Jazz apearred next to the bar. She hopped onto a seat. Jazz magically made a beer bottle appear in front of her so she wouldn't have to show an ID.

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"Hey," she greeted. She took a large sip of beer, relishing its sweet taste.

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"You come here a lot?" she asks, curious about him. In fact, she wanted to know everything about him. Something about Jason just drew her in, made her want to get closer and closer to him...... which was absolutley crazy.

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She walks up to the stand, panting lightly from dancing.

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Jazz smiles. "Nice, I come here at least once a week. Gives me something to do," she says. "So, you have a girlfriend?" she asks, smiling prettily at him.

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"Not that I know of," she informs him. She twirls her hair, lost in thought. Actually, lost in thought about JASON. Wow, does he have a good looking face or what? And those extremely kissable lips......

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Jazz blushes a deep red. "Uh, um..." she stutters, not sure what to say.

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Jazz slowly relaxes into him, kissing him back. She wraps her arms around his neck, pulling him closer.

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((lol, for some reason I can totally imagine someone yelling 'get a room!' at them))
Jazz continues to kiss him deeply, loving the feel of his lips on hers. It was utterly perfect.

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Jazz slowly bit on his bottom lip, crushing him agaisnt her like they could never be close enough.

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She walked up to him and smiled shyly.

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She dances against him, lifting her hands in the air

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She kisses him back and starts purring

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She blushes and laughs a little, still purring. She had never been able to control it.

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She blushes harder, knowing that she would purr even louder if he did. Sometimes being a cat was embarrassing.

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Her cat instincts kicked in and she rubbed herself against him, licking his neck.

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She moans, coming back to human form a little. She was still purring loudly and rubbing against him, wanting to touch him.

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" This is crazy..." She tugs her hands free and pushes him against the wall, kissing down his neck and nipping his ear lobe lightly.

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She pulls back and smiles shyly at him, then rests her head on his shoulder, breathing heavily.

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She slips her hands up his shirt and runs her fingers along his abbs.

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She meows as he does so, then blushes.

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"Mmmmm, ya." She leans into him

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Jazz slowly pulled away. "How about we go somewhere a little more.... private," she suggests.

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"How about your place?" she flirts, loving the bought of being alone with him.

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((um, do you have a place?))
She grabs his hand and leads him outside.

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Hunter arrived at the club, sitting at the bar. He ordered a beer, taking a sip.

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